Meeting notes, May 9, 2019

Celeste, Loretta, Susan, Becky, Diane, Lisa, Jeanie, Jim, Chris, Annie, Paul, Nancy Z, Elo, Diana, Amie, Pam, Dave, Sharon, Tim, Raphael, Ken, Geri, Eunice, Bhavani, Yong, Za and Carrie

Today's topic: Humor ...tell us something funny or something that was said to you that was it pertains to painting.

Celeste: I was painting at Schreiner's Iris Garden when a drunk came up to me and slurred "Hey Lady, are you havinnng any Phfunn???" Yes sir, I replied, yes, I am indeed having fun. Again he asked..."but! are you havinnng any Phfunn??? and again I said Yes, yes., I am having fun. Then he continued "because there is a lady over there who is NOT having any phfunnn!"  Another time I was in a still life (floral) workshop. The (Russian) instructor was ignoring me. I begged him to help me understand what he was teaching. He took a brush and said" "ooookkay....for you, I vill paint a that you can sleep tonight". (Laughter! Laughter)!

Loretta: I discovered that my white cat walked through my ultramarine paint and then walked the full length of a blank canvas. I decided to just sign her name to it! (Laughter! Laughter)!

Susan: I recently painted with the Brooks Hickerson Group. We were to meet at the Gardens "at the Waterfall" but..where is this waterfall? I can't find it.  Finally I found Peggie at the Water fountain! "Peggie, this is a Water fountain, not a waterfall"! (Laughter! Laughter)! (On a serious note, I was so glad I painted that day. I love painting outdoors with friends, so anytime any of you want to paint...hit me up! It is really good for me)!

Becky: Celeste, I heard your voice during the Aimee Erickson live demo on facebook! I really enjoyed that demo and recommend it! My sister in law is involved in a fundraiser for rescue dogs. One of the artists had to back out at the very last minute. My sister begged me to paint something to fill in for the missing artist..and it meant painting this in one afternoon! (applause)! My 2 year old niece exclaimed: "Dogs! They have eyes!" (Laughter! Laughter)! (On a serious note, I have quit my day job, so I can become a full time artist)! applause!

Diane:When it comes to plein air ...I really want to do it, but it terrifies me! (Laughter)! I went to Crystal Springs and did an orange underpainting. Some people came up to me and asked me:"What are you painting"? I pointed..."that tree". "Oh", they said and they just backed away. (Laughter! Laughter)! 

Lisa: I'll pass!

Jeanie: That will be a funny story the day I do plein air! (Laughter! Laughter)! I am showing a recent studio painting.

Jim: The same thing happens to me...1/2 of the people say to me "What is that"? (Laughter! Laughter)!  I am back from a cruise that I took with my wife for our 50th anniversary (applause)! I am taking an online class with Phil Starke. I did this 6x8 painting with the zorn palette. Also, this is a palette knife painting I did from a photo reference.

Chris: I've told this story before. I came out to a paint out at Sauvie Island. I was really afraid and I had no idea what I was doing. I was actually terrified! Who flops down in a chair next to me? Don Bishop.."Mister Sauvie Island" himself! (Laughter)! He said "it is very smart of you to put yourself in the shade like this". In reality, I put myself there, far away from HIDE! (Laughter! Laughter)!  This is the painting I did that day. Also, I painted this illustration for an assignment (a children's book). My grandchild said: "look! look! she painted MY hand!" (Laughter! Laughter)! 

Annie: Probably one of the funniest things that happened to me goes back to when I was doing a lot of illustration. These are the types of calls I'd get: "That chain male on page 72 is not historically correct" (but, in my defense, they were calling the wrong illustrator) (Laughter! Laughter)!  I am showing recent paintings.

Paul: I was painting in Tualatin. A little girl asked me: "Are you painting"? and I answered: "er.....I'm not sure??" (Laughter!)  She showed me a big white flower and said..."this is what you need in your painting" So, I went ahead and put in a big white stroke (to appease her) and she said: "That's BEAAUUUTIFUL"! (Laughter! Laughter)! 

Nancy: I guess the funniest things that have happened to me is when I am just getting started and people come by before anything is really recognizable. They are so confused! (Laughter!). Many people also say: "can you paint ME in the picture too!??" I painted this commission. It was so difficult! I wanted it to be right, so I spent a lot of time changing things..then I would change it back and forth. This is it now, I have decided! (Editor's note: Nancy's painting didn't get photographed.  Please email it to me, Nancy)

Elo: When I was an undergraduate I took a drawing class. I had so many other classes, but the teacher agreed that I could come in early and leave early for my schedule. One day I was there early when a male model showed up. "Would you like me to pose for you"? he asked. Well, sure, I replied. I didn't expect him to take off his clothes! But he did! (Laughter!) So, it was just me and him in the room and he went into a number of "poses" just for me!! (Laughter! Laughter)!  I painted this recently of Oregon City. 

Diana: I started painting about 1980. I didn't know what I was doing.  Almost everyone who came upon me painting outside would say "Well, you know that Bob Ross! You should watch HIM!" (Laughter!) This didn't seem fair to me, that I should be evaluated out there, so I decided to go to a very isolated place. I took special pains to get to a very remote spot. A fisherman in hip waders saw me and came over to me. He said: "Well, you know that Bob Ross! You should watch him!" (Laughter! Laughter)! I am showing two recent paintings.

Amie (sp?) (New! Welcome) I am visiting today. I am married to Pam...!

Pam: (New! Welcome): I was painting with a friend in an out of the way location. There was a country road next to our spot. My friend said...I've got to go to the bathroom, so I'm going right over there. I saw her squat down (next to the road) JUST as a big truck drove directly past her (with a clear view of her) (Laughter! Laughter)!

Dave: The very first time I painted plein air I was in a workshop with Timothy Theis. I had a brand new french easel. Theis said, "Paint for a 1/2 hour and then we'll discuss". It took me about an hour to put the easel up! (Laughter!)  Another time, I asked Za what type of umbrella I should have. She recommended the shade buddy. The first time I used it it flew 50 yards away into a blueberry field! (Laughter! Laughter)! (Dave's painting to come)

Sharon: I pass!

Tim: I went to a painting demonstration, but I felt pretty confused by I decided to just get started..just get something, anything down and go from there. But right then, when I was slashing away --I'm splatting! Orange! Purple! slash! splatt! a Woman came up and said: "I love what you are doing"! (Laughter! Laughter)! I'm showing some watercolors on Art Media board and the painting that I did recently at Sauvie Island.

Raphael: In the 60's I went to art school..but during that time the "only" thing to do was to be "expressive". So, when painting in museums, instead of copying the paintings, I painted "expressively". People would file past me without response and I always felt like saying to them..."hey, I *can* paint it *that* way if I want"! Here is my recent pink tree painting. I had to really pace myself throughout..I had to use patience. 

Ken: I remember last time Wendy said "I got nothing" and I thought..I'm going to remember that and use it when I need it! (Laughter)! I am sure funny things have happened to me, but I can't think what they are. Maybe I need to lighten up. (Laughter! Laughter)! I am showing a recent painting.

Geri: I worked for a big entertainment company. They offered art classes and one time the class went to the zoo (to draw/paint the animals). We assembled in front of the baboons..but it didn't take long before the baboons started doing pornographic things! (Laughter!) It was so awkward! No one wanted to say anything! (Laughter! Laughter)! 

Eunice: A man once said to me..."do you ever paint people in the nude?" and I just said, "sure...go ahead"! (Laughter)! I took a workshop with Albert Handel. He wanted to go to dinner at the end of we all changed clothes into "nice" clothes the parking lot! Others at the dinner asked us, what have you been doing? We answered that we've been painting palm trees...they said: WHAT? WHAT We never knew palm trees needed to be painted???...why?!!! (Laughter! Laughter)!

Bhavani: Last spring I was painting outside in my big poofy jacket. A child came running up, so excited! so happy! The child exclaimed to his Mother: "Look, Look, It is painting! It is painting"! (The poor child didn't know "what" I was!) (Laughter! Laughter)!

Yong: I took my family to New York City. I felt the boys were old enough to go to the Museum. Inside we saw the beautiful sculptures, and of course they are nude. Well, they just giggled and pointed over and over! (Laughter)! heheheehehehehee--point-point!! So then we go into a room of paintings. What a relief, I think, but then..the paintings are all nude too! heheheehehehehee--point-point!! Maybe they are not ready yet! (Laughter! Laughter)! I am showing a recent drawing. 

Za: I was an invitational event in Olmstead. I got to stay in a beautiful home that had a very special feature! They had an outdoor shower! I made up my mind I wanted to experience that, and finally on the final day I found myself alone at the house. This was the time to take the in the open air shower!  (It was a secluded backyard, but I only felt comfortable doing this when everyone was gone). Well, can you guess what happened..I went to get back into the house....but the door was LOCKED!! I only had one teensy towel that didn't cover me! I thought, well, I am just going to have to wait until dark and miss the big awards party. When I finally got inside (through another door) I discovered I wasn't alone as I thought. The host's voice rang out "Oh! don't come any closer....I'm buck naked!!" and I yelled back...."Me too"!!! (It all ended just fine, I got to the awards dinner where I WON!) (Laughter! Laughter)! I am showing a recent demo for my class and a landscape. 

Carrie: I pass


Yong Hong Zhong one day workshop at Elizabeth Jones Monday May 13 $75 (The class is applicable to all disciplines, Yong breaks it all down!) register here:

Come paint with us next Wednesday May hosts Thomas Kitts and Elo Wobig at the Fallen Oak at Sauvie Island at 8am* (purchase a parking permit at the Cracker Barrel Store). Full details in upcoming post, or see facebook *or whenever you want to come.

Za Vue weekly classes continue (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro) email for details

Wednesday Figure Sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for location (outdoors when weather permits):

Friday May 10 Life Drawing 10-1 am and Figure Session 1:15-4:00 facitlitated by Joanne Radmilovich Kollman    OSA

Expressive painting Saturday/and or Plein Air Saturdays OSA Joanne Radmilovich Kollman (check via email and RSVP)

Whidby Island workshops:

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Thursdays and Saturdays (Susan is planning a outdoor figure her for details)

Tedd recommends painting south of Hillsboro...the red clover is in bloom.

"Four Seasons" - A group show from four artists who all work in different mediums focusing on the Four Seasons; Romona Youngquist, Tracy Leagjeld, Steve Hill and Yong Hong Zhong.

Congratulations Janet Amundson Spielbol, Michele Bufton and others, winners in the Lake Area Artists Exhibit

Call to Artists: Elisabeth Jones Gallery:

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Bill Kirkham

I am sorry to tell you that our dear artist friend Bill Kirkham has passed away. Memorial Service Saturday May 11 at 10 am, on the Salmon Street side of the church.  Eliot Chapel, First Unitarian Church.

Next Meeting Thursday May 16 Rituals*! What type of repeated actions do you employ when you paint? Do you do something on a very consistent basis that really helps you? Share it with us!  (*ie: I set the paints out the same everytime! I never fail to do a value study! I always ________fill in the blank)----Let's Discuss!

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