Meeting Notes, July 20, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta, Thomas, Geri, Tim, Jim, Mike, Ward, Vicki, Eugenia, Tom D, Eunice, Nancy, John, Becky, Kay, Za and me, Celeste.

Suggested  table topic: Websites, do you like a particular one? Do you have one of your own and if you do, is it up to the standard of the one you like? If not, what might it take to get it there?

Comments are in random and anonymous order:

To me, simple is best! I prefer no bells or whistles. I like a websites like Harry Stoonshinoff  and Aimee Erickson. To improve mine would simply mean taking the time to sit down to do it.

My old computer crashes a lot..I need a new one. I don't have a website. 

My website is not where I want it to be!  I want e-commerce and I need to work on it. I agree, the simpler the better. I understand that Instagram is a way to go. I'm aware of FASO but it is limited. 

I like Aubrey Leninthal, this pinterest page, Johanna Harmon, Edward B. Gordon and Aldo Balding.  

I was involved in a thread on Facebook recently about spreadsheets for artists, as a way to keep track of paintings. Daily Paintworks does that for you. It is very economical and hooks you into Paypal. 

I don't have a website. I can't get it together!

I like Greg Larock and Michael Chesley Johnson and Morgan Weistling's website seems effective. I don't have a website, but I think it would be good if I did!

The internet is the biggest advance of our time...but how does anyone "find you"..."out there"? I don't have a website, but I know that being able to search and find you is the most important thing. I like these websites for both content and appeal. James Gurney (blog) Handprint (educational resource)  Grahame Boothe and Trevor Waugh.

I have no website. It is a lot of work!

I need to knuckle down and make my website better. I use Shopify and sometimes color looks way off from what I produced. I think Facebook is great. I've made a lot of sales there. 

I need to update my website. I use Wordpress.

When you can't find an artist....that's bad! I like Square Space and I have heard good things about FASO.

I don't have a website.

I do have a blog, but it has been completely neglected.

I like Cathleen Rehfeld. 

I think to improve my website I need to improve my paintings. (Laughter)! I like when there is a quote on the home page that draws you on this website: Amber Jean. I think when people offer a print or something for signing up...that is just to "business-y" for me. I'm not sure I would ever do anything like that. My motivations are different. 

I have an old website that is very crappy. (Laughter)! Well, I wonder about the value of them, but I may have to reconsider. It just seems like if you put one up you'll just join an ocean of others. 

I don't have a website or blog. I do learn from others, however. I know that Marc Taro Holmes has a good one.

Other Notes:

Celeste: I brought in a recent painting from a life session and some of my past "daily paintings".

Thomas: This is a painting I did of Cathleen Rehfeld....while she was painting.

Kay: I'm showing a recent painting. It needs a little more work, but I liked the strong shapes.

Geri: I'm showing a sketch from the morning and a recent drawing I did from the Sktchy app

Tim: I painted with Ward at the Women's forum...very fun and I recommend if you can paint with Ward--do it. Likewise, I also painted with Thomas Kitts recently, again--if you get a chance to paint with it (also fun)! I am showing results from those two outings.

Jim: I took a workshop with Brenda Boylan. She works in both oil and pastel, so I took my oils. It was informative and fun. As a result, I changed my palette and loosened up. She reminds us use your brush like a baton...not like a pencil. I am showing my results from the workshop.

Ward: Speaking of websites...check out Art in the Mountains.  Whose is listed right along with (my heroes) names like Mary Whyte, Herman Pekel, David Taylor, Alvaro Castagnet, Charles Reid and Lian Quan Zhen? MINE! (Applause)!  What we pay attention to is what we manifest! (Congratulations, Ward!)

Nancy: I went to the Sandgren Coastal paint out and brought my results.

Becky: I went to Hipbone and drew there. This is my results. 

John: It's good to be back (Welcome back, John)!

Vicki: I brought in two plein air landscapes.

Eugenia: I'm back from Timothy Lake where I painted, I am showing my results.

Tom: I made a vow when I took up painting I would never paint red barns! I did do this painting, but in fact, these are red sheds. (Laughter)! 

Eunice: I've been taking online classes with Dennis Perrin. He made a remark during one of the classes that he sees an awful lot of drab plein air paintings. His advice..."If it is sunny...actually PUT some sunshine in it"!  (Laughter)!


Thomas Kitts Drawing for Plein Air Workshop (August 11-13): 

Additional workshops with Thomas:

Michael Lindstrom workshop (August 26 and 27):

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Life Sessions continue at OSA Fridays 1-4pm

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman: Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA 9-12

Ward Stroud Fridays at OSA

Elo recommends Beaverton Art Mix. Lots of positives and no fee (deadline July 24)

also check out Clackamas Art Alliance:

Umpqua plein air

The Maryhill Plein Air Event 2017

Next meeting: Thursday July 27. Suggested table topic: Re-visiting the same subject or place several times. Have you done this and did you find it a positive experience?  Let's discuss!

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