Meeting Notes, June 16, 2016

At today’s meeting Loretta, Diane, Susan, Tim, Bill, Joanne M, Jim, Genie, Kristina, Mike, Tedd, Eunice, John, Thomas, Ward, Joanne T, Anna, Laurel, Marty, and me Celeste.

Today’s suggested table topic: what is on your equipment/ supplies painting wish list …? (anything, big or small).

Celeste: I always just buy whatever I want. However, this question made me realize that I have not painted on lead primed linen. I guess I will say that! Recently I was feeling sort of out of sorts and I read somewhere that it is a good idea to paint monochrome paintings and then paint something in color afterwards. I am showing you examples.

Mike: I have just received a shipment of art supplies. I now have everything I need in a perfect water color kit. I have a Pentel pen and some watercolor lead, lead holder and water brush. Celeste will like this..I did a color chart on the first page! I painted this iris in acrylic on the sketch book cover.

Genie: My wish list would include the Alla Prima book by Richard Schmid. I’d like to get a reasonable used copy of it, but I can’t find one. I would also like a backpack with a chair attached to it. I am showing a recent painting.

John: On my wish list would be the time to use all the art supplies and equipment that I already own! (Laughter)! I don't have anything to show today …but I have to tell you I love coming to this group everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Ward: Sometimes I have close friends or family who want to acquire a certain painting from me and I tell them that they can go ahead and give me a gift certificate from someplace like Jerry's Artarama (in exchange)… Its just a nice way to handle that! I have ordered a very special palette that is coming from the UK. It is enamel. I am taking a workshop with Charles Reed in September. I didn’t bring anything -- I was working on a painting this morning and I realized I was going to be late if I didn’t run out the door to get here!

Jim: After my workshop with Max Ginsburg I have been working hard to paint through and around the form. I am showing a painting that I did from a reference from Tilbury. I am also showing a painting of a dancer. Finally, I am also showing you a painting of myself when I was a very young boxer. I loved boxing, but I didn’t like getting hit. (Laughter)! (Editors note: Jim really “got us” with his whole boxer story –you had to be there).

Joanne T: I learned about Centurian canvas sheets here in this group, but I have not been able to find them. I checked and everyone seems to be out of stock. I faithfully buy what ever is on a workshop list…but often times I don’t use what is on the workshop list—I still have some angled brushes that I don’t like and don’t need! I do have everything I need for plein air. I am showing two recent paintings.
I brought in a copy of the plein air magazine that features Jennifer Diehl.

Laurel: I have everything I need for plein air-- I think! I am going to be taking a workshop and I am just curious if the box that I have for my pastels will be adequate. I didn’t bring a painting this time.

Marty  D:  I have been painting in acrylics, but I’m going to be taking a oil painting workshop with Anton. I have a French easel but I know that it is very heavy. I’d like to look into a lighter system. I’d like to know what I can use to carry away my wet paint.

Joanne M: I am showing a couple of paintings from the life sessions at the Brush and Palette. I also recently returned from Hawaii where I painted plein air.  My “fail rate” was 50%. I was trained in the indirect method so it is sometimes a challenge for me to work fast. (I'm working it and feel that I am getting faster). On my wish list is a Charvin paint. It is from France and made with poppy oil.

Kristina: On my wish list would be a really good plein air umbrella. One that would work properly! I had an umbrella that I attached to my easel and the wind “caught” it and dumped over everything! I’ve not replaced that umbrella yet, because I can’t trust any of them. I would also like to take some more classes. I brought in a still life (with patterned fabric) and a plein air.

Bill: I think I could use much better lighting in my studio. I would also like to have a cart. I am showing a portrait that I improved.

Susan: I would like to have a skylight with a shade! I also would like to have an entire set of Girault pastels. I took some water-based oil paints when I went to Chicago to visit my mother. She has been in the hospital. She is getting better. I painted a china creamer from her house. My Mother thought the painting was “amazing”. My parents always told me everything I paint is  “amazing”. I sort of like the water-based paints. I might get more of them.

Thomas: If I want something I just go get it. What I would like now is something that is intangible. I would like 30 more years to be able to paint more (laughter)! Actually, I wouldn't mind having an assistant. I also wouldn’t mind having a ticket to go anywhere --- they call that a golden ticket. I did this painting at the Atlanta quick draw. I reinforced it a bit in the studio.

Tim: I don’t have anything on my wish list. I guess I wouldn’t mind having a personal assistant (laughter)! The news lately has been so terrible. I go to my easel and paint abstract shapes…to get away from the news!

Diane: I guess I might like to have a portable easel. I have had a couple of French easels -- they are clunky and they had structural issues! I have looked at the EasyL and the Soltek. I'm just not sure which easel I would really like to have permanently. I am showing a new portrait that I did. I tried to use a lighter touch with this portrait. I may redo an earlier portrait.

Anna: I am thinking of a different plein air set up. I do like the EasyL umbrella…..though just yesterday the umbrella got caught in the wind and “took out” part of my painting. As it turned out, that actually helped the painting, if you can imagine that. I have been working on my edges. I have several paintings to show you from recent plein air efforts. Also I am showing you a portrait I did at the Brush and Palette. I have been accepted into the Richmond (Va) plein air event this year. (Applause)!

Loretta: I have on my wish list a certain set of round brushes that come from China. They are very unusual because they are not pointed.

Eunice: I just purchased something called a canvas bridge. There are nails in the top and bottom of this thing that help secure your painting while you’re painting on an easel. I am showing two recent paintings.

Tedd: I am working on building a pochade box for myself. I am also working on the commission of a model who’s actually been on the cover of Vogue! It is a great assignment!


Susan: I have won the commission for next years Rose Festival Queen (applause)!
Workshop July 22 in pastel and oil on Sauvie island.
 I’m going to be teaching at OSA Wednesday mornings in July and August.

Second Saturday of forever art in slab town.
Third Saturday Affolter McMinnville
Plein air Richmond June 24

Joanne M: the Brush and Palette has an all day nude model tomorrow you can paint in the morning in the afternoon or both $15 a session.

Life-model painting sessions at the Troy are no more-- the Troy building has been sold! Thanks Joanne K for the great times that we had there. (Joanne is looking into an alternative space for the future).

Painting workshops (facebook page):

Ward has a workshop the 14th and 15th at OSA and at Blick he will be giving a demonstration on July 7th

Thank you for sharing your ideas and paintings today. Next Thursday, June 23 suggested table topic: Value domination. Do you think about this for your paintings---?Do you choose a value to dominate? Let’s discuss!

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