Meeting Notes Feb 14, 2019

Celeste Joanne Dianna Susan Chris Annie Raphael Cheryl Tracie Paul Kathy Joan Elo Jennifer Brenda Jim JeanieTim Tedd Ken Greg Geri Eunice Donna Yong Za Bhavani

Topic RED what reds are on your palette and/or tell us anything on the topic of RED

Celeste: I learned from Terry Miura that his substitute for Cad red light is Permanent Red by Rembrandt. So I use that on my palette along with Quinacridone Red (instead of Alizarin Crimson). I brought some of my daily paintings. As an aside, I learned that the expression "a Red Letter Day" has it's origin in the printing of Church missals.

Joanne:  I did a chart with my reds yesterday and I "neutralized" them with greens. Sometimes you do not get the results you want because you have not adequately cleaned your brush! I learned about Transparent Red Oxide from Terry Miura. He called it his"secret weapon". I am showing recent paintings from my figure sessions and fresh flower sessions at OSA.

Dianna: For health reasons I do not use any cadmiums. I have 9 colors on my palette. Each color are represented by a warm a cool and a neutral. I did some color exercises in honor of the topic. You can't easily bring a color back up once it has been altered. I am satisfied, that with the reds on my palette, I can get any red I want. the neutral that I prefer is Quin Burnt Scarlet. I am showing a painting I did that has to do with a family challenge. It helped me to paint this, it helped me to work through it. My daughter is a sea captain and I also painted this of her and the ocean.

Susan: I use the reds on Joe Paquet's palette. Cad Red and Cad Scarlet, both by Winsor Newton. They are expensive, but they are worth it. I have heard it said that "Red is a money color". I think it may be true, because any time I paint this model in this red dress...I sell the painting! I did this as demo at Artist and Craftsman store on Sunday and I looked up and saw Celeste and Dave there (they just happened to come in for shopping). I am doing another demo at their other store next Sunday.

Chris: I like Napthonal red.

Annie: I have a box of paintings that I call the art "hospital" these are paintings that I just think could use some help. This painting is out of the hospital because I replaced the blue tablecloth with a red one. Also, this painting is now known as "red tie". I went to Yong's demo and I did this sketch of him (Applause)! I wrote down some of the things he said. ....."I feel this area doesn't convince me yet" I like the language he uses to explain his thought process.

Raphael: When I used an airbrush a favorite red was Naphthol. In oil I really prefer cadmium. It is very expensive though! A long time ago I experienced some colors called "Mars ______" I liked Mars Red! I don't know if you can still get ahold of it. My wife and I are having to deal with the estate of a dear friend of ours. I feel compelled to remind you all to please put your affairs in order! I am showing two red paintings that I enjoyed painting.

Cheryl: Because of the topic, I am showing this painting that I did in Joanne's Fresh Flower Saturday. I am also showing a painting I did in an Ovanes Barbarian workshop. I left it here. Ovanes teaches about painting big simple shapes for painting flowers.

Tracie: I think one of the best things about being an artist is how thrilled we can get over the smallest things. Just one tube of red paint can just lift you up to great heights! I brought in this present for Tim (a cardboard camera that uses an iPhone to become a "Viewmaster")! Also, I am passing around the card for Mike Porter! By the way...Happy Birthday, Tedd! I am showing a few red paintings and this news article about the women in Congress!

Paul: I am showing this could be described as "All the old ladies wondered what the Pastor would paint"! (Laughter)!

Kathy: I brought my Japanese (red) planner to show you. Having a planner is so helpful to me. I keep track of everything in it. I even love the rice paper type is a joy to write upon! I am working on figure in Za's class. That is my focus right now. This drawing is from the recent Friday session at OSA.

Joyce: Red intimidates me!

Elo: I designed this "Red Quiz" and put it on Facebook. It didn't get a lot of response, but I learned a lot from doing it! (It's on my Facebook page if you want to take the quiz). The upshot is that I could make any red from Quin Magenta and Pyrole orange. Jennifer Diehl doesn't use Alizarin Crimson on her palette. She uses a Quin Red instead. I am showing recent paintings.

Brenda: Hey everybody, Elo's chart is not dry! (Brenda shows a red thumb) (Laughter)! I don't have a favorite red. I use a warm red and a cool red. I have heard of what is called the "Cad register". It means put a bit of red somewhere and it will have much more of a chance to sell! I like using an orange underpainting. This painting that I brought is an example of that.

Jim: I use Cad red and Alizarin Crimson. I am showing recent red paintings. The update on Mike is that he is getting treatment and I'm staying in touch with him. We hope we'll see him here one of these days!

Jeanie: I brought in this bag of reds! They are old and several of them are probably to hardened to use. In Art School in the first year the teacher gives you a list of what to get. Then the following year a different teacher gives you a different list. On and on it goes each year. The teachers always seem to have completely different lists. (This is how you wind up with a bag of reds)! (Laughter)!

Tim: If I could have only one red it would be Transparent Red Oxide. I love the muted reds. I am showing a sample of my bentonite clay. This is a painting of Tom Daniels. I took the photo of him here at this meeting. I am also showing a painting of a landscape from one of my hikes.

Tedd: I painted two paintings recently of a farm on Colton. I like quotes a lot and I like to imagine whether or not a particular quote looks and "sounds" good on a t-shirt. Here are two that I think could work on shirts:  "Paint Drink & Laugh". "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home". (Approving laughter)!

Ken: Red is my least favorite color! (Laughter)! I find it an angry color and I always want to brown it! I am showing a recent painting.

Greg: I am showing a painting from my archives. I learned that red should be used sparingly. I think this painting is a good example of restraint in red.

Geri: I look to Otto Dix for inspiration. I painted this recently.

Eunice: My reds are Cad Red Light, Cad Red Deep, Aliz Crimson and Permanent Rose. I am showing a predominately red painting!

Donna: I'm not really fond of reds either. I prefer muted reds to bright reds! I am showing this painting, mixed media piece that I did when I was back in college. I went to the Portland Art Museum show recently. The promotion seems to be all about Edward Hopper, but the other art is just as compelling. One of my favorite artists is Wolf Kahn. I bought this jigsaw puzzle in the gift shop.

Yong: I really don't "care" what red I use. I always rely on the feeling I get from the color. I don't think any reds are the same. Red is one of my favorite is a festive and important color in China. I brought in a few paintings that have red in them. You can see this painting is bright red, but this one is muted. I am looking for the feeling of the color, not the name of the color. The red doesn't have to dominant at all...just a small touch of red can be very powerful (maybe because it was just a small amount)!

Za: I like saturated paintings ok....but it's not for me! I am more interested in somewhat muted colors. I brought a painting I did last year of this wonderful costumed model. There is some red in it! I liked how abstract it is--you can turn it upside down and it seems to look a lot like it does when it is right side up.

Bhavani: One time I was painting with Aimee Erickson and she very tactfully said "there is a lot more red in green than people understand"! As soon as she said that I modified my green and it was immediately better! I am showing a painting I did just last night at our new model sessions in Hillsboro. (I am facilitating the sessions and the information is in the Announcements below).

Thomas: I am showing this big vial of Chinese Vermillion pigment (in powder form) that Tim Young gave me. I like to joke that he gave it to me, because it is the most toxic pigment that there is and he wanted to get it out of his own studio! (Laughter)! I wanted to tell you all that until the early 80's you had every reason to worry about Cadmium colors. You do not have to worry about the Cadmiums of today. There is a company that is promoting Non-cadmiums as a "safe" alternative to Cadmiums and it is total bull$%&^! (Laughter)! I am showing a painting from my archives. I used both transparent red and opaque red. In the movie "Turner" Turner walked into a show (where his painting was prominently displayed). He painted a red thing directly onto a painting on the wall! All the other artists were stunned. If you want to know how important red is in old paintings, just Google "Religious Cardinal paintings".

Mike Porter writes: Cad Red for deep rich darks…combined with burnt umber or UMB…it’s wonderful.  For the cadmium avoiders…napthol red is an acceptable substitute.
Windsor Newton Light Red with cobalt blue for a beautiful warm grey in skies…and distant trees.  No one else makes a light red quite like the English.


Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Portraiture in Oil workshop (6 weeks beginning Feb 23 at Elizabeth Jones Gallery)

Yong Hong Zhong is offering a one day workshop at Elizabeth Jones Gallery Saturday Feb 25 9:30 am- 3;30pm (Watercolor) cost: $75.00. Bring what materials you have, other materials will be supplied.

Thomas Kitts' new workshops are listed on his blog, click on the bird graphic (in the right sidebar) to learn about workshops and incentives:

Fine Art Friday Figure Session... Friday Feb 15 OSA
20 drop in fee
1:15-4:15 pm
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA,  Feb 16 1-4pm uninstructed, 10.00 
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Za Vue's weekly classes are filled, but email her to be put on her waiting list. Her classes are in Hillsboro, currently on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Bhavani Krishnan one day color workshop March 2

New model sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for information:

Brenda Boylan new classes and workshops:

Upcoming workshop (March) still life Eric Jacobsen

Upcoming workshop (March) still life Michael Lindstrom

Sunday Demo 2/17/19 11-1 Susan Kuznitsky Artist and Craftsman (North Portland location)

April workshop with Susan Kuznitsky (sponsored by Uart Paper)

Sept workshop Watercolor Yong Hong Zhong

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Wednesdays and Saturdays

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Tom Kane recommends JFM framers:
Donna S recommends custom frame designs

Next Meeting Thursday Feb 21 Favorite painting suggestions from someone who lived a long time ago! What is it, how did you get this advice and why is it something that resonates with you?....Let's discuss! 

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