Meeting Notes, June 22, 2017

At todays meeting, Loretta, Geri, Tim, Judy, Susan, Annie, Jeanne, Mary, Joanne T, Tom, Jerry, Jim, Eunice, Nancy Za, Carrie, Scott, Tom and me, Celeste.

Todays suggested table topic: "Pushing" in painting (exaggerating in either a subtle or dramatic way in color, value or shape). What is your experience?

Celeste: I painted a plein air urban scene and when I got it home I realized I had not indicated what a sunny happy scene it really was. I scraped off most of the right side of the painting and put it back in emphasizing the sunny feel of the day (from memory). I was much happier with the outcome. I am also showing recent work.

Jim: I'm "pushing" myself to get up and get out! (Laughter)! I have been painting for the Lavender festival. I'm working on getting away from hard edges and working toward more impressionistic painting. I am showing a watercolor from Ward's class.

Jerry: I am showing a large watercolor as an example of "pushing" color! No way were those trees that color...but I pushed it to give it excitement. 

Tom: I am still working on getting colors to be how I see I only slightly enhance what I see. I have done paintings that are too much (gaudy) and other paintings that are too low. I am still trying to find the sweet spot. I painted in Ward's secret place (Pugent Island). It is a very obscure place..and I was all set up when I see this car go past me twice. Then a woman gets out of her car and I think to myself ..oh no, I hope they aren't going to ask me to leave. Then I realize...the woman is my sister!!! Now understand, she lives no where near this place and neither do I! (Laughter)!! The odds are a a thousand to one that we would both be there that day. She took a picture of me. (See picture below).

Joanne T: The first time I encountered "pushing" in painting may have been when I saw a Jennifer Diehl painting. She put in an orange sidewalk. It was orange! It looked so good and I wondered--how did she decide to do that! I've been painting for the Lavender festival. Everything went wrong! Things fell over--I didn't have any mineral spirits. Someone had to loan me mineral spirits...on and on, nothing but problems (but I kept on anyway)! I am showing two paintings. I made these red flowers more red by increasing the blue/green color in the background.

Scott: I am "pushing" myself to get out of bed ! (Laughter)! I am showing a painting I did of St. John's bridge (I painted it on Yupo paper).

Nancy: I am taking Za's class. She has us doing black and white studies. That has me thinking more about which value should be dominant. I tried to find the others who said they were painting at Sauvie Island...but I couldn't find them! Finally I saw Vicki. I painted this plein air at Sauvie. 

Mary: I am just here for enlightenment! I have been taking classes with Joanne. We worked on small color studies. The floral set up I decided to paint was a lot to look at!  I am making progress!

Jeanne: Last week I painted in the John Day area. I wanted to get out early to avoid the heat. I didn't have to actually rained a little, not the weather I expected at all. The light was subdued. I saw the green and red of the landscape and really enjoyed it. I "pushed" those contrasts. Jim McVicker is an artist who talks a lot about pushing this way and that...and when you look at his work you see mostly natural looking color. Pushing can be subtle.  I like a certain custom panel size and there is no wet canvas carrier available for that size. So I watched some youTube videos about how to make a carrier and I made my own! (Applause)! Believe me, if I could have bought one instead, I would have. (Laughter). I used gorilla tape to reinforce it. John Day is a very nice area. I recommend it.
Some wet canvas carrier DIY links:

Annie: I am pushing value...I have been working on something and I realized that it doesn't need to be needs to be lighter! (laughter)! I'll bring it in when I am done with it.

Susan: I am back from the pastel convention! It was 3 days plus a workshop with Albert Handel. I had the most wonderful time. There is a theory that pastelists are the "most fun". Maybe it is because we are the closest to children...we hold the color directly in our hands. I bought a painting while there and I did a demo. The exhibit was over 200 paintings from all over the world. The convention is every other year. I am taking this painting to a Gallery in Lincoln City. I pushed the color in it. 

Tim: I am pushing color. I am showing this recent painting (watercolor on panel) and this 2nd painting is from near Toledo, Washington.

Judith: I am drawn to paintings that came from the 16th and 17th centuries. I re-painted some of this painting recently. 

Geri: Goya was an artist who really changed things from the expected! I took a class in caricature. I learned that if you zero in on a person's specific feature and exaggerate it...people will still know who it is. In this drawing I exaggerated this person's "tall" head. 

Loretta: If I have ever pushed anything...I'm not aware of it. (Laughter)! The concept seems alien to me. (Laughter)!

Carrie: I'll pass on the question (Editor's note): Welcome back, Carrie! (Applause)!

Za: I love this subject! Right now I am very interested in the abstract. I like to "push" the abstract to a point where you could enjoy the painting from any direction or angle. Once you thoroughly understand one aspect of painting you can "push" past it to put your attention to another aspect of painting. On and on it goes! I am showing a recent painting.

Tom: I've been pushing color around as well as people. (Laughter)! These are two skill sets. When I am pushing color it is to get people to look at my painting...when I am pushing people it is to get them to see things my way. (Laughter)!

Eunice: I am still scrambling in my online class with Dennis Perrin. This is a workshop in floral painting and I am working on peonies. It is so hard! It looks right for awhile but then I face the "complexity" of the peony and .......well, I'll get it right eventually! 


Outdoor painting with model Tony with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman. Friday, June 23 11am -2pm (and possibly longer) at Laurelhurst park. $12.00

Lake Oswego Festival of Arts June 23, 24 and 25

Susan Kuznitsky is giving a demo at George Rogers Park, Lake Oswego Festival Saturday 6-8 at the Portland Open Studios booth

Susan Kuznitsky Plein Air class

Susan Kuznitsky first Friday Multnomah Village Frame

FIELD TRIP Monday, June 26 10:30am lets go see Tim Young's solo show at the NE Community Center, have a bite across the street and then meet across from the Hollywood Theater to paint an urbanscape. All information HERE:

Za Vue's classes are very popular--but! you can still get in..get on her waiting list. She works with each student individually.
Email her

Umpqua plein air

Erik Sandgren coastal paint out (July 10-22) FREE

Lavender Show July 8 and 9

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman fresh flowers June 27
Message from Joanne:   Expressive Oil Painting.

We are scheduled June 27th Still Life Session at Oregon Society of Artists
Lower Studio $25 FLexible hours 9-12, 10-1, Whichever fits your schedule.

We will continue to study florals--black and white and color studies

You are welcome to paint or draw in your medium of preference. I will be painting in oils and
I have materials on hand if you are missing something, would like to try oils for the first time.

Please RSVP &/or sign up with Nancy in the OSA office 503.228.0706

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

PAWA paint outs June 24 and June 25

Za Vue's weekly classes are filled--but she invites you to join her wait list.

Check out our Facebook page for other workshops and receptions!

Join and post to our daily and sometimes daily Facebook page "Painting Summer 2017"

Next Meeting Thursday, June 29. Suggested table topic:  The lighter touch! Have you experimented with lyrical brushwork...a light touch, a poetic application of paint? What inspires you to handle paint "lightly" (if ever)? (and if not...should you?) Let's discuss!

Tom Daniels 

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