Meeting Notes, June 8, 2017

At todays meeting, Loretta, Geri, Tim, Diane, Lisa, Mary, Joanne, Jeanne, Genie, Jim, Eunice Ward, Tracie, Stephanie, Paula, Raphael (new), Royce (new), and me, Celeste

Todays suggested table topic: complete this sentence: "I would like to learn______ (fill in the blank). 2nd part of the question: "What might you do (specifically) to learn that?"

(answers are in random and anonymous order):

 I'd like to understand better how to nail down a good plein air composition. I imagine how I might go about this is to do more plein air painting and also take some workshops. Additionally, I saw a show recently and I thought..."if I expect to do something like this I have to paint bigger"!

I want to be more decisive. I want to make a "better" commitment to what I am doing! (I don't want to work half-hearted). The "right" way to do things and my way are sometimes opposed. I'm definitely unstructured and it is clear that if I plan to teach others I am going to have to use structure. Some teachers teach to the individual, however, and that is my style. 

I haven't painted for awhile and I have anxiety just thinking about picking up a brush again. It isn't easy to explain, when I go to paint (especially after a lay-off) I almost feel claustrophobic. I know that painting is the answer. I want to learn to use variety in my brushwork. I will practice!

I want to learn to get more loose. I have always painted tightly and it is time to try the other way! I'd like to paint trees like Anna Lancaster does!

I have been experiencing "Artist Block". I am challenging myself to paint small paintings to get over this. I am pushing myself!

I would like to learn watercolor! I am an oil painter, but I remember how fun watercolor is. You can crop watercolor if there is a less than favorable area. I like the ease of it. There is so much less equipment and gear to haul around. I would like to work slower and feel more lighthearted about painting. How will I go about this? By just doing it. 

I have always done everything in sort of a "weird cousin" way. What I mean is that I will do the sort of oddball thing. That's just me, I might be sort of a rebel ? But, lately, because I am teaching, everything I do relates back to my lessons. I paint with teaching in mind. I would like to learn how to submit my work to the right places. I know that it is important in building trust in others to have participated in competitions and exhibitions. I'm working on this!

I need to figure out what I need to figure out!

I want to learn composition, value and color...which is just about everything. (Laughter)! I like these two quotes "Look at each painting as if it is a gourmet meal" and "Let your freak fly" (Laughter)!
The more we do ..the more we will understand.

I have been coming to these meetings for 6 months. I am grateful, because the meetings and daily painting practice has given me structure. I've had to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I would like to learn to get more comfortable with figure painting. I'll do that by going to life sessions.

I have been taking online classes. I am learning about florals. I am going to be taking a 2nd online class and there is a lot of homework involved. I am going to buy peonies next!

Even though I am committed to oil painting, I would like to learn gouache. It is kind of a hot topic right now..a lot of animators seem to work with it and they obviously understand contrast and values so well. I'd also like to trust my own abilities more, my work is often hit or miss. I think one way I could learn gouache is to look at some youTube videos and just practice. I really liked what one young guy said in his gouache video. He said "I was just lazy on this one...and that's on me". This absolutely resonated with me. I want to be less lazy too, and to own up to it if I am.

I would like to learn how to paint faster and I want to paint more. I would like to learn how to paint rocks. I will look for resources to practice.

I would like to learn how to paint greens. I took an online class once and it was covered. I want to revisit those lessons and remember what colors do what! I will make time for practice.

I would like to learn how to play more! (Laughter)! It really is important to keep fun at the forefront. Some lessons are drudgery, so I balance it with play. To remain playful, I'll schedule it!

I would like to learn to do better compositions. I am doing a composition-a-day. I use watercolor pencils in 3 values.

I would like to learn to network and find opportunities. That can be done by going on paint outs, meeting new people, coming here etcetera!

I would like to become more experimental and to work bigger. I like to think about one area whenever I paint (for example, if it is backlit, my "concentration" is on the backlighting most..I pick something important to focus on). 

Other notes:

Celeste: I am showing recent from life paintings and a few from the sktchy app. All my paintings of my husband look like Dick Cheney! (Laughter)!

Lisa: I painted this from one of Tim's photographs (thanks, Tim)!

Joanne: I took a workshop with Eric Jacobsen. He has me thinking about "Make it, break it and make it again". I am going back into paintings for a 2nd and 3rd pass. 

Stephanie: I am showing a painting that I recently put into a frame

Tracie: I am back! (welcome back, Tracie)! I did this large painting on paper and I discovered I don't like painting on paper (laughter)! This painting was sold, however, so it all worked out. (Applause)!

Mary: I like coming here, it always feels a little like a class!

Royce (new, Welcome)!: I am showing this goat. I do paint a lot of animals

Ward: Those of you moving into water media....I will teach you the watercolor handshake! (Laughter)!

Jeanne: This painting I brought was painted at Oak Island.

Genie: This is my Mother's tea cup...for some reason this cup and saucer was really important to her. I don't know exactly why. 

Jim: I did this lighthouse painting in Ward's class!

Tim: I did the Tilbury event. It was a 3.5 hour drive each way! The models were exceptional. I am so glad I went, but it was exhausting! When I go back I will stay longer. 

Paula: I did Eric Jacobsens workshop. He is such an exceptional artist and teacher. I painted this at the workshop.

Raphael (new, Welcome)!: I tried to get here for last week's meeting about past work! (I got caught in terrible traffic and had to turn back). I thought I'd still bring some of my past work today so I could introduce myself. I was educated in New York and San Franscisco. I happened to be in the right place at the right time (during the 60s) and I designed the "Summer of Love" poster. Designing and producing posters and other commercial projects was what I did for many years and I came here to Portland to join a glass studio. I am showing some projects that were done in glass. Here in Portland I became friends with other illustrators and in particular, Eric Bowman advised me to paint outside. He said "you'll never regret it." I started outdoor painting and recently I met some of you on Sauvie Island. Lately I have been painting in a more loose style (like these paintings on the beach). 

Diane: I am cleaning my studio!


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Message from Joanne:  2 sessions of Expressive Oil Painting.

We are scheduled for a June 10th and June 17th Still Life Session at OSA.
Lower Studio $25 FLexible hours 9-12, 10-1, Whichever fits your schedule.

I will be demonstrating the  process I use for the national market place and how I go back
into paintings that did not make the grade. I have a large painting I started for a demo
so I may get another large one started and finished and continue with painting in progress.
I do my best work working on multiple paintings. We will discuss working process.
Everyone works differently and it is good to identify your own method especially while learning.

You are welcome to paint or draw in your medium of preference. I will be painting in oils and
I have materials on hand if you are missing something, would like to try oils for the first time.

Please RSVP &/or sign up with Nancy in the OSA office 503.228.0706

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

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Paula recommends articles by Nicholas Wilton

Next Meeting: Thursday June 15, Suggested table topic: The "highs and lows" of showing paintings. What are your experiences with getting your art out into the world? (and if you haven't had much experience with it, tell us what your ideas about showing work overall).

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