Meeting notes July 6, 2016

At todays meeting, Loretta U, Joanne K, Kristina, Susan, Tim, Thomas, Jim, Diane, Lisa , Genie, Loretta L, Tom D, Annie, Joanne T, Ward, Nancy and me, Celeste

Today's suggested table topic: Discipline and/or regimens --do you have things that you do on a consistent basis (that seem to lead to favorable painting results)?

Celeste: I don't have much "discipline", but I do have a system of arranging my paints so that I can find them easily and I now use a glass palette (which I like best). I saw a DVD with Zhuoming Wu and he says sort of a "prayer" before he paints, stating that he is grateful to be a painter and asking for guidance. I don't do that....but maybe I should start!(It seems like a nice idea)!

Loretta U: I do quiet myself before I begin. I take some deep breaths. I "think ahead". I brought in a new painting that I did in honor of the "lyrical" discussion.

Joanne K: I brought in some samples of the supports I've been preparing lately. I glue down raw canvas sometimes using GAC 100. I like to prepare with lead white. I tone many surfaces with differing tones/colors so that I have a variety. I sand these canvases at an angle on the edges. I have 4 art boxes (pochades) and sometimes I discover that they ALL need to be cleaned! (Laughter)! I forget to do it. I am showing recent paintings. I like to do small "thoughtful" color note type paintings that are meant just for me to formulate ideas.

Kristina: I put myself on a regimen if I am uninspired. I really am good about cleaning my brushes and palette. I am showing this painting of a truck!

Susan: I am back from competing int he Southern Oregon Plein Air event. It took place in Jacksonville. I had a wonderful time! What I want to work on....with reference to today's topic..I watched Joe Paquet paint two demos and he didn't get a bit of paint on himself--none whatsoever and he paints big complex paintings. When I paint I get paint on everything! My friend Nathalie puts her pastels back in her box exactly where they belong--I don't do that. I am thinking about making an effort to be neater and more organized like that! I am showing works from the plein air event. I won Artist's choice with this truck. (Applause)!

Tim: I make "play" my business! (laughter)! Seriously, I always try to do something new and sort of unfamiliar each time I paint! It is important to me to have a good time. I am showing recent paintings...these made me remember why I didn't like watercolor (Laughter)! 

Jim: In fact, I am trying to be less disciplined....because I am on a mission to lighten up and to be loose and not uptight. Watercolor forces me to think ahead and it is great training for everything else. I have been out in the lavender fields. I also did this watercolor self portrait recently.

Diane: Early on I was in an art class and the teacher took my brush and said: "How could you do this"?? (I hadn't cared for it properly). I felt soundly shamed and thought wow, I'll just crawl out of here...but I later was grateful, because now I am careful and take care of my brushes. Something I am doing recently is using calipers for accurate proportions in figure painting/drawing.

Lisa: I always set up my palette the same way with a warm and a cool of the primaries. When I begin a painting I look for the darkest deepest colors first. I establish that and everything else is built on that. I've had to paint inside recently, so I did these two portraits. The female was a big challenge, because the reference seemed like it had very little shadow/light. I stuck with it though! (Applause)! 
The 2nd reference was easier because of the strong contrasts. 

Genie: I have no discipline! (Laughter)! I have tried many palette/color arrangements..but I haven't really settled on "my" palette quite yet. I'm working on it! Here are my paintings for the Lavender festival.

Loretta L: The thing I always do is a thumbnail sketch! It helps me a lot. After that I have to get the drawing in on the canvas...and then it's easier from there! I am showing a painting I did from a photo I took at a beer garden.

Nancy: I had to lay off painting for awhile and when I went back to it I thought "I have forgotten how to mix paint"! "I have forgotten how to paint completely"! (Laughter)! I do like to have absolutely everything "ready" (paints, supplies in order) and I listen to music.

Joanne T: My thing is that I look at other people's paintings. I find it so inspiring --I look at Facebook, Instagram and Plein Air magazine...! I saw Kathy Johnson at the Lavender field...she had Jennifer Diehl's entire palette array set was beautiful and totally uncontaminated! (I don't know how she does that)! What baffles me is internet websites, blogs, etc. I am showing a painting from a photo reference.

Ward: Well, my "regimen" is simply this--I'm obsessed! I just love painting. We make seemingly billions of decisions --small decisions, large decisions--we are always choosing and for me, I always choose in favor of painting! Your own passions --that is what will move mountains. I am showing a recent plein air painting.

Tom: I painted with Ward --we painted the same place. This is my version of the same place. My aim is to be fluid and to be relaxed. I like to think things over before I paint them...I like to paint in my head, and then when I really paint I might be more prepared.  I went to the Chicago Art Institute last week and after seeing all the art I decided I need to paint bigger! When I was painting with Ward...he wanted to go have lunch. I said "NO"! (Laughter)! ---That's "discipline", I guess. (Laughter)!

Annie: I'm a scattered person...but I wash my brushes and I always have a sketchbook with me....always! I can draw a little something whenever we hike. I drew this recently.  Also, I am showing my own "system" of keeping my acrylic paints in order (a "six pack" carton).

Thomas: I lay out my paints the same way always. It never's like piano keys. I set them out like a rainbow. It is all "logical". When I was in Florida for this plein air event I knew I should paint a's just something that is more or less expected. I painted this much differently than I normally would. It was really dark out there---I painted the "pools" of light. 


Lavender Festival is this weekend Saturday and Sunday (Newberg)

Susan Kuznitsky First Friday at Village Frame (6pm)

Geri Graley and Annie Cannon artist's reception at Medley Tea, First Friday 6-8pm

Art on the Boulevard, First Friday (Eric Jacobsen)

Joanne Kollman Fine Art Friday (Model session) Friday 1-4, $20 OSA

Joanne Kollman Expressive Oil Painting Saturday 9-1pm $25 OSA

OSA extreme sizes show for members take in Friday:

Thomas Kitts Plein Air Drawing Workshop 
3-DAY Workshop 
August 11 - 13th, 2017
Where: Sauvie Island, Oregon 
How to register: Contact Thomas Kitts directly at
Learn to paint with your pencil or charcoal! Become more skilled at composing your painting before you pick up the brush. When you paint en plein air you must work rapidly and state things in a clear and concise manner. This class will teach you how to create a dynamic design using the light and shadow pattern Nature provides. Yes, there will be fundamentals, but also advanced design and layout concepts as well. So learn how to stitch the little bits and pieces of your picture into larger, more unified masses. Learn how to crop your subject in an interesting way. Create dynamic compositions by pitting light against dark, and dark against light. Downplay your line work and emphasize the shapes. The things you will learn in this three day outdoor class will improve your painting in every way possible, indoors or out.
For more information visit:

Other Thomas Kitts workshops:

Umpqua plein air

Erik Sandgren coastal paint out (July 10-22) FREE

The Maryhill Plein Air Event 2017 promotion is out (below)--Thomas Kitt's Painting 1st place 2016
Mark your calendar August 4

Next Meeting Thursday, July 13. Suggested table topic: The Foreground and/or "Lead-in"! Do you think about the foreground and lead-in? Have you at times been let down by your lead-in? What constitutes a good foreground or lead -in? Examples? Let's Discuss!

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