Meeting Notes, July 12, 2018

At today's meeting: Eunice, Loretta U, Tim, Geri, Raphael, Tim, Thomas K, Tom D, Ken, Pam, Chris, Annie, Loretta L, Dotty, Yong, Joanne and me, Celeste.

(This was our first meeting since O'Connor's closed. Note: Next week we do NOT meet at Prosperity Pie  (there is a paint out next Thursday, July 19 instead)** 

Today's topic...what have you been doing since we last met?

Celeste: I've enjoyed the paint outs that we've had. I like sectioning off a canvas to do small studies out in the field (Thanks for the idea, Thomas Kitts). I'm showing recent paintings.

Loretta U: I've been painting! is a recent painting. 

Tim: I'm super interested in "Toxic Art"; I painted this portrait with "Reclaimed Earth Violet" Gamblin paint.  I am excited to be an advocate for this idea...(a process that intercepts pollution and turns it into pigment)!  (Here is a link to find out more: I am also showing two other plein air paintings. 

Raphael: I have been painting for the Lavender Event. I am showing one of the 4 paintings that I am turning in today. I have been plein air painting more than anything else.

Geri: I have been "sketch booking" and also I painted  this painting. If you look closely you'll see Lavender fields reflected in her eyes! (Laughter)! (Editor's note: she's kidding). 

Jim: I have made two trips to Roseburg, I have been painting for the Lavender Event. I spent several hours in an ER! I didn't bring anything to show today.

Thomas: I have been getting ready for a group show at Charles Fine Art in Gloucester, MA. I have recently painted these two paintings. One, the fisherman, is painted from a historic photo reference. I have some travel ahead (and in October I'll participating in the MA Cape Ann event). 

Joanne: I've been painting for the Lavender event. I am on my way to turn in my paintings. I participated in the Lake Oswego event. I've been participating in some exhibits at the Elizabeth Jones Gallery. I recently started an alla prima painting of a 7 year old! He sat for me in his back yard. This is my initial start. I have been teaching art at St. Andrews and my students there are interested in Anime. I learned about "one punch man" from them. (Laughter)!

Dotty: I participated in the Lake Oswego plein air paint out. I have visited Colorado. I am showing a recent plein air painting. 

Tom: I have just been doing little things here and there! This is a plein air painting I painted in Washougal.

Annie: I will be visiting my Auntie in Florida ! She was the one who set me on the path to art. She is 101 years old and she still paints. This is a black and white version of the book I have been illustrating. It is 25 pages. I won't pass it around, I can't totally share it just yet!

Ken: I have not been painting because I've had to handle some heavy situations at home! (I've not been painting for a month)! I did sell a painting and so I have done another to replace that one sold! (I am showing this new painting).

Loretta L: I painted at Red Ridge --there is a winery there, and I especially like that! (Laughter)! I went to the Lawrence Gallery and saw Jennifer Diehl's show there.  This painting that I am showing did win a "jurors award" recently too! (Applause)!

Pam: I have not done plein air...but Chris has gotten me doing it! I will sometimes not like the painting, but then I see it on a monitor and I see it looks good! It's hard to judge things sometimes! I am turning in my work for the Lavender event today.

Chris: I have been painting for the Lavender Event. I have really enjoyed it, despite the fact I've recently had many things go wrong (flat tire/washer broken)! At the Wisteria Lavender field the woman there was so nice, she let us go straight into her house to use the bathroom. I was blown away..that is "country" type friendliness that we don't have much anymore. 

Yong: I have been on the East Coast (New York). I painted so much there and there were so many people looking at what I am doing. "What are you painting? Let me see what you are doing"! It was stressful, actually, even though I was sort of accustomed to it. Now that I am back home things are back to normal and I don't have crowds around me and my easel....much better! I've been listening to you all and just want to encourage you to always go out with the intention of being happy! Don't burden yourself with too many ideas about how successful you have to be!

Eunice: I have not been painting...! 


Today we met in the back room at Prosperity Pie. We had the room set up like a classroom (in rows), so that everyone would have a place to put their coffee/food...(but later the owner showed us a better chair/table configuration for the future).

Our first meeting at Prosperity Pie was successful, the consensus is that the room has many advantages. We could hear each other easily and the light in the room was good.  Next Meeting is at Sauvie Island  but after that, on Thursdays we'll be back to Prosperity Pie.
**NEXT MEETING:  July 19 Plein Air Painting Paint out 9AM, Meet host Jim Syfert at the Cracker Barrel store at 9am. He will lead us to the location from there.  15005 NW Sauvie Island Rd Try not to be late, but if you are, call 947 294 5629

August 2 7pm Demo with Ken Klos at OSA Perspective for Plein Air Painters

Life Drawing (facilitated on July 13 by Joanne Radmilovich Kollman at OSA 10 am
Fine Art Friday on July 20 with Model TONY Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
(Tony recently graduated high school, see photo below)

Yong Hong Zhong Sept 21, 22 and 23 Watercolor workshop Sequoia Gallery Hillsboro

Lavender Festival July 14 and 15 Chehalem Cultural Center Newborn

Associates of Annie Cannon: Open House Saturday July 21 (see invitation below)

Congratulations Bhavani Krishnan acceptance into first National juried show AIS

Thomas Kitts Plein Air Workshop August 6 - August 10  two spots available

Congratulations to all the Beautiful Lives Lost artists

Oregon Art Beat segment on Lavender Festival (Peggie Moje, Amanda Houston, Jennifer Diehl, Brenda Boylan, Jim Syfert, Susan Day and others)

Congratulations to recent awards/ribbon winners Joanne Radmilovich Kollman (Lake Os), Yong Hong Zhong (Finger Lakes) Loretta Lang (OSA and PCC)

Celeste Bergin, Yong Hong Zhong, Gretha Lindwood and others at Art in the West, Oregon High Desert Museum

Pacific NW Plein Air (Maryhill Museum):

Randall Sexton Workshop Registration is open NOW! This workshop is open to the public, EVERYONE.Sign up quickly because this workshop will fill up. The cost is $170, workshop fee includes model fees. Call Steve Grafe at Maryhill Museum of Art with your credit card information (509) 773-3733, ext. 27, or email to say that you are sending in a check (made out to “Maryhill Museum of Art”)

open house click to enlarge

Model, Tony for Fine Art Friday, July20 at OSA

 Next Meeting is at Sauvie Island  but after that, on Thursdays we'll be back to Prosperity Pie.
**NEXT MEETING:  July 19 Plein Air Painting Paint out 9AM, Meet host Jim Syfert at the Cracker Barrel store at 9am. He will lead us to the location from there.  15005 NW Sauvie Island Rd Try not to be late, but if you are, call 947 294 5629

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