Meeting Notes, December 7, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta, Dave, Sharon, Tim, Jim, Brenda, Tom K, Kristina, Joanne T, Annie, Jeanie, Elo, Dotty, Vicki, Geri, Genie, Ken Mazzochi (new) Bob (new), Tracie, Eunice, Joanne K, Gretha, Becky, Judith and me, Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic: The best decision (as it pertains to painting) that you have made to date.

Celeste: It was a great decision to start these meetings here at O'Connors. (Thanks, expressly to Loretta for asking me to do it..and special thanks to Tim, Eunice and Loretta who help me)! I'm also really glad I took Terry Miura's one day workshop, I adopted his palette and his palette lay-out. It was a super decision to do the Strada Challenges. One last thing,  depression will lie to you and say things like: "You're no good". If I say something like that to myself, I shake it off, because I know that tomorrow is another day.

Joanne K: One of my best decisions was taking the Max Ginsburg workshop. He taught us about laying out a lot of color. You may not always use all the colors, but if you have them there it makes it so you can establish a rhythm (its almost like using piano keys). I'm glad for this book, The Art of War. You can open it anywhere and find wisdom specific to the creative life. I'm grateful for the friendships I've made through this group. There is so much more to being an artist than making money. Our community keeps me feeling up!

Loretta: My best decision: I gave up all other interests in favor of painting (Laughter)!

Dave: I took a workshop with Robert Cragill and he introduced me to Richard Schmid. Of course, it was a great decision to join this group! I am showing a painting I've titled: "One for the Road"

Sharon: It is always a pleasure to be here!

Tim: In the beginning I wanted to try painting, so I made all my own plein air gear and went out on my own. I was painting away and a guy came up to me and explained that he taught painting. He said, "If you want to take a class, here is my card".... That guy was Thomas Kitts! (Laughter)! And because of Kitts and this group I am learning painting! (applause)! In way of a product review ..I won't be buying any more Frederix watercolor pads. The results are "shorter" than this standard size frame. I am also showing a recent studio oil.

Brenda: I'd have to say my best decision has been to move my studio out of my home to an off-site location. It has made a big difference to me. Being a presenter at the Plein Air Convention last year was pivotal for me too. I am invited back this year. I am showing a urbanscape that I recently painted in the studio.

Jim: I feel fortunate to have taken classes with Thomas Kitts and through him I found this group. I'm glad I have the resources I need to paint. I took a break over Thanksgiving and have to get back into painting. I will do the Strada Challenge that is coming up in January. I am showing paintings from Sauvie Island and Italy (and one from Tim's photo reference of a Jay).

Annie: I made a good decision to rent Studio space for 3 months.  It was also a good decision to start coming here to this group. It's ironic, because I learned in the Studio that I felt very at home and comfortable being completely alone. But--I learned from coming here that I also like the group atmosphere.

Jeanie: I don't make any good decisions ! (Laughter)! I also learned about this group from Thomas Kitts (after he had delivered a two hour discussion on the subject of white)! (Laughter)!

Kristina: I just come here to learn from all Tim Young's mistakes! (Laughter)! My best decision was taking a workshop with Eric Jacobsen. He taught us to paint small and use lots of paint. Going "full time" and joining this group were also good decisions.

Joanne T.: Coming here was a good decision. It's awesome to be able to laugh at ourselves. It was great to muster the courage to go to Scottsdale Art School. I bought a Brenda Boylan painting and studied it...I decided to use palette knife like she did and I really love it. I am showing a painting I did with all palette knife. I am grateful that Tim Young gives me permission to use his wonderful photos. I have been inspired by Ward Stroud. He is so brave, calling vendors, asking questions and making contacts. I have thought...I can do that too!

Tom K: I have been in Europe. I went to Dublin, Amsterdam and the Mediterranean. When I left I was 15 pounds overweight and feeling out of sorts. While away (9 weeks) I painted a lot. I only brought one of the paintings because I will bring others in the future. I actually painted in my room a lot instead of outdoors.  This painting represents the beginning of my journey and my state of mind. In the end I broke through the depression issues AND I lost the 15 pounds. (Applause)!

Elo: Coming here was definitely a good decision. Also participating in the Strada Challenges has been a good decision. I saw a Ted talk not long ago that inspired me. The gist of the talk was "Say Yes". The presenter explained that she just decided to say yes to everything as a social experiment. I have decided to do that too (say yes)! So I was asked to be a part of a fund raiser where I would draw anything that was requested. I used these two drawings as samples of the "I'll draw anything" idea. I'm also showing a painting I did recently in Jennifer Diehl's class.

Dotty: I found this group by googling. I steeled myself to come...and I am glad I did! I have discovered transparent orange. I use it for underpainting. I'm showing a recent plein air painting.

Vicki: I am showing this poster by van Gogh in this book. I have this same poster in my bedroom and I see it every morning. I think I like it because he used yellow for the sky! van Gogh's drawings were really rough in the beginning, but eventually he became ---well, as wonderful as he I think there is still hope for me. I am showing a painting from the aboreytum.

Geri: My best decision was marrying Jeff! He is so supportive. The 2nd best decision was to begin sketchbooking. I am showing a painting that I did last night.

Genie: My best decision was going to Open Studio and meeting Joanne and Celeste. They invited me here! I have looked at a lot of other artist's work and I know that I like a lot of it..but I've had to decide for myself what do *I* want to do? I am working on that and getting closer! I am showing two paintings.

Bob: (New, Welcome, Bob) I am here with Ken. I am glad to hear this discussion.

Ken: (New, Welcome, Ken)  Bob and I moved here from the desert and we really love it here. I am an oil painter. I am not usually someone to join up with a group, but I like this one.

Tracie: I saw an act at Cirque du soleil in Las Vegas.  It's something I think of often since I saw it a long time ago. A man sits on his chair, casually reading a newspaper, oblivious that his shoe has caught fire. Then flames spread from his foot to his legs, and then to his arms. Apparently, life has beaten him down so far that he no longer feels pain. The flames reach everywhere and he just slowly walks away! "Wake up your life" is the statement.  (Applause)!
I am showing a painting I did recently of my friends cat. 

Eunice: I pass!

Judith: Some of you have heard this story before...but it applies. Years ago I was a student at the Gage Academy. I was at odds with a teacher who wanted me to do things in strict adherence to want she and the school "wanted".  I was supposed to submit to a juried show and I was conflicted about how to approach the painting. I was angry. I painted a woman walking through flames out of a forest. . (I painted it as protest! I did everything opposite to what they were teaching. I called the painting "How do you like your eggs?" (Laughter)! The juror was a well known, highly respected professional. I won first place. (Laughter)! I learned that fighting the system and being irreverent does have it's rewards. I encourage you to do the same! 

Gretha: Years ago I submitted to LPAPA. It was my first time submitting to anything...and I won first place! That let me know "I can do this"! Beyond that, good decisions have been to participate in Portland Open Studios and Washington County Open Studios. I really enjoy meeting the is pure fun! I have started to teach pastel classes. 

Becky: I made a decision to get outside my comfort zone. My two "plans" were to plein air paint and to join a group. So I started plein air painting and I joined this group! I brought this Ray Mar panel to share with you. It is my favorite support (belgium linen).


The Big 500 Saturday Dec 9 2pm (see photo below)

David McBride Studio Sale Dec 8 4-8pm and Dec 9 2-8pm At the corner of SW Corbett and Pendleton Street (in John's Landing) 0216 SW Pendleton 97239 (see photo below)

Edge Coffee Artists: Joanne Thorpe, Karen Doyle, Elo Wobig and Joanne Radmilovich Kollman invite you to see their work:

Congratulations Brenda Boylan who designed two sets of pastels for Jack E. Richeson. They are available on Amazon.
Brenda will be offering classes at OSA

Oregon Society of Artists reception Student Teacher show Friday Dec 8, 6-8pm (see image below)

Congratulations, Geri Graley in new gallery in Aurora, OR:

Gretha Lindwood is offering pastel classes at Village Art:

Fine Art Friday life session (Uninstructed) at OSA, 1-4 This Friday with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman drop in welcome $20

Fresh Flower Saturday with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman This Saturday 1:30-4:30 at OSA drop in welcome $25

Joanne Thorpe: Solo Show, Artist Reception at Rock Creek Corner, Sunday December 10 2-4pm 18515 NW West Union Road

Yong Hong Zhong and Za Vue at Art on the Boulevard

Next Meeting: Thursday, Dec 14th Suggested table topic: Saturated color...(bright color) do you "go for it" or "avoid it"? What is your thinking about the use of Saturated color? Let's discuss!

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