Meeting Notes, Feb 7, 2019

At today's meeting: Joanne Tim Jim Judith Yong Bhavani Greg Tracie Annie Geri Eunice Thomas and me Celeste

Todays topic...tell us something of value that you learned recently (as it pertains to painting)

Celeste: I was in a "100 heads" challenge on Facebook. Bhavani was in it too and we posted our drawings everyday on a group page. I noticed how Bhavani's drawings were "light" and airy looking. I liked how considered and careful her drawings looked so I tried to draw with a light hand too. I liked some of my results and I think it is translatable to painting too.

Joanne: Whatever technique I am employing...I never want it to interfere with the expression I'm after. I learned that Macchiato translates to spotted in Italian. I like Macchiato coffee, my macchiato dog and I brought in some of my Macchiato paintings! It's true that I like to "walk around" a painting and "find" the color notes along the way. I've been going back into some of my florals to take them further and to improve upon what I did during the life session.

Tim: I recently learned ....that I don't like charcoal! I also learned that people on the internet are crazy! (Laughter)! I did this drawing plein air onto a gessoed panel and I recently painted this "hummer".

Jim: I've recently learned the value of painting on a daily basis. I also think that there is value to experimenting. I painted this plein air at Cooper Mountain. I painted this (with experimental colors) at near Fanno Creek.

Judith: I am hanging a new show at City College (Applause)! (Judith also told us a story that was super funny, but you had to have been there)!

Yong: I learn something new every day! I have noticed though, that things that we learn can quickly leave us. Knowledge seems to come and go. Also, it seems the timing has to be right for you to learn. You may hear something again and again, but because you aren't yet receptive to it, it is just noise. Then get it and you think, oh....that's right, I heard this. I did this drawing in one of Joanne's Friday sessions at OSA. Aimee Erickson was there and she pointed out that light goes around a sphere and the sides of the sphere will have tone. But I had put a highlight right on the edge! So, I was reminded...I need to keep the highlights where they belong.

Bhavani: Over the past year I have concentrated on painting more expressively. I am showing a painting I did recently and I was pleased with the amount of loose expressive brushwork in it. I am showing an earlier floral painting and I think you'll be able to compare the differences. I did this smaller painting during the Strada Challenge.

Greg: (New, welcome)! I went to the same art school that both Thomas and Za went to. I am a former Hallmark Illustrator. I took a workshop with Za and she taught about painting in a sculptural sense. I'm moving from illustration into painting. 

Tracie: I forget a lot of things! (Laughter)! I am showing this painting I did during a Friday Life session at OSA. I put a photo of this on Facebook (I had to post daily paintings because of the Strada challenge). A couple of people commented that the model looked peeved or angry. To me, I didn't think she was registering any negative emotions at all. 

Annie: I attended a demo by Yong in Hillsboro. He was asked:  "How do you know when a painting is done?" He answered that it will be different for each person. Recently I went to California and the weather made us decide to turn back...but! I decided that it was a great opportunity to paint plein air while staying in the car (Laughter)! I didn't get very far with that idea because the weather made it so I couldn't see out the windows! (Laughter)! I decided to paint color studies from previous drawings. I wrote down some notes. I thought...should I bring this today to show as my work? I decided, yes! Who else would care at all that I did this? (Laughter)!

Geri: I haven't been painting or drawing lately. I have been looking at art. I think you can do too much of that, it can become completely overwhelming! I brought in a sketchbook that I completed. Some of you may recognize yourselves inside!

Eunice: I have been taking online classes with Dennis Perrin. He says that the shadows are just as important as the light! There is color within the shadows.

Thomas: Recently I learned that I would rather paint than bring my accounts up to date. (Laughter)! I wanted to show you this painting from way back! I painted this in 1984. This was when I wanted to paint every blade of grass! This painting is above Bonney Slope. It is all developed now. It's fun for me to look at this painting and think about the things that have transpired since then. I am grateful for all the experiences since then. (Yves walks in. Thomas: "Yves, Do you remember this painting? It hung in your Gallery. Yves: "Yes! I remember it!")

(Jim Syfert gave us an update on Mike Porter. He is doing well and there is a treatment plan in place. Mike is following Elo's Rx (painting)! He posted his "Art Therapy Painting" on Facebook. (See it below). Continued positive healing thoughts winging up for you, Mike!


Yong Hong Zhong is doing a demo tonight at Oregon Society of Artists First Thursday at OSA. 6:30pm He might try to lifestream it on Instagram

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Portraiture in Oil workshop (6 weeks beginning Feb 23 at Elizabeth Jones Gallery)

Yong Hong Zhong is offering a one day workshop at Elizabeth Jones Gallery Saturday Feb 25 9:30 am- 3;30pm (Watercolor) cost: $75.00. Bring what materials you have, other materials will be supplied.

Thomas Kitts' new workshops are listed on his blog, click on the bird graphic (in the right sidebar) to learn about workshops and incentives:

Fine Art Friday Figure Session... Friday Feb 8 OSA
20 drop in fee
1:15-4:15 pm
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

No Fresh Fower Saturday this weekend

Bhavani Krishnan one day color workshop March 2 (see information at the bottom of this page)

Upcoming workshop (March) still life Eric Jacobsen

Upcoming workshop (March) still life Michael Lindstrom

April workshop with Susan Kuznitsky (sponsored by Uart Paper)

Sept workshop Watercolor Yong Hong Zhong

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Wednesdays and Saturdays

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Meeting Thursday Feb 14 Topic: RED --what red(s) are currently on your palette? 
What is the "best" red as far as you are concerned? Tell us anything that you want to ....on the subject of RED. Bring a red painting and/or a current painting....Let's discuss! 

"Rx painting" by Mike Porter (via Facebook)


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