Meeting Notes, Jan 15, 2015

At today’s meeting: Eunice, Tim, Charlie, Hilarie, Jaqueline, Bill, Diane M., Vicki, Stephanie, Jeanie, Jerry, Dave, Susan, Jeanne, Barbara, Martha (Marty), Diane H., Thom, Carrie and me, Loretta.

Topic: What is the best workshop/class you've taken, and what makes you think that? (Answers are provided randomly and anonymously):

The best workshop that I took was in Geneva with Robert Tovey, and it was the best workshop because it was the only one I took (due to available funds). (Laughter)

I took a 5- day workshop with Ted Goerschner and learned a lot. Just saw a DVD on painting flowers and have now given up on them. Done!

Took a 5-day workshop with Elio Camacho. He's very "available" and positive in his comments. He did a demo at the beginning and at the end. I liked his enthusiasm.

I got a lot out of a workshop with Bill Park. I learned from workshops at Studio 30 and from other artists. Bill's 5-day workshop was liberating, exacting, and opened my mind to exploring and pushing the limits in painting. I also worked on abstracts.

I took 2 workshops in watercolor with O'Connor, who uses Gouache and paints from life with a model. He has great drawing and composition skills. I also took a workshop in oils with Gene Costanza. We did exercises in color perception and in mixing colors properly, which I found invaluable. A tool for composition: doing a grid with random diagonal lines.

Can't think of the name of the California portrait painter I took a workshop with, but the workshop was good regarding critique and putting things graphically on the canvas, i.e., sculpting. The emphasis was in working on the darks and shadows.

Took a 3-day workshop with Jef Gunn and fell in love with him and his approach to painting. We were 3 in the workshop and, since 1980, we have met in the same group every Thursday and Friday before the first light.

Took classes at the American Academy of Art (Chicago) in the mid-to-late 70s, working in pastel. Took a 3-day workshop with Albert Handel. Also took a workshop with Daniel Greene and many other workshops.  I did some head studies with Handel. He had me follow him from easel to easel as he commented on the artist's work. I learned to teach as well as to paint.

Took a workshop with Daniel Greene. He did a demo in pastel and a portrait demo in oil. I was excited to be sitting in the front row. What a warm-up he did: raising both hands and forming big circles in the air! There's a DVD of his palette. I also took a workshop on abstract paintings. After my first abstract, he said that it was "very representational," but the second painting was more abstract. I learned about design principles, color, and general composition. I also took a class with Anton Pavlenko. He indicated that I should have an idea of why I'm painting this picture, as well as the brushstrokes to use, and then writing the ideas on paper and referring back to those ideas throughout the painting process.

The most influential workshop I took was with Robert Krogle in Coeur d'Alene. His studio is in his home.

It's difficult to chose just one workshop. Took a 4-day workshop with Phyllis Trowbridge, a super effective teacher who gave me practical feedback. I hadn't painted for 30 years. Her work resonated with me. She was the right teacher at the right time. She told me to try painting bigger and see if I like it. Her workshop was valuable and she gave me confidence.

For me, there are 2 types of values regarding teachers: 1. Attentive. bringing skill to you that you can apply. Thomas Kitt's workshop regarding color and light really worked for me; gave me new 'eyeballs'…a gift of sight. 2. Helping to see why. I took pastel workshop. I found out that I need something to respond to, a way to feel about the landscape.

It's hard to pick one workshop out of so many. Little lessons taken from each of them. Took a workshop with Za Vue and one from Dan Gearhart. Got lots of information crammed in but little stuck at the time. My wife taught oil painting and she'd critique my work, telling me that she was exercising 'narcissistic injury' on me about where I went wrong in the painting. She said that I need to tell my side of the story like a defense or prosecuting attorney!

I'm new at painting, but hope to take some workshops next fall, especially with Anton Pavlenko.

I've taken lots of workshops from Seattle to Washington D.C. Workshops are expensive. I keep painting smaller and smaller. Now I'm down to 11x14s.

I've taken colored pencil lessons with Pat Averill. Don't fall in love with what you're doing. Change your attitude regarding Decorative Art.

I did a portrait workshop in Portland with Za Vue. It was so wonderful, and it was so emotionally moving looking at her work. Took a workshop with Casey Baugh, and with Thomas Kitts, who has a classical style of teaching. Took a figurative workshop with Zhoming Wu and learned a lot from his demo. Also took a workshop with Aimee Erickson!

I took a workshop with Thomas Kitts and with Kat at Studio 30.

I experience an altered state of mind with workshops, i.e., fear. Getting the information back out is like pouring molasses in January! I don't always remember at first, but then, like spring, the information thaws out and comes back to me. Took a workshop with Za Vue, Brenda Boylan, and Jef Gunn. Each have different styles. Jef reads to you from esoteric writings, so expect the unexpected. Both Za and Brenda are very organized and make you feel like you're making progress. It's an individual thing, i.e., finding the right teacher at the right time.

Other notes:

Andrew Loomis books have good sections on diagonal line grids and you can download the information free now. 

Jeanne brought in a package of "Little Hotties," warmers that can fit in the palm of your hand, under your gloves, and will keep your hands warm in cold weather while you're painting. Home Depot should have them.

Diane M: The model scheduled for this Friday at Studio 30 is sick, but Diane is trying to get another model, so go ahead and email Kat that you'll be there. There might even be room for some drop-ins.

Augen Gallery: Jef Gunn and Mark Andress, January 7th.

Jerry: Show at Volcon Community Center, at Albina and Killingsworth. 

Hilarie is a guest artist in Longview. Her work will be shown for a month. (Sorry! did not get the name of the gallery)

Vicki: My work is at the Pittock Mansion (through July)

Eunice: I have a painting showing at Art on Broadway in Beaverton.

(The Thursday Drawing Club will meeting again next Thursday right after the meeting/This week was cancelled due to weather) Next week destination: Village Coffee

Thanks to all for sharing your ideas and for showing your paintings. 

(Editors note: Thanks to Loretta for moderating/taking notes, Diane for helping with notes and to Tim Young for photos today!) 

Next meeting: Thursday Jan 22, Suggested topic: If you were to describe your art “style”….what would you say??

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  1. Enjoyed photos of the artists with their paintings. It helps me to get to know people and their different styles of art.