Meeting Notes: July 3, 2105

At today's meeting Loretta, Renita, Diane, Stephanie, Kristina, Diane H, Kay, Susan, Annie, Charlie, Jerry, Eunice, Judith, Claudia, Za and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: Encouragement. Describe some encouragement you have received for your painting aspirations (aside from sales). 

Comments are provided anonymously and in random order:

I was about to give up on painting.  I was in a workshop and I just had a bad day. I needed to leave a little early but the workshop instructor said "let me see your work before you leave". I was not keen on showing it to him. I reluctantly showed it to him. To my complete surprise he was very enthusiastic about the painting I did. He said "oh this is so great! You captured the day!" I felt like a wilted flower that had been watered. I was so close to quitting that day and his kind words completely turned me around.

I like feedback, but I'm also conflicted if I sense that the person is just saying things to encourage me. I have sometimes felt so lost!  The thing is all of you don't know and are not aware of the progress that you're making when you're making it. 

I was painting at Laurelhurst Park. Some Tibetan nuns walked past me. One of them smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. In that perfect moment I knew I was where I need needed to be. It was just right. I don't even know if my painting was very good, but that she acknowledged my effort was so wonderful. It made me feel strong. Here is a quote from van Gogh: "One must spoil as many canvases as one succeeds with". 

I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with some elite artitsts over the last year. A very accomplished artist can sometimes need to hear some positive words too.  Recently I had a discussion with someone (a premier artist) and he confided some worries. He felt somewhat uncertain about things and I encouraged him! I told him “Forget these worries and just be yourself". He finished in a competition (that he had been worrying about) with an award. Even really top artists need encouragement too!

 I won an honorable mention one time for a scene of table and chairs. I was really surprised by the recognition and it encouraged me. 

Years ago I went to the Gage Academy (Seatlle). The funny thing is I paid money to go there, but I didn't want anyone to tell me what to do! (Laughter)! I was defiant for some reason. One of the instructors took me aside and chastised me for this attitude. I went home and pouted about it. During this time the school was also having a show and I decided to paint something kind of "out there” for the show…. as a way of thumbing my nose at them. I painted a woman running out of a forest. Well darned if this painting didn't win first prize! I went to the judge (who was French) and I asked her "does this mean I am a good painter because you have awarded me first prize?" And she answered (in a French accent) "No. I awarded to you because yours was zee only painting that was not banal". I couldn't paint for a while after that!!! (Laughter)! 

I think as a group we are all getting better all the time! I love watching all of the successes in our group. I want to say thank you to all of you because you absolutely encourage me every week! I think maybe the best feedback I've ever gotten is from my college professor. He wrote "your portfolio is the best in the class! A+" I have kept this note all these years! 

I was in a show that was about printmaking/photography. My entry was not traditional. It was experimental. They actually changed the rules the following year because of my entry! It really upset me. They changed the rules to make it more strident and more traditional. (All of this was the opposite of encouragement).  What I like best about painting is the heart-to-heart connection you can have with another person. I don't like it if someone says "that's great!" when in fact they're talking about a painting that is only adequate. Thank you to everyone here I really enjoy these meetings. 

My most recent encouragement has been from a workshop. It restored me it refueled me. Looking at one of my paintings the instructor said to me "well this is the biggest shift I've seen from you". It was a compliment. I try to not be sensitive, but sometimes it is a struggle. Someone told me that my painting was "just like a photograph". They thought it was a great compliment, but Arrrrgghh it was exactly what I did NOT want to hear. 

When I was a young girl my mother paid for art lessons for me. I had been getting kind of out-of-control (doing drugs). She gave me classes as a way to distract me from this wrong path. I got to work with a wonderful teacher. I was so young at the time and he was very handsome. He made me so nervous. He would just tap me on the shoulder and I would jump! (Laughter)! No really, everything was intense. That same teacher told my mother "She's the real deal, she is a real artist." He recommended the best schools for me and I did wind up going to one of the most prestigious schools. 

I had an artistic Aunt. She took me places and she liked Eastern art. One time I painted some work for her “specifically”. It was an assignment of sorts.  When I visited her, however,  she didn't ask to see the work and I didn't offer it! I remember thinking to myself, "well I am on my own now". I didn’t feel sad or mad about it,  it was just kind of a move into maturity for me. 

I find everything encouraging especially you people. When I was in fourth grade I was asked by my teacher to speak to the third grade class about art. I felt that that was encouragement....I've always remembered it. I don't like cursory types of feedback. I like it better if someone really looks at my work to comment on it. 

I had an art exhibit one time and afterwards I couldn't work at all.  I thought "let's try watercolor"! I did try watercolor and then I was juried into a Northwest watercolor show! I met the juror and was so surprised that he awarded a prize to me! When I met William Hook (someone I admire very much) he stuck out his hand and said "I'm glad to know my competition” (!) All of this gave me a real shot in the arm! Monet is quoted as saying that the painter must work out their own problems in painting... just as they all have to work out their own problems in life". 

 I get lots of encouragement from all sides. I do like it when someone buys my paintings! I know I am not supposed to talk about sales but I can't help it (laughter)! 

I don't know, feedback sometimes embarrasses me if it's complimentary. I just want to blush. I like reading about art and about good quotes that will help me think about things. Good writing is encouragement for me. 

One time (when I was little) I showed my Mother a drawing and she was very complimentary of it. But she was my mother so I figured why not try this experiment.  I went back to my room and scribbled something really messy and I produced that to my mother too. Once again she gave me the same compliment as she gave before: "Oh that's wonderful!”( Laughter)! Well I realized then that my mother doesn't know %&% about art (laughter)! A workman was looking at some of my paintings recently one day at my house. Suddenly he said “That painting is so gorgeous makes me feel". Wow! That really made my day. 

Other Notes:

Celeste: I brought in a studio painting that I changed a little.

Diane M: I took Joanne Mehl's class. I feel I have come along way painting from the model over the past two years. I'm showing both the older and newer work.

Stephanie: I painted at Smith Rock. My painting is on the wall. It is called Smith Rock Tuff. I also brought in a painting of my neighbors cat and another plein air. 

Za: I’m back! I brought in a painting that I did of the grand at the Grand Tetons.

Judith: I brought in a work-in-progress

Susan: I brought in a painting I did in Toledo, OR 

Kristina: I brought in a painting from Lake Oswego. 

Diane H: I went to Brenda Boylan's workshop. It was really good. We had to beat the heat by painting early in the day.
I brought in 3 pieces from the workshop.

Kay I brought in a recent painting and something to show you for the heat. It’s a tie for your neck for this hot weather. You can put it around your neck to cool off. 
(it is similar to this:

Annie: I brought in two plein air paintings. One was done in Maupin The other I want to show you I feel was a failed painting. But! I noticed when I put it in a box it had a new feeling to it. I like how dimensional it looked when wrapped around this box. 

Jerry: I brought in a studio painting.

Eunice: I painted Wednesday at Mountainside lavender. I have two good starts. 

Announcements: Anton Pavlenko at the Annie Meyer: 

Lane Gallery Celeste Bergin. July 15 reception: 

Susan Kuznitsky will be teaching a class July 29 in plein air on Sauvie Island. She is also teaching Wednesday mornings at OSA (pastels). 

Claudia tells us about Plein Air Washington. This year the focus is going to be on sales! The Pumpkin Ridge golf club will be showing to work. Za is the juror applause. There will be a quick draw and an nocturne.

Villa Catalana will be having another paint out this year. If you are interested in participating here is an email. Invitations have been sent so it is uncertain where they are in the cut-off process.

The Lavender festival in Newberg:

The Lavender Festival Art Show for everyone is July 11, Sat. from 10 am to 8 pm and July 12, Sun. from 10 am to 5 pm. It's at the Chehalem Cultural Center, 415 E Sheridan St, Newberg. It's going to be a really terrific big show. Outside there will be a craft/lavender plants/oils/soaps/wine/beer/all-things-lavender/etc., and tons of yummy food and great bands. There are about 40 vendors in all. (thanks for this updated info, Kathy Johnson)

The Friday Drawing club met today but we had to move to Starbucks. The results are in the slideshow on the front page. 

Next week and from now on we will be meeting Thursdays again.  We meet at 9 o'clock in the restaurant and we no longer move to the annex. If you want to come earlier for breakfast 8am that is fine too. So in other words-- everything is going to go back to the way it was! The Drawing Club moves to Thursdays too. 

Next meeting Thursday July 9 suggested table topic: Color mixing “tips”! Do you have a specific tip that you can share with us about what you know about color mixing?

Thank you for coming today and sharing your ideas and paintings... see you next time!

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