Meeting Notes, March 8, 2018

At todays meeting: Jim, Geri, Ken, Tim, Susan, Elo, Jeanie, Annie, Chris, Mike, Tom, Kristina, Joanne K, Joanne T, Yong, Renita, Tom K, Judith, and me, Celeste

Today's topic: your summer plans (as it pertains to painting), what are they?

Celeste: I am preparing for my participation in the Mt. Tabor Artwalk. I wanted to deal with the yard, but the reality is that I probably won't be able to make much improvement in time. I'm continuing classes with Za and applying to a couple of plein air events. I am showing recent paintings from life sessions and one "drapery" study.

Jim: On my list for summer: Michael Lindstrom's workshop, possibly the Lavender Festival event, Southern Oregon, and Umpqua. I wanted to tell you about Easel insights. I signed up for it, and I think it is well worth the money. I am also continuing on Art Studio Inspiration (a Facebook challenge page). I want to paint with Alla Prima at Sauvie island again this year..and also paint in the Gorge. I am showing a palette knife painting, the coast painting (from the photo challenge) and a plein air painting.

Geri: I am going to continue painting the acrylic vintage-y painting that I started. I'm looking to do new techniques. I am interested in using watercolor too, and making some subtle colors. I am showing some pieces I did based on Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian is a bee and the other is DaVinci's man wearing underwear (Laughter)!

Ken: I am still on the lookout for a non-structured open studio that I can drop into when I want to. I had that situation where I lived before and I miss it. For the summer I might try painting outside...but I would need to acquire gear (I don't have any portable equipment). I am excited to try a new (to me) medium that my mentor recommended: Williamsburg extender. Also! thanks so much for this group--there is nothing like it anywhere! I am showing a painting from my archives.

Renita: We are trying to get our house ready to sell. I plan to apply to Sitka.  I am showing three recent paintings.

Tim: I can't even schedule for next weekend, so no, no plans for summer. (Laughter)! I am on that Facebook page that gives you assignments. They wanted you to do a palette knife interior. I had to try it first with paintbrush...and here is the result. I also painted this water fowl from my photo reference and this studio painting of a tug. (Applause)! It was painted on an aluminum support.

Susan: Mostly I just want to be around other artists! I will probably sign up for the Lavender event. In July I am going to Wisconsin. I am going to take a pastel workshop. In the fall I am going to be teaching here at Carrie Moore's studios. I got these roses for free, because the market was going to throw them away (they were beyond their sale date).

Judith: When I was young I visited Europe, but I did not go to France! This summer I am going to Paris and the South of France!

Elo: My Summer plans depend on my children. We are going to take a bay area vacation and we are going to go to Yosemite. I am excited to paint there, but I wonder what do you all do with your non-painting spouse? I will submit to the Lavender and to the Gorge plein air. I am taking classes online with Schoolism. I am showing a work-in-progress. It is a personal painting for Easter and John 15* (it is a challenge coming up with the right light direction, since there is nothing to refer to, I have to use my imagination) *“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing".

Jeanie: I have no painting to show today and no plans for summer!

Tom: I have just returned from Patagonia! While there, I didn't paint, but I saw scenery everywhere that I wanted to paint. I have made a film/demo proposal so that I can return...! When I go back the winter will be my summer and I will be able to paint as much as I want.

Joanne T: I am going into a new Gallery. I am taking a 3 day palette knife workshop in Washington. In August I am returning to Massachusetts --in the meantime I'll just hang out with painting friends! I love Villa Catalana and I want to do that if I well as the Lavender event. I am showing two studio paintings.

Kristina: Is it already time to think about summer? It's still winter! (Laughter)! I wanted to recommend that everyone do the Erik Sandgren paint out--it is so much fun and it is free. Sandgren does not require that you attend his workshop and he will critique your work every day (July 2018)

Annie: I should have my collage work done by the end of this month (for a book I am working on). I went to the Joe Pacquet lecture. He said that artists are so determined to "solve" a problem on the canvas (revisiting in an attempt to fix it) -- Pacquet imagines the canvas getting weary of it and saying:  "Get off of me"! (Laughter)! I am showing recent experimental sketches.

Chris: I want to do plein air, but I don't have the right equipment. I am thinking about getting equipment and giving all that thought. I have new canvases in my studio and sometimes I just like to leave them untouched! (Laughter)! They are so pristine and beautiful. I love my supplies ! (Laughter)

Mike: I am going to be taking a hiking trip in Southern France. I will take my sketchbook. I make my own sketchbook and that way I can have the paper I like. The tour I am taking is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's book "Travels with a Donkey" (I have read it, it is wonderful). I am showing my sketchbook and recent paintings.

Joanne K: I'm doing whatever Yong is doing! (Laughter)! I am reducing my studio and reorganizing. I will probably have some garage sales in the summer. I will apply for Pacific NW Plein Air. I like that they invite you to paint during the event if you don't get accepted! I am planning a project that will be a multi figure painting. I am showing a recent life session painting and a recent "Fresh Flower Saturday" painting.

Yong: Thank you everyone for coming to my demonstration at Walters Cultural Center! I appreciate your support so much! Thanks for sharing the photos on Facebook. In the summer I am always very happy because I am free to do a lot of things that I am not free to do during the rest of the year! This summer I will be doing a plein air event in the Finger Lakes (NY), The Pacific NW plein and and Paint the Peninsula. I will also visit the Canadian Rockies with my family! I am showing two watercolors from my archives. As always, I recommend just three values. Both of these paintings employ that very simple approach!


Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA March 9 1-4pm  with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman.
$20 drop ins are welcome.

Come paint with 
FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (and/or open studio, paint from your own reference) Every Saturday, Next one: March 10 1:30-4:30 pmwith artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman $25 Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne KollmanEmail or phone RSVP is helpful but Drop-ins are welcome. 503.752.3708

Yong Hong Zhong two upcoming watercolor workshops (May and Sept)

Elo Wobig is showing work at the Happy Valley Library and Happy Valley New Seasons

Kristina Sellers, Karen Doyle, Joanne Kollman are showing at Edge Coffee

Providence Hospital Milwaukie (go in west entrance): Raphael Schnepf

Michael Lindstrom Upcoming Workshops
Michael Lindstrom
Announcing my 2018 Plein Air Workshop schedule!
Spring, Summer, and Fall.
4/28 Sauvie Island, OR
8/25-8/26 Jane Weber Arboretum, Vancouver,WA
10/13 Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Vancouver,WA
See my website for more details:
contact me with questions or registration

The Hiatus Drawing Club

Mike Porter: I am taking orders for wood turned brush holders as a fundraiser for OSA. The brush holders are $30.00 (see photos below). I also can take orders for pepper grinders and coffee scoops. Please order to support OSA. ALL proceeds go to them.

Artist Opportunities:

Pacific NW Plein Air 2018 (+ Workshop with Randall Sexton

Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018 (+ Workshop with Aimee Erickson):

The Bennett Prize (women figurative artists):

Hip to be Square (Sequoia Gallery):

Paint the Peninsula:

Portland Open Studios:

Willamette Valley Lavender 2018:

PPLC Newsletter:  (Eugene)

Plein Air Lake Oswego:
RE: Lake Oswego Plein Air 2018
• email to add your name to the list of artists interested in participating in this year's event. Doing so ensures you will receive updates about Plein Air.
The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is excited to welcome back Plein Air Lake Oswego for the 2018 exhibition season! Please mark your calendars for the Paint Out June 8-10 and the Opening Reception July 6 from 5-7 p.m. The exhibition will be held at our 510 Museum & ARTspace June 22 through August 4. 
We hope you will come paint with us and be a part of this beautiful local art showcase!
Paint Out: June 8-10, 2018 I All Day Opening Reception: July 6, 2018 I 5-7 p.m. Exhibition Dates: June 22 - August 4, 2018
• To receive our newsletter please visit our website.[UNIQID]

Next Meeting Thursday, March 15, Suggested table topic: Tools, tips and tricks about composition..can you share any methods and/or tools that have helped you compose a better painting? (viewers, camera apps, books, philosophies etcetera)! Lets discuss!

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