Meeting Notes, Jan 11, 2018

At todays meeting: Loretta U, Jim, Sandy, Tim, Ken, Judy, Joanne, Thomas, Peggie, Tom, Eugenia, Annie, Diane, Lisa, Mike, Eunice, Stephanie, Elo, Jeanie, Becky, Loretta L, Yong,  Tracie, Eduardo Fernandez (new) and me, Celeste

Today's suggested table topic: Medium, do you use it? Which one and why..tell us all you want to about painting medium.

Celeste: I don't use a lot of medium (though I have tried many of them). Currently I sometimes use Solvent free gel by Gamblin. I am showing recent "daily" paintings that I've done for the Strada Challenge.

Loretta U: Medium? As a Spiritualistic? (Laughter)! I use linseed oil and turpentine. I clean my brushes with walnut oil.

Elo: I like the thinner washy look of the bottom layer. I have used Galkyd for that purpose. I like the Gamblin Solvent free gel. I am thinking of avoiding anything like mineral spirits, so I bought some water soluble oil. I'm showing a portrait I did for the Beautiful Lives project and also a recent studio painting. 

Jim:I like Solvent free gel by Gamblin. I have used Galkyd lite and I would caution you to use it can use too much of it. I am showing my daily paintings that I have done for the Strada Challenge and also a self portrait study I did in Joanne's portrait class. 

Becky: I am using Oleogel. Apparently, it is so safe and non-toxic you could actually eat it (Laughter)! I brought a print out about it. I also brought this photo of scantily clad plein air artists in Minnesota (Laughter)! This is a recent still life that is nearly finished. It just needs a few highlights.

Kristina: I use water soluble oil paints. We have a exchange student from Japan staying with us and in passing she mentioned that her Grandfather is an artist and she also casually mentioned that some of his work is in a Museum in Japan. I will pass around my phone so you can see his beautiful painting.

Jeanie: I bought Galkyd once and kept the cap on tight...despite that when I went to use it it had turned into a solidified ball. I do like the gel in the tube. Impasto medium can be nice under certain circumstances. I am going to try a new surface called Aluminum ACM and I am passing around the sample. I bought new canvases at Blick. I really hate the staples that show on the backside! (Laughter)! Really, I prefer no staples. 

Tracie: I worked a lot in acrylics. For oil painting I like the squirt-y gel stuff. (Laughter)! (Editors note: thinking she means Solvent-free gel) I am showing recent daily painting paintings.

Judith: I take classes and want the paintings I do to be dry after one week. I use walnut alkyd. In a recent class I used Paris blue paint from the tube direct onto the canvas! I heard a podcast recently about Artists over 60 at Carter Burden Gallery. I'll be honest, the "over 60" people they interviewed sounded decrepit (Laughter)! I I sound that old when I talk? (Laughter)! (note: no!)

Yong: I don't use a medium. I don't know enough to use medium! I use a palette that is so simple, I just want the warm and cools of the primaries. Only rarely have I ever used medium. I don't even tone my canvas. I like the white of the surface whether I am using oil paint or watercolor. However, I did tone this canvas of the painting that I am showing is so rare for me to tone the canvas. I don't focus on art supplies. Give me any type of paint... I will try it (even the very cheap brands). I like to experiment.

Tim: I use very little medium. If I do use it, I save it to the very end. I might want to float a color over the top (sparingly) and I might use medium then. If you are interested in learning about mediums visit the Tad Spurgeon website: I made up this "painters putty medium",  my version is made of linseed oil, marble dust, bone dust and a little of my brother's ashes (collective: wow!) I am showing two recent plein air paintings. 

Ken: My former teacher introduced me to Liquin by Winsor Newton. I have liked it,  I can get the effects that I want with it. I am showing two of my studio paintings. 

Judy: I have used all sorts of medium. I have used Galkyds and I think I prefer Lindseed oil. I come to oil from I am accustomed to a somewhat soupy consistency--its what I prefer. I like painting small on this canvas sheet. I am showing a recent studio painting. 

Joanne: I do use Liquin outdoors. I use walnut alkyd, Damar, gamsol and stand oil. I've used Maroger and Lindseed and Terpenoid. I like to make all my paints "creamy" and the same consistency (by stirring them up individually). I like working on a toned surface. I am showing paintings I've done for the daily Strada Challenge.

Peggie: I use walnut oil. I am back from Maui! I brought paintings that I did plein air there. 

Stephanie: I used to work a lot in acrylics and I used all the mediums associated with them You can add all sorts of things to acrylics to give them body and texture. I find it to be gimmicky, however. I mean, once you add big bold texture to a painting...are you going to do that over and over again..what would be the point? (Laughter!) In oil painting I prefer to rely on the paint. I'll use medium but sparingly. I am doing the Strada daily painting and it is have to get the work done during hours before it gets too dark (otherwise you won't be able to get a good photo). I am showing self portraits and a still life.

Tom: It may not be wise, but I've used Damar directly while I'm painting. I am showing a recent plein air painting.

Eugenia: In the winter I have the heat the paint sitting out on my palette seems to dry out faster. I am showing this cup that I use to cover paints (to delay drying out). I use this medium that is recommended by Colley Whisson. (Chroma Lean Medium) I am showing a couple of paintings from the daily painting challenge.

Annie: I am working in collage for a my medium currently is "glue". (Laughter)!
I am showing a little painting I did recently.
If you are interested in water soluble paints I recommend this video. It is very informative.

Diane: I'll pass on this subject.

Lisa: Every teacher has different recommendations for medium and I have bought them all! I want to get rid of them. I do use the solvent free gel. I am showing recent daily paintings from the Strada Challenge. 

Mike: Allow me to toast with *my* medium! (Mike drinks from his water glass, because he is a watercolorist) (Laughter)! Elo got me using gouache awhile back..and I have experimented with other opaque paints. I will make an announcement during the announcement segment. 

Eunice: I use liquin outdoors and the solvent-free gel. I took an online class with Dennis Perrin. He uses Winsor Newton medium made specifically for use with water soluble paint.

Eduardo Fernandez (New, welcome, Eduardo!) I've experimented a lot --I used that medium that is linseed oil, chalk and something else, the one favored by Velasquez. I have used Damar and turpentine and linseed oil. I like my paint to be thick on the surface. I've used Gamblin Neo Meglip. I like straight paint! Here are two landscapes I did in all palette knife and two paintings from life painting sessions. 

Loretta L: I've had the same issue with galkyd where I went to use it and it was dried out. I have used Meglip. I am showing a painting that I started in life session and finished at home. 

Thomas: Eduardo and I have spent a lot of time comparing notes about medium(s) in the past. I brought these paintings of Florida...I am leaving for Florida on Saturday. There is a difference in the terms Media and Medium. Media refers to what you are using (oil, watercolor, gouache, etc). Medium is something used with paint. Medium came into being around the same time that paints started to be manufactured commercially. Before that, artists did not use medium. If someone tells you that they know about a "secret weapon" medium that was used by an old skeptical. I like something Scott Gellatly said --something like "Decide what you want to paint, paint it the way you want to paint it and then let the future take care of it from there". Mineral spirits was invented for the dry cleaning industry. Almost all the mediums are the same with more solvents being added all along the way. Damar will darken things. I use as little medium as possible. Keep the integrity of the paint! When I paint I clean my brush as I go...I squeeze the paint out of my brush with a cotton rag (not a paper towel). A cotton rag pulls a lot of paint out of a brush. I clean my brushes with Murphy oil soap. One last thing...don't ever use baby oil in conjunction with oil painting. It never dries.



Mike Porter: I am taking orders for wood turned brush holders as a fundraiser for OSA. The brush holders are $30.00 (see photos below). I also can take orders for pepper grinders and coffee scoops. Please order to support OSA. ALL proceeds go to them.

Max Ginsburg 2 spots left contact OSA for registration

Expressive Portraiture at Oregon Society of Artists FRIDAY MORNINGS
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, instructor
This 4-week session will give beginning students a leg up on working on portraits from photos and from life. Intermediate portrait and figure artists will gain hands on help working out problems occurring from life and from photos.
Session #1-Choosing your photo, surfaces and mark making; Session #2-Getting a likeness;  Session #3-Mixing Flesh tones; Session #4-Putting the pieces together.
It is highly recommended (but not required) that students also attend the $20 Friday-afternoon model sessions to apply the lessons with a live model.
dates: January 5 - 26
 time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 
cost: 4 weeks: $100 | drop-ins: $30 with RSVP
classroom: upstairs studio 
for details: Joanne Radmilovich Kollman,, 503-752-3708 

registration: contact instructor

Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA 1-4pm Dec 29 with Joanne.
The model is Jamie $20 drop ins are welcome.

Come paint with 
EXPRESSIVE OIL PAINTING & FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (Drop Ins welcome) Saturday, Jan 61:30-4:30 pmwith artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman$25Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne KollmanEmail or phone RSVP is helpful but Drop-ins are 503.752.3708

Joanne is offering a panel/canvas preparation class, contact her for details.

Eduardo Fernandez teaches at Multnomah Arts, Oregon Arts and Crafts as well as at his own studio (offering private classes):

Thomas Kitts upcoming workshops

Joe Paquet workshop at OSA

Art in the Lobby at NECC (Alla Prima Portland

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman and Celeste Bergin at CCC Wilsonville Campus (we will determine a date for a field trip) through Feb 23;

Our Facebook page:

Next Meeting: Jan 18, 2018 "Organization"! Do you have a suggestion for making our painting life smoother? Examples: Do you use a bullet journal, a wall calendar, a certain type of physical organization system for finding supplies right away? What is your favorite organization tool? Lets discuss

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