Meeting Notes July 4, 2019

today's suggested topic: Holiday themed paintings, what is your take? (Also, bonus question--share a 4th of July recollection with us)

Celeste: I have painted a few Christmas paintings, but I haven't painted many holiday themed paintings...because I can't fathom having Thanksgiving perpetually up on the wall. When I was painting Daily paintings I painted this silver pumpkin for Halloween and this piece of cake from my birthday! (Laughter)! My 4th of July recollection is from Gresham in the 1970s when the all the fireworks went up all at once right at the beginning of the "show" (sending some people to the hospital).  It made us all sad! I am also showing recent plein air paintings.

Judith: I am taking a class and the teacher wants me to plan a painting. I have never done that before! Here is my plan in pencil and I am showing my underpainting. (I won't send it around). The idea is that it will be hyperrealist in the end.

Dianna: "The answer is No" (Laughter)!  I do have a 4th of July recollection: I had a basset hound who was not a fan of the 4th of July. He was in my art room during the fireworks commotion of the celebration. Later I saw that he had somehow gotten into paint and dragged the colors throughout the house (on his belly) (Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting of Lavender.

Loretta L: Well, my dress caught on fire when I was five. (Laughter)! I was unhurt. I paint paintings for Christmas presents. Now I get "requests" for paintings as gifts. I guess I asked for that! I am showing a painting I did during the Lavender paint outs.

Susan: If you've ever lit the candles of a Menorah, you know they burn really fast! I had to paint this really fast for that reason. I painted it not long after my Dad it was especially meaningful for me. My favorite 4th of July memory is when my husband and I rode our bikes to join the crowd watching fireworks in Chicago. The fireworks were sent up over Lake Michigan and it was so beautiful! Recently I went to Prosperity Pie for the music in the evening. I did these sketches while there and let me tell you, it is not easy to sketch musicians (but I had the best time)!

Chris: When my children were young we would go camping over the 4th of July and we would have to cheer for both the fireworks display AND the firefighters! (Laughter)! There were always errant fires that had to be put out! (Laughter)! I have painted some Christmas things. One painting I liked was about decorating the tree.

Lisa: I can't think of any 4th of July memories and also I don't think I've done any holiday paintings! I am showing two paintings from the Lavender paint outs. While I was painting recently I felt some confidence and I said to myself: I think I get this... I am plein air painting! (Applause)!

Diane: I love the holidays and I have always made Christmas cards. My brother once said to me: "I always get those weird Christmas cards from you" (Laughter)! My recollection is that I went on a date once to a schoolyard for the 4th of July. It was a smaller affair than usual... but the fireworks were spectacular!

Tim: Well, I paint about 30 Christmas "miniatures" every year! I have painted the 4th of July. My granddaughter visited recently and she brought my great grandson for a special hike. I painted this to commemorate the day (and one day this painting will be his). If you are on facebook you may already know how Thomas and I tried to make Burnt plate oil (as a medium). Well, we got the "Burnt" part of it right! (Laughter)! (photo below)

Wendy: I painted small paintings for Christmas and gave them to my siblings. No one made any comments at all...except one said: "Do you paint anything bigger" ?? (Laughter)! I am showing an abstract painting. 

Thomas: My memory is from Marine Park...My friends and I snuck up to the launch area. It was special and memorable! If you saw the facebook know that Tim and I celebrated the fireworks a little early! (Laughter)! I found out that lindseed oil expands with heat. I asked Tim, "do you think we should pull some out?" (Tim interjects: and I said.....Nah!") (Laughter)! I haven't done a holiday painting, but I do enjoy the ones Tim paints every year..they are treasures. After this experience I understand why the Masters had apprentices! You may be wondering why we would ever go to so much trouble to make "Burnt plate oil"--the commercial versions of it are made for printmaking, not for oil painting. I'm after a specific texture. I am showing a plein air painting from Short Sand Beach (Oswald State Park). Highly recommend the spot!

Ward: (Welcome home, Ward, Applause)! When I was a kid I lived on a house boat in Oaks Bottom there is no better place to watch fireworks. The 4th of July always reminds me of this comedian who had a bit about being so poor he couldn't get to an official fireworks display....instead he'd hit himself in the eye like this and then say: "ooooo"! (Laughter). It's good to be home, but I can't stay, I've got plans all over, but I'll stay in touch via Facebook!

Kathy: I like Christmas! This painting is from 15 years ago and I am showing Christmas cards and tags that I have enjoyed doing. I am also showing recent plein air and painting of a life model session in the landscape.

Annie: I thought I didn't do any holiday themed things, but come to think of it, I did do a lino cut with a Christmas theme once. My favorite 4th of July memory is a flight I took ---a clear night flight from NY across the country. 

Becky: My memory is how my brothers used to take fireworks apart to make them "better" (Laughter)! My brothers are all pyromaniacs! (Laughter)! I'm from Southern Oregon and the 4th of July was always people in lawn chairs. We'd have spray bottles for when the sparks hit us...Here, I'll put you out! (Laughter)! I'm showing a painting from the Lavender paint outs.

Mark: My memory is actually of about the 6th of July. I was very bummed out because of a failed relationship. I decided to get out into the world and go take a hike...I wound up at 4th of July Creek on the 4th of July trail! I decided I'm taking this trail to the top...and I did..I was having cramps and had to stop nearly every step to rub my legs. But, I kept just putting one foot in front of the other...and I made it and I even gathered up enough strength to get to the absolute top "Haystack". I did not realize that it was going to be 13 miles (Laughter)!  Well, I love high places. Here is my recent painting. 

Tom D: The topic reminds me of an Indian character on the Simpsons who says: "What way to better celebrate the birth of your nation than blowing up a little portion of it" (Laughter)! During my screen printing days Nancy Reagan launched an anti drug campaign with "Just Say No"....I created a t shirt that read: "Just say HO" (Laughter)! I am showing a recent (Lavender) plein air painting. 

Jim: I used to hand make all our Christmas cards. Everyone requested them and it was nearly impossible to stop making them! My 4th of July memory is when I was at a campground and people were setting of fireworks that had a familiar sulfur smell. My wife said to me...where are you right now? I was back in Viet Nam. It took awhile to come back. But! then some years later we went to a 4th of July celebration in South Pasadena. It was in a stadium and I realized...this is where "Grease" was filmed. That happier memory sort of made the 4th of July a happy thing again! I have been painting for the Lavender Festival. This was a study of a Lavender field.

Sandi: I am from Coquille. The 4th of July always started early in the afternoon. My father was a firefighter ...Every 4th there would be the celebration followed by trouble. He had his pants and boots at the ready and throughout the night there would always be places he'd have to rush of to..(to put out another fire).

Geri: I had some friends who had sons who weren't not all there. It was tradition to do the fireworks in the street. There would always be a lot of "duds" --it was a lot of fun! (Laughter)! I did do some holiday paintings. I was very excited when a gallery took them! So great for me, I even put that on my resume...but sadly, that gallery closed down (without telling me and without returning my paintings)! I am showing my recent painting of "Madge"...who is very excited about the 4th of July!

Tracie: I did a painting during the daily painting challenge of some ornaments in a tree. They were like on a date! I called it "Christmas Crush". I do love holidays..Thanksgiving is my favorite. My favorite memory is from Minnesota. We were on the lake and sitting on a long dock. When you sit are suspended between the stars the fireworks and the lake. I am showing a painting from a life model session.

(photo by Thomas Kitts)


Big Thanks to Jim and Sandi Syfert for the special doughnuts today (we usually do not bring in any food, but we thought the food cart would be closed today...very thoughtful Jim and Sandi)!

Upcoming paint outs (3) Mark your calendars! July 12 Portland Women's Forum (Celeste Bergin) July 19-July 21 Weed Creek Farm (Kat Sowa)  July 22 Soter Vineyards (Regina Atwood)

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Send up your prayers and positive thoughts for our big Mike! Mike Porter's surgery is Tuesday July 9. We are in touch with his Mrs and she'll let us know if we can visit. (Mike says he will definitely love visitors if he feels up for it). Stay tuned!

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Lavender Reception: July 12 6:30-9 Chehalem Cultrural Center
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Dianna Shyne First Friday Newberg Art Walk 616 E 1st, Coldwell Banker Newberg (next to Art Elements)

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Friday Figure Session Friday July 5 at OSA 1:15-4:00  Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

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