Meeting Notes March 7, 2019

At today's meeting: Renita Geri Chris Jeanie Becky Mike Thomas Leslie Elo Jim Tedd Tim Susan Tom K Joanne T Vicki Ken Jerry Diane Lisa Eunice Annie Dotty Loretta L Scott Paula Za Yong Greg and ne Celeste

Today's topic...Something in your plein air gear (or studio) that you can't live without...what is it?

Celeste: My must have thing is a refuse bag that Za gave me. I clamp it to my pochade box. I like it because it doesn't blow around and I reuse it every time.  I am also showing a plaster cast "Asaro" head. It reminds artists to include important planes in the face in portraits.  I am loaning Mike Porter this IKEA rolling cart. It sells for 20 dollars at IKEA. It works perfectly (if you don't need a ton of things).

Renita: I came to learn from all of you! I like this viewfinder that I use for plein air.  I am showing a painting that I did in Brenda Boylan's class.

Geri: I can not do with out art bookstores. My husband and I love them so much we put a art bookstore in our wedding registry! (Laughter)! We went to meet artist Jacques Flechemuller at the PDX contemporary gallery and got to spend some time with him.

Chris: My must have things are a bluetooth speaker and my visor. Recently I tried plein air painting at Corbett, but it was too icy and cold. I tried Chinook Landing and again, freezing! I wound up at IKEA in the parking lot! (Laughter)! I am also showing a painting from Gresham.

Jeanie: I have a rolling kitchen cart that I use as a taboret. I am showing a recent painting. (Editor's note: Sorry Jeanie, your painting was missed for photographing today.  please send photo via Facebook or email)

Becky: I am showing this bungie cord that has a coating on it. I use it for all sorts of things out in the field. I am showing a recent painting. I watched a lot of YouTube videos. One in particular was informative. It is called "Lady Agnew" (by John Howard Sanden).

Kathy: I find these acetate sleeves good for protecting art. I am showing recent pastels. 

Mike: I made my own outdoor easel for watercolor/plein air. It is loosely based on the easel that is called "En Plein Air". I had these two pieces fabricated at Tap Plastics. I think you should stand to paint outdoors. It is a better energy. I took a recent workshop with Yong. I am also recommending (like he does) the use of a sketchbook to plan your painting. I recently visited "Dots and Doodles" in Astoria. They have very competitive prices! (and they will lazer your name on the sketchbook cover)!

Thomas K. Here is my palette knife. It is multi use! It has a broad base and I have sharpened it--it cuts like a chisel. I am showing my compact kit...this is everything I need for plein air watercolor. I especially like this retractable brush that I got at Artists and Craftsman Supply.

Leslie: My must have is correct lighting! I have been devoting myself to Alla Prima portrait/figure painting. I brought a recent painting.

Elo: My must do thing is to have everything packaged in the same reliable place. I must have a value scale, razor blade and I always bring food and water. I keep protein bars in my car. I must have pencils and small "spritzers" (for water media). In fact, all I need is a pencil and a receipt or something..I'll draw on any supplies available. I use communion cups for medium (Laughter)! I bought a telescoping backscratcher that I use for a mahl stick. I just completed a big job for my church, 4 large paintings 3.5x8 feet! I am showing a recent painting (from a reference from our trip to Europe).

Jim: I can't live without this Rosemary 6 long flat! In my opinion Rosemary brushes are not too expensive (because for one thing they last a long time). I am also showing this paint wringer.

Tedd: My must have is boxes to transport my paintings. I make them myself or use a pizza box. I found this quote that I thought was good for today's discussion (Laughter)! (see image below).

Tim: I am showing my rag! (Laughter)! Well, I like it---I use it to block in the initial design. I have brought recent plein air paintings. I want to recommend Cottonwood Canyon as a plein air destination. There is a fee, but the views are well worth it.

Susan: I brought my easel to show you. This is a Joshua Been product for holding the panel. I also use an "Easel Butler". It holds a palette. One time a group of Chinese people were watching me paint and they were asking for information about my easel. I can tell you that the words "Easel Butler" don't seem to have a Chinese equivalent. (Laughter)! My son and his girlfriend broke up and it was so hard on me because she is beautiful and had modeled for me. The first thing I thought was oh no! can she still model for me!? I saw a scene recently where three older women were huddled together and it struck me that women like them don't get painted (because they are not beautiful like my son's ex girlfriend!) So I decided to do this painting. My mother saw it and asked..."Is that an ice cream truck?" and I replied, No Mom, that is the bus you're going to be on!" (Laughter)!

Tom K: Here is a travel coffee mug that I find to be indispensable. I don't put coffee it it though! (Figure that out!) (Laughter)! I am showing a painting that I recently changed and improved. I realized that the stones were all bathed in light..all of them. I changed it so the light hits in a specific area now. This painting has been sold! (Applause)!

Joanne T: Do you remember me? (Editor's note: Welcome back, Joanne)! I can't do without my iPad. I really love it. I look at a lot of art online...and I can't stop looking at it---I take it to bed with me! (Laughter)! You know, there was a time if you wanted to look at art you had to go to the library! I am showing one of my recent chicken paintings and this painting I did in a Tim Horn workshop. He routinely uses a pink and peach acrylic mixed into his gesso ground.

Vicki: I am showing my plein air bag that I always have packed and ready to go. I have returned from a visit to Florida. I painted in watercolor there. The landscape there is so takes some getting used to!  I brought an article about the new Gerard Richter movie "Never Look Away". I propose a "field trip" to see the film at Cinema 21.

Ken: I have a chair in my studio that is a favorite thing. It is essentially a pole and a is cushy and it leans! I got a deal on some frames at Michaels. I printed some of my paintings and framed them. I am showing a recent studio painting. 

Jerry: I am showing this brush holder. It clamps to any easel (except for my Strada...I have to use a workaround for that where I clamp it to something else. It is super useful. I went to Yong's workshop. I highly recommend you take his class if you get a chance. He stresses the 3 values --and we did the 3 values in charcoal and also watercolor. So use only 3 values and 3 or 4 big shapes...what could be easier! (Laughter)! 

Diane: I pass :)

Lisa: A palette knife is important to me. I got to watch the Max Ginsburg demo and I felt I got a lot out of it. I painted this portrait with his demo fresh in my mind. I am also showing this recent landscape. 

Eunice: I have 3 or 4 set ups in my car! They are packed for all situations. I have that 1-10 values on a card with holes in each value...that way I can look through it to gauge what the value is. I brought in a bunch of art magazines --please take them with you! (thanks Eunice) 

Annie: I am showing my favorite water soluble pencil and this small bag that I like so much (It has a pouch were I can put the pencil shavings after I sharpen it)! I met a taxi driver from Russia. When he found out that I am an artist he told me that in Russia you have to take a test to be an artist. You have to be able to draw what they ask you to draw using a total of only 6 strokes. He didn't pass the test, so that is why he is a taxi driver! (Laughter)! I am also showing this recent painting of my friend's dog. 

Dotty: I also am a fan of the simple rag. I use a piece of my husbands tshirt. I am showing recent pastels. I loved this scene that I saw several times at the beach. I enjoyed how the sun spilled onto the trail. 

Loretta L: I found out you need an umbrella if you paint outside! I also have discovered the iPad holder. I like to stand when I paint and it is ideal for working from reference. I took a trip to Cambodia. There are floating villages there. Everything is in the water...even the gas stations! I painted this painting from a photo reference. 

Scott: I find coffee on my left hand side to be indispensable. At Midnight it turns into beer! (Laughter)! I am showing this recent watercolor portrait. 

Paula: I like this color wheel. I have used it out in the field. It helps in planning. I brought a painting I did from Villa Catalana. 

Za: I am showing this office depot clamp! Everyone who knows me knows that I will use these for everything. You can clamp things to your easel and I have even held my hair back with one! (Laughter)! My other must have is Kamar varnish. I learned this from Eric Bowman and Anton Pavlenko. If you do a plein air painting for a competition it is just a must...It is also great if someone buys your can be assured that later the painting will look like it looked when you painted it. (without Karmar it could dry with flat spots).

Yong: I try to minimize! All I ready need is paint, brushes and paper. Lately my favorite thing is this computer. It is not an iPad but a full computer. I use a software on it called Krita. What I like so well about it is that there is no clean up! When the battery runs out I might then do a traditional painting!

Greg: I like to use different tools for variety. I am showing these rubber shapers that are made by catalyst. I really enjoy the marks that can result from using something besides a brush.


Apply to Pacific NW Plein air on or before March 11
Online Juried Shows Juror: Patrick Saunders

Willamette Valley Lavender festival Apply by April 30 (but Kathy Johnson recommends that you apply sooner). The judge is Cathleen Rehfeld. 

Weekly classes with Za Vue (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro) email Za for details

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Portraiture in Oil workshop  at Elizabeth Jones Gallery)

Fine Art Friday Figure Session... Friday March 8 OSA Model Jennifer Cox
20 drop in fee
1:15-4:15 pm
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA with Tracie Broughton  March 9 1-4pm uninstructed, 12.00 Feb 

Bhavani Krishnan one day color workshop March 2 (one spot available)

New model sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for information:

Find out about Yong Hong Zhong workshops:

Find out about Thomas Kitts workshops:

April workshop with Susan Kuznitsky (sponsored by Uart Paper)

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Thursdays and Saturdays

Susan Kuznitsky's work is up at Village Gallery for March

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Meeting Thursday March 14 "What to do after the Workshop" --what suggestions do you have for using and retaining the things you learned during a workshop (or class)?   ....Let's discuss! 

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