Meeting Notes, May 31, 2018

At today's meeting, Kristina, Tom Kane, Loretta L, Loretta U, Cheryl, Leslie, Tedd, Raphael, Tim, Jim, Tracie, Thomas K, Tom D, Ken, Kathy J, Pam, Chris, Jerry, Annie, Eugenia, Leslie, Mike, Eunice, Geri, Jeanie, Stephanie, Brenda, Elo, Claudia, Suzanne, Marty, Vicki, Za, Eduardo, Bhavani, Paula, Becky Donna and me, Celeste.

No "topic" today, say whatever you would like! Today is our final meeting at O'Connors (because O'Connors has been sold and Steve the owner is retiring).

Celeste: I just don't know the year off hand that we started meeting here at O'Connors. It was a very long time ago. I want to thank you all for letting me be the big cheese! (Laughter)! Thank you for letting me be the one who shushes you and tells you to stand up and sit down! (Laughter)! Seriously, it has been such a pleasure to come here every week. Everyone likes to thank me, but the meetings would be exactly nothing without all of YOU. Also, permit me to take one minute to acknowledge my mainstay crew, they always help --and there have been times when I couldn't be here and they kept everything going. Special thanks to Eunice, Loretta and Tim! They are the glue. No one would be here today if it weren't for Loretta U...believe me! (Applause)! One of the best paintings (In my opinion) I've done is this portrait from life I did of Tim, and I'm making a present of it to him today! (Applause)!

Loretta U: I have always loved coming to Thursdays and I thank you all for all the great advice!

Thomas Kitts: Well, I am a relative newcomer, so thanks for letting me come! (joke! Laughter)! You all know that I travel a lot...and I get to meet people from all over the place, but I like to come back HERE! I listen carefully to everything you have to say. One thing I want to add doesn't have to do with art at all. I just heard about a study where it has been proven that it is depressing to eat alone! So eating together is a real thing that lifts us up. So, let's find a way to keep this going (by finding a new spot). I brought in two paintings from Florida. One is a goat in a bar ("Thirsty Goat") and the other is my favorite painting I did in the event in a cemetery. I call it: "The Past is always Present".

Brenda: I met Celeste a long time ago...before Facebook even! We met on "Wet Canvas". Celeste is a connector-person. She brings people together! After the meeting today I am opening my studio to you for a tour. My new studio is just a few blocks from here and I will be serving Bloody Marys! (Laughter)! I don't know how to make them, but I know I have the ingredients! (Laughter)! I brought this pastel "cafe" painting to give to you Celeste...just a token of my appreciation. (Editor's note: Thanks so much Brenda!)

Tedd: Thank you Celeste for all your hard work! I am showing a recent painting from a model session.

Tracie: I have to leave early...thanks to you all!

Raphael: I have enjoyed the meetings ! I have two plein air paintings to show. One shows how high the water was the day I painted the Clackamas River. The other is in Oregon City (also including the river).

Tim: Thanks to everyone!  I am showing a recent 5x7 landscape. This bird painting is painted with open acrylics.

Suzanne: I want to say thank you to the staff! I can't believe that they can wait on this many people. Often I have come and there is only one server --I don't know how they do it. I am showing a painting I did of my Grandfather's cabin. I imagined myself on the step and painted myself there.

Jim: We moved here from California...and I really loved finding people who are interested (like I am) in learning about painting! I am showing a recent plein air I did in our back yard. (I set up a still life of Irises in the sunshine).

Stephanie: I found a journal where I wrote in it that we were going to start meetings again at O'Connors. It was dated that is how long I have been coming. I painted a demo outside my Gallery in McMinnville and it coincided with "Alien Days"--so I fashioned an alien look into my floral painting (Laughter)! I am also showing a plein air that I re-did.

Ken: I am showing a painting from my archives. I am happy for this group and I have to add that whenever I see Celeste, it doesn't matter if it is here or somewhere else, when I see her it makes me happy...if I were a puppy I would wag my tail! (Laughter!!) (Editor's note: Ken brought me an orchid---thanks Ken!)

Tom Kane: I am working on getting us space at PNCA! It's an idea! I am showing a painting I did at the paint out at Tilikum bridge.

Claudia: Thank you so much for bringing us together! I am showing a painting I did in Za's plein air class.

Geri: (speaking loudly and measured): I-adore-all-of -you! I-love-coming-here! I finished this homage to the royal wedding! thank you everyone!

Kathy: I appreciate how the group is cooperative with events such as the Lavender Event that I organize! I brought packets for the participants today! Thanks for everything!

Tom D: I come from another land...Vancouver! (Laughter)! There is no other group like this one.

Elo: I came to the sketch group and Celeste encouraged me to come to the regular Thursday meeting here! It inspired me to take up painting all together! I am showing two recent plein air paintings.

Kristina: I just want to remind everyone to not go all weepy because this is not the end of Alla Prima Portland! (Laughter)! I am showing one of my palette knife paintings.

Loretta L: I too found your group from Vancouver! Thanks to all for encouraging me. I have been taking a class at PCC and this is my recent painting (of the Gorge).

Marty: (Welcome back, Marty!) I haven't been here in a long time...but I read the blog religiously and it is a lot like being here! There is just so much talent here...I don't know how aware you all are of that. On a personal daughter moved to Minnesota and began running a farm. Tragedy struck and her barn burned down and unfortunately some of her animals were lost. I haven't shown these to her yet, but I painted some of her pigs. She will be emotional when I give these to here. This first one is named "Marty" (Laughter)! This one is "Aretha" (Laughter)! and this one is "Franklin" (Laughter)!

Leslie: I come sporadically, but I always read the notes and it makes me feel like I was there. What I do like is the high level of ability and knowledge. I used to think about how being an artist was probably a lonely situation...but it doesn't have to be lonely with a group like this! I really appreciate how everyone wants to learn and move forward. I brought a painting that I thought speaks to today and the's called: "Going for the Goal". Let's stay inspired, I can't imagine this group stopping.

Vicki: One thing I know, friends and family don't want to look at my art ! (Laughter)! (Laughter)! Here is a recent still life that I painted.

Cheryl: I like the idea about Bloody Marys (Laughter)!

Jeanie: I came here because I met Thomas Kitts in a paint aisle. He talked to me for a long time about white paint (Laughter)! Then he told me to come here, that I might like coming here and I certainly have! I am showing a new painting.

Paula: I really value these meetings. It's about people, and what is more important than people? We have shared values. I am standing firm that it will continue. I am showing a painting I did in Jennifer Diehl's class. I liked a Tedtalk about embracing change. (Editors note: This might be the right link)

Pam: I have come to 4 meetings and really liked them all. Thanks to my friend Chris for encouraging me to come. She also encouraged me to go plein air painting with her recently. We went to Mt. Tabor park.

Chris: I have been illustrating a book and I brought some of my illustrations. I am also showing my plein air paintings from Mt. Tabor Park and Blue Lake Park. Furthermore...I had to illustrate this strange but true story from my own ancestry. I have ancestor who saved someone from drowning...and I have met the relative of the person the ancestor saved! (Editor's note: not sure I got that right, but straighten me out about it and I'll correct it).

Jerry: I want to thank Thomas Kitts for getting me to come here. I can't come all the time, but when I don't get here I read the notes and it is a lot like being here. It's like being here while not being here...It's reassuring!

Annie: "Brother Ward" isn't here today...But, like him, I have to say, I appreciate "our church"! (Laughter)! I have been illustrating a book and I brought in the complete dummy mock up.

Genie: I met Celeste at an Open Studio at Joanne Kollman's. They both encouraged me to come here and allow me to say thanks so much and to the "back up crew" too. I know what it is like to run meetings. It is a lot of work and I appreciate it!

Mike: The idea that spending time with like minded people is positive is proven again and again with this group! I brought in my wood turned brush holders and I am offering a discount today. All proceeds go to OSA building fund.

Eunice: I agree with what has been said...and I waive my time to Za!

Za: (Za puts hands together in heart symbol) I can't wait to see you all next time we paint together! (Applause)!

Becky: I haven't been painting, but I couldn't miss today! I am glad about the upcoming Lavender event will be great!

Eduardo: Thank you Celeste...for all your work !

Bhavani: I am sorry I haven't been here so often..I'm just not a morning person! (Laughter)! I have been doing the 100 heads challenge (a drawing each day) and I noticed that this painting came together easier and better because of drawing every day!

Donna: I used to come pretty regularly 8 or 9 years ago...but I couldn't come very often because of my responsibilities to my Gallery...but I have stepped back from the Gallery just so I can do more things like this!

Cheryl: Celeste, we all wanted to thank you expressly for your work. Here is a "Mother Lode" of contributions from all of us, we are hoping you will use it to take the Terry Miura Workshop!

Editor's Note: OMG you guys! thank you so much! I so appreciate your kind words and thoughtfulness, and the big donation. Yes, I will use the $$$ for the workshop. You are all the best! :)

Thank you also, on behalf of servers Lori and Cherrie for your contributions to them. Heartfelt thanks.

Stay tuned for new meeting place news


Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") June 1 at OSA  (uninstructed life session)
Model: Joanne's son TONY (on the day of his High School Graduation)! 1-4pm
$20 drop ins are welcome

Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA June 2 1:30-4:30

Jerry Dickason Reception: June 14 (see invitation below)

Joanne Kollman Reception: June 7

Kristina Sellers and others Reception: June 2 (see invitation below)

Little by Little (Chris Haberman and 200 other artists) Reception and sale June 1(see invitation below)

Mike Porter's video about hiking the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail in France

Studio Tour (today after the meeting) with Brenda Boylan (thanks Brenda)!

Chinook Landing Paint out, Thursday, June 7 beginning at 9am Rain or Shine, (all media, all levels) $5 fee to get in, must be paid with credit card).

Outdoor figure Workshop with Za Vue and Sergio Lopez (July28 and 29)  Email Za: 

Za Vue occasionally has an opening in her weekly classes, contact her to be put on the waiting list:

Terry Miura 3 day Cityscape Workshop at OSA June 15, 16, & 17. Contact Terry Miura directly via his email to sign up and pay for the course:
 Cost $420. OSA: 2185 SW Park Pl 97205

Thomas Kitts Workshop, 5 days, August 6

Mitch Baird workshop June 2 & 3

Eric Jacobsen workshop June 9 and 10

We'll announce plans for our new meeting place soon. (Lots of great ideas)!

Sketching meeting are suspended for now but will resume after decisions made

Keep track of us on the blog and Facebook! We'll start up again, don't worry. :)

Thanks again everyone, Love, Celeste!

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