Meeting Notes, June 1, 2017

At today's meeting Loretta, Tedd, Jim, Tim, Sandy, Eunice, Jerry, Genie, Annie, Geri, Vicki, Tom, Carolynn, Susan, Ward, Mary, Kristina, Stephanie, and me Celeste.

Today's suggested topic:  "Retrospective" your earlier work, can you show us or tell us anything about your earlier work?

Celeste: I saw a book title once that was something like "Life is Hello and Life is Goodbye". I kind of think that applies to painting, because we are always doing something new...and there are beginnings and endings all the time. I read "The Power of Now" and I had to read it twice. Essentially the author thinks we all do best in the "Now" (Don't look back). I am showing older work and newer work.

Loretta U: I am showing my first painting. I used to use a lot of palette knife.

Kristina: I brought this small painting from my first workshop with Eric Jacobsen. If you know Eric you know how nice and friendly he is. From a long distance away I heard him call out (very effusively) "WOW!! Look at that! She REALLY got her values"!!! His compliments were directed at me for this small painting.  His encouragement lifted me up. I am also showing a recent still life.

Tedd: I brought in an early oil painting. I think you can see the influence of my profession (architect) in this painting.

Tim: The recent paint out at Sauvie Island was so fun! It is fun to paint with lots of other painters. I am showing one of my first paintings. I have gotten rid of a lot of older work. The rest are recent plein air paintings.

Geri: I am showing an older painting I did of my husband and his camera. I am showing a recent painting that I did from photo reference. I just love painting...! Life is fun!

Susan: I am showing a painting I did in art school in the 1970s. I was 17 when I did this. It was for a class in "Fundamentals". I painted this from a life magazine cover. The issue was about "Youth Communes" (Laughter)! I think I did a pretty good job of this...pretty good for 17 years old.  Bill Park (a local teacher) got me to be more disciplined and he said that "bad" paintings were actually good. He said that when you do a "bad" painting you get it out of your system and make it so there is room for a good one.

Joanne: I was an illustrator and I did these in gouache. (These were illustrations for Kitchen Kaboodle). Also, this is a painting of my son that I did when he was much younger! This is a painting that was done in steps (with glazing). In this painting I did "get" (understand and translate) the cool light on his skin.  I am also showing recent paintings.

Jim: We are back from our trip. I painted this (earlier work) and had tried to loosen up. I did a recent challenge where I painted several business card sized compositions. I am also showing recent "daily" paintings.

Sandy: I am just here to tag along and for the breakfast! (laughter)!

Carolynn: In high school we had to draw for two years before we got to paint. This painting (of a cat) is an early work. I keep it in the basement, so I don't have to look at it! (Laughter)! Also, I drew this rabbit a long time ago. This other piece...I cut other paintings up and glued the pieces down...I think you can see that it "works" because the information is all in the appropriate places.

Mary: I once had a teacher tell me that I'd never be able to loosen up! (It's true, I have always liked detail). I am proving her wrong, because I have been loosening up! I like to paint copies, I brought in some copies.

Ward: You know how "Memories" come up on Facebook? Sometimes my old paintings come up and I can hardly believe I once thought those paintings were good! They make me cringe! (Laughter)! In computer graphics there is vector and bit map. The vector graphics teach you about shapes. Thinking about Vector is a great way to think about shapes--everything is built from those shapes and they never lose their "integrity" when you scale them up or down. I am showing the painting I did at the last paint out.

Stephanie: I have been interested in art my whole life. I have explored a lot and so much of my work looks like someone else did it. I did glazing in the beginning. I started in acrylic but after a workshop with Za Vue I wanted to work only in oil from then on. I am showing an early work. I have painted a lot in the square format, but now I prefer horizontal. I am showing recent work.

Tom: I knew if I were to get better I would have to paint outside. I have been painting outside for two years. I am showing two recent paintings. I am working on getting more variety in my colors and brushwork.

Vicki: I have painted over a lot of early paintings. This is an early Gorge painting. It has a few issues. This more recent painting is better, in my view.

Jerry: I signed up for a painting class many years ago. During the semester we had to stretch our own canvases and complete 3 paintings, we had to frame them as well. This is one of the paintings I did. When I did this I did not think about the meaning of color. I took a recent color class with Aimee Erickson and that is what has me thinking about it now...about the emotional aspects of color. As an aside, I am showing a photo of a cart I saw in Italy...this woman had like a golf cart vehicle that she "opened" up --she sat and did paintings in the open air and this cart served as her gallery! (see photo below).

Annie: I do think that "there is no time like the present"! I have been operating like that. I do things as they come up.  My art has not changed significantly over the years. I do try to avoid the "fried egg effect" (where you just put something in the middle and call it good). I am showing some illustrations that I am doing for a project. I have been experimenting with cut out shapes and now I am hammering out how to incorporate this effect for each character. 20 years ago a job counselor gave me a test. At the end of the test you are told what groups of people you are most like. The answers I got were geologists and musicians. That seems to fit! She also told me "you are doing the right thing, you just have to take it seriously". When I found this group I was especially happy, because people here seem to listen to me and I listen to them! (applause)!

Genie:  When I was young I was told by an art teacher to give it all up! I was discouraged. Recently because of empty nest syndrome I've gone back to art. The goal is for me to go into old age and like what I do! I am showing an old piece and a new one.

Eunice: When I first started painting I lived in the desert and when I moved here I found it to be too green. It took me five years before I could paint here! (laughter)!


Fine Art Friday Joanne Radmilovich Kollman with model Caedmon upper classroom OSA
June 2 $20.00 email

Ward Jene Stroud First Thursday a party at his business June 1st. 409 NW 21st (June 1) 7-9pm

Dotty Hawthorne at Christian's frame in Sellwood Reception First Friday June 2

Brenda Boylan reception (message from Brenda)

Hey Gang, I'm having a small show including new works that have not been revealed this First Thursday, June 1st. 4:30- 7:00
For the past two years the urban landscape has been influencing my artistic direction and so I have been asked to share a handful of pieces at GBD Architects. 
The First Thursday reception is located in the renovated and historic Henry Wienhardts Building. (renovated by GBD Architects) They are always looking for artist professionals to show in their space so it might be a good introduction for a potential show.
1120 NW Couch.
Suite 300
Portland, OR

Eric Jacobsen reception June 2 (Friday) Art on the Boulevard

Eric Jacobsen workshop

OSA reception (Susan Kuznitsky Rose Festival Queen portrait unveiling ) This Sunday 1-4

Susan Kuznitsky Plein Air in the Garden (July 21-23)

Check out our Facebook page for other workshops and receptions!

Join and post to our daily and sometimes daily Facebook page "Painting Summer 2017"

Mitch Baird June 9 workshop at Oregon Society of Artists

Paint with Ward Stroud on Fridays:

Submit to Lake Oswego Festival of Arts

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman two floral workshops June 10 and June 17
Message from Joanne:  2 sessions of Expressive Oil Painting.

We are scheduled for a June 10th and June 17th Still Life Session at OSA.
Lower Studio $25 FLexible hours 9-12, 10-1, Whichever fits your schedule.

I will be demonstrating the  process I use for the national market place and how I go back
into paintings that did not make the grade. I have a large painting I started for a demo
so I may get another large one started and finished and continue with painting in progress.
I do my best work working on multiple paintings. We will discuss working process.
Everyone works differently and it is good to identify your own method especially while learning.

You are welcome to paint or draw in your medium of preference. I will be painting in oils and
I have materials on hand if you are missing something, would like to try oils for the first time.

Please RSVP &/or sign up with Nancy in the OSA office 503.228.0706

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
Great turnout for the Memorial Day Paint out

Next Alla Prima Portland Paint out Rooster Rock, Tuesday June 13 details to come

PAWA paint outs June 24 and June 25

Next Meeting: Thursday June 8, Suggested table topic: Finish this sentence: (As it pertains to painting) "I would like to learn how to______________" 2nd part of the question...what might be a good way to go about learning that?

Let's Discuss!

"Plein Air Cart" in Italy (photo by Jerry Dickason)

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