Meeting notes, June 6, 2019

Topic: How do you store your paintings?

Celeste:  I took all my paintings (the ones I didn't burn!) into the back yard and sorted them by size. I put them all into categories, Landscape, Portrait and Still life. Then I numbered them all on the back, photographed them and made corresponding lists. I store the panels in banker's boxes (cardboard boxes from Office Depot). They stack really well and hold a lot of panels. Everything that is too big for a bankers box leans against the wall. I am showing two paintings from the "Big" paint out on Memorial Day.

Loretta: I use the floor in my closet for painting storage! I keep this manageable by trashing the ones that did not work. I am showing two paintings, I showed this one earlier, but I changed it. The other was painted from memory.

Peggie: I admired the storage system at the Portland Rental Gallery. My husband studied it and built the same system for me! It meant building a plywood box and adding screw eyes (hardware) and string. I am showing a drawing of it. (I also added a drawing of how I store frames on brackets on the wall). Recently I painted at the Schreiner's Iris Garden. I am showing some of my studies and a painting I did there of my friend playing the harp! 

Chris: I keep my paintings in the attic! They are stacked vertically and also flat. I painted with friends at Dabney Park. We scouted it..and I think we should paint there as a group! I really enjoyed it. Here is the painting that I did there.

Donna: I am a pastelist. I use a "grid wall"in the studio. When things have been framed I protect the frames with pipe insulation (that I can cut to size and fit onto the frames). I am showing a pastel and also a giclee print that I had made of one of my paintings. I was pleased with how it turned out. (

Lisa: I have a cabinet where I store stretched canvases. I stack panels. I have a separate stack of paintings that I intend to paint over! There have been tornados in Texas. Three barns totally gone! I painted this painting as a homage to this rancher. (Editor's note: Sorry, Lisa, I didn't hear if he is a friend or relative)

Mike: As a watercolorist, storage is easy for me. I have drawers in my studio and the work is in kept organized by year. I also have a plastic container that gets emptied every two weeks. It is bright yellow and you may have heard of the's called "Waste Management" (Recyling) (Laughter)! In truth..I do think it is important to keep some old work, because it is a great way to keep track of your progress. (Your progress will either make you happy or may you depressed ...but either way, I do recommend that keep some older work). 

Jan: I have just returned from 2 weeks in Mexico. I just keep things in stacks. I came to hear what you all had to say.

Karen: (new! Welcome)! I am a pastelist so I buy glycene by the roll. I bought something from IKEA that works great from storage. It is like a flat file with drawers 2.5 feet wide. I currently have a stack of paintings in the basement next to the I can scrub them off! I am showing a pastel that I did in a class with Gretha Lindwood.

Jim: I am back from two extended trips. For our 50th anniversary my wife and I took a cruise. Then we drove all the way across the country to go to a high school graduation! We went through a slew of big storms. It got old! When we finally reached Oregon and in particular Multnomah Falls I was so happy and relieved. (I painted this painting of Multnomah Falls with gratitude)! I painted this copy of an Edgar Payne painting for an online class. I painted these flowers from a Tim Young photograph. Glad to be back!

Diane: I got a shelving unit from IKEA. (4'x 2.5' deep) I use spring-loaded shower curtain rods to "separate" paintings in vertical stacks. I have discovered an artist I like who paints on a field of silver leaf. I was inspired to try this for myself and I painted this. I liked the surface...though I doubt that I will paint exclusively on silver leaf! 

Elo: I came today to hear what you have to say. I work from a very small space in my laundry room! Right now my son is away at college and I have commandeered space in his bedroom.  (Laughter)!  To store my paintings..I put some things on my walls. Other paintings I put into a box and put mat board between each one (to protect them). I have a list of my "inventory" that I keep on Excel and I store by year. I find the odd sizes hardest to store! I'd love to know how you all store your frames. 

Kathy: My paintings are everywhere! I have an 8x8 space that is supposed to be my painting space but it has turned into a storage space---so I paint in other places (not the dedicated space)! I am thinking about changing rooms or taking over a different room! 

Tim: I got metal shelving and I cut plywood for the shelves (so that things wouldn't fall through). I left the top shelf open. I can stack things vertically and it works well, I can slide things in and out of this unit..but I have to look at everything to see what it is! (laughter)! I guess I should label it somehow, but I haven't done that. I am showing a "big" painting I did on site at the "Big" paint out.

Loretta L: I have been on a 2 month car and trailer trip. My husband and I did a lot of bird watching! We visited Ashville NC and we found it to be really lovely. As far as storage goes, I store my paintings in an old "entertainment center" (a big wood cupboard that used to house our television). It works great for that, so I am glad we didn't get rid of it. The painting I am showing is from my recent travels (Titusville, Florida).

Geri: I put many paintings into plastic sleeves. I store them "book style". I use cardboard boxes. We are cleaning our garage and eventually I will have a better place to work and store things. I am showing a painting that I titled: "Young Girl reclining on giant tomatoes" (Laughter)!

Tedd: I got metalracks at Storables. They are 3'x8'. I have so much stuff! I took paintings that had previously been on stretcher bars and cut them off to be flat. I made big "portfolios" with black foam core and put the (cut down) canvases into them. You can photograph your work with a tripod and an iphone. There are good videos on Youtube about how to do it correctly. On the topic of tonrnados I have to tell you my brother found a wedding dress in a field after a tornado and traced the owner (from an attached tag) to it's owner ! 

Becky: I haven't painted enough for storage to be a problem! (laughter)! I do have a frame problem, however! I have 40+ frames. I will have a dedicated space on the north side of my house, but it is not organized yet and I am committed to some events, so I can not get to it until later. I am showing a printed calendar that shows the painting I showed you all earlier (for a Hood River non-profit). 

Joanne T: For me the biggest problem is frames. They take up so much room. As for my paintings I try to show them in places and hopefully sell them! The trouble is, of course, when I get paintings back from a show they take up a ton of room. It's like a "tornado" at my house! (Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting that I've done in my online class. 

Ken: I used to live in spacious houses...but now I live in a much smaller space. Sometimes if a friend admires a painting of mine I will give it to them! I have a firm belief if you bring something into your home you should find a way to take something out! I don't want to have too much stuff. I am showing a recent painting. I can't explain why I painted just came to me and I painted it!

Eunice: I store things in the garage..where I store things is right next to the things we get from Costco. So, sometimes when I want to get to something...I have to move all the things from Costco to get to it! (Laughter)!

Wendy: I store my art in bureau drawers! 

Bonny: I store things in quality boxes. I attach a note to each painting with a "19" (for 2019 a "G" and then a number (like "01, 02..etc). Most everything I paint fits on my scanner. I painted this painting with my watercolor group. I painted it on a surface that is no longer available (Arches board). I painted this at the "Big" paint out. I am also showing a book that I authored and illustrated. I renamed the book and it is selling better now that it has a better name!

Greg: I have a big empty room above my garage that is a great space for my studio and for storage. I have vertical shelves in there. I am showing a clip that I use with wet canvases (to keep them from banging together so that I can bring them home from the field safely). 


Register for the Lake Oswego Plein Air 2019 event (June 14)  (thanks, Becky Land)

Kris Horn and Donna Sires June 7 Artist  Reception 5-8 Cusicks Gallery Newberg

Eric Jacobsen at Art on the Boulevard, First Friday Reception: June 7

Two upcoming paint outs (Thank you, hosts!): 

June 14 Friday Paint out (beginning at 9am) at Oakwood Gardens with host Joanne Thorpe 11785 SW River Rd, Hillsboro 97123

June 21 Friday Paint out (beginning at 9am) at Grice Farm with host Mike Porter 
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Congratulations, Susan Kuznitsky (Grand Prize in OSA Rose Show)
Congratulations Elo Wobig 2nd Place
Congratulations Joanne Radmilovich Kollman, HM

Peggie Moje' has been accepted to paint in the Glacier National Park Plein Air event.
Also she is represented in the Cannon Beach Gallery show:

Elo Wobig Lakewood Show, 11:00 am demo June 22

Eunice Sause Lakewood Show

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Thomas Kitts
 has two upcoming workshops in Portland (Drawing for Plein Air and Plein Air) First two weeks of September 2019

Dianna Shyne introduction to acrylics 9-12 in her Portland studio on Saturdays

Friday June 7 Figure Session at OSA 1:15-4:00 (Cheryl will facilitate)  Joanne Radmilovich Kollman 

Kimberly Kent Art Brokerage Call to Artists:

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter
Next Meeting Thursday June 13 -- What is the best thing that you have read recently (as it pertains to painting) Something that inspired you! ...something that gave you a completely new slant (from a book, a story, a quote!) ---Let's Discuss!

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