Meeting Notes, March 24, 2016

At today’s meeting Loretta, Annie, Diane, Tim, Gretha, Kristina, Keegan, Stephanie, Jim, Vicki, Jeanie, Susan, Ward, Lisa, Eunice, Tracie, and me Celeste.

Today’s suggested table topic: An “artist retreat”--- have you been on one, do you want to go on one? What type artist retreat would be on your wish list?

Celeste: I don't remember who this story is about, but I remember reading about a commercial illustrator/animator who once took a sabbatical from his job. He went into the desert for 40 days. He went by himself and he spent the whole time observing and painting and drawing without anyone else to talk to. At the end of all of this he felt like he was a much better artist. I have often thought that something like that would be a great idea!  (Jim Interjects): “Yes you should go”! (Laughter)! I am showing two paintings.

Vicki: I have family in Florida. It has taken me time to have empathy for the light and terrain of Florida. It has taken me a while to get an understanding for Florida! I do feel like I appreciate it more and more.  I am showing two paintings from Florida and two paintings from Laurelhurst Park.

Jeanie: I haven't done any retreats. I haven't done any workshops. I brought in a painting that I did "Alla Prima" (in one sitting)

Susan: I didn't understand if I could talk about workshops or not. I taught a workshop in Wisconsin once and that did seem a lot like a retreat…possibly because of where it was. My own backyard feels like a retreat! I was thinking maybe we should organize a retreat for our group!
Recently it was my Father’s birthday. I felt down, because this was the first birthday without him (since he passed away).  I picked some quince and painted this floral painting (that I am showing you) in honor of my Dad and his birthday.

Ward: I did take a David Taylor workshop at the beach that had a retreat quality. I am a Yaqui Indian Native and our philosophy is that good is in everything and everywhere. So everything feels like a retreat to me. I have a new place to live. Every time I walk into my studio I feel it is like "a kiss for my soul". I did a video on how to paint with Brush-o (a watercolor product). It is very exciting because I have been chosen to do demonstrations of the Brush-o product.  (Ward's video is at the end of this page)

Lisa: I have had to work a lot at my business, so I haven't been able to paint much. I painted a new small painting from the coast (from a photo reference).

Eunice: I went to Whidbey Island for six weeks 20 years ago! It was fantastic. I hated to come home. I did this recent painting from a DVD. The artist is: Julie Gilbert Pollard

Loretta: I learned long ago about a retreat in Vermont. It would be on my wish list! You have to be invited. There are lovely cabins and meals are provided. You spend all day creating and then you talk with other creative people at night. It sounds like a perfect “retreat” to me!
Diane: When you have a studio in your own home everything is calling to you the chores ---dishes and laundry.  So, I do think a retreat would be great. I know someone who goes to Ireland for a retreat. The only mode of transportation at this retreat is bicycles and you spend the whole day doing your creative thing and then you come back and talk to the others about it. I have wondered where Thomas Kitts goes --he travels so much with workshops and other travels …where does Thomas go to “get away”?
I got an idea from Jim King to do a drawing every night before I go to bed. I’ve been committed to doing that.

Tim: The closest I could say I’ve come to a “retreat” is some three-day weekends. I made this gridding frame… it's for sight-size painting. I painted this still life using it. I miscounted the squares (while painting) and my coffee pot came out crooked. I had to fix it! (Laughter!) If you you make one of these I suggest that you use black string not white string like I did.  I am also showing my recent “banana” painting!

Gretha: I have just returned from a plein air event in Florida. I guess trips and workshops are always "getting-away" opportunities. I got stung by a Jelly Fish in Florida, so be careful out there! I painted my "first" palm trees (that I am showing you).

Kristina: I know that when you eat something unusual ---like Indian food food ---it will wake up your senses. That’s the same thing with a retreat, it will (hopefully) be stimulating. I read that Isaac Levitan spent an extended time at the river Volga. He wrote that he didn't like being there and he didn't feel moved by the surroundings….but, ironically, most agree that some of his very best paintings were done there! I think that you should all see the documentary movie Finding Vivien Maier.  It’s about photography, but it would be of interest to any creative person. I brought a pallete knife painting that I did recently.

Also, this is my friend Keegan, who is joining us today because he is “shadowing” me (as an artist). (Welcome Keegan)!

Stephanie: I think of a retreat as spending several days in one place. I have not done a retreat, but I did take a five day workshop once. I also painted with the Eric Sandgren coastal paint out. That is sort of a retreat. It would be on my wish list to go to Jef Gunn's workshop in the desert. I like the idea of painting in the places where he goes. I have seen applications to be a artist-in-residence at places like Alaska. That could be a wish-list thing! Lately I’ve been taking time out to think about old work and making changes to some of my existing paintings. I brought in this painting to show you how I changed it. I added some ochre to the middle ground and I added some foreground detail.

Tracie: I’ve spent time at the beach. I love the solitude. I dream of it! I can feel kind of panicked in workshops. I never feel I have enough time. I often paint paintings of  elephants swimming.  I am showing you a painting of an elephant underwater.

Jim: I am going to go to Widbey Island for a week to take a class with Max Ginsburg. I think that will be the closest I've been to a retreat for me. I did a painting recently at studio 111 and I was so enamored with my start… but I then spent the next 20 minutes carefully ruining it.  I hated my results so much I I thought: what would an honorable suicide be for an artist?  Well, I could ram my paintbrush up into my nose and into my brain! (Laughter- laughter-laughter)! Thankfully, I had a photo of the model (a young girl) so; I painted another painting of her (from the reference) when I got home. (Suicide averted)!


Gretha Lindwood at the Lake area artist 50th and show Friday Saturday and Sunday, April 22, 23, and 24 at the Lakewood center of the arts.

Gretha has also been selected to participate at the Carmel Art Festival in May and June and the the Paint the Peninsula in August. She'll be doing a Demo in Seaside on April 2:

Saturday, April 2, 2016
Fairweather House & Gallery
pastel demo with the theme "Rain or Shine"
612 Broadway Street
Seaside, OR 97138

Wade Stroud  is the visiting artist at Dots 'N Doodles and The Astoria Art Loft Saturday May 9th.

Susan Kuznitsky has been selected to be a juror in Hawaii for the Pastel Society Show. (November). (Congratulations, Susan)!
A message from Erin Cadena
April 2 at 7 PM - 9 PM

            Coffeehouse Northwest
1951 W Burnside St, Portland, Oregon 97209


Please join me in a night of celebration as I open my first Solo show.
Falling to Sky has been a months long contemplation on life through the creative process. Looking outside myself to one of the most magnificent, resonant and symbolic aspects of nature, I traveled inward to a place of examining, listening, observing, and asking questions, with the goal of more fully knowing and understanding. It was a rich and rewarding journey as I fell up to a place of abundant Love and Light.
I would be honored by you presence! Wine and light snacks will be served.

A message from Eric Bowman April 2
Eric Jacobsen and I are inviting you to come and peruse through hundreds of paintings at our combined Open Studio Clearance Sale, one day only; Saturday April 2nd from 10am to 3pm!

Pacific NW Plein air 2016 will be the last week of August.

Tedd Chilless sent in this link to share with us:

To find out about workshops check out the Painting Workshops page:

Studio one-eleven has a Facebook page now--join if you have an interest in painting from the model:

The Thursday Drawing Club March 24

Thank you for coming today and bringing your paintings and your ideas. Next meeting Thursday, March 31 suggested table topic: Do you use a painting medium? Tell us about painting mediums that you like and mediums that you don’t like. (If you don’t use medium, tell us why).

Ward's Video:

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