Meeting Notes, Nov 1, 2018

At Today's meeting: Peggie, Loretta U, Annie, Chris, Raphael, Loretta L, Judy, Jennifer, Donna, Elo, Susan, Myrna, Linda (new), Stephanie, Tom, Jim, Tedd, Vicki, Tim, Geri, Dave, Sharon, Wendy, Yong, and me, Celeste

Today's suggested topic: "I'm over it"! Describe something you were committed to once (as it pertains to painting), but now you are "over"!

Celeste: I have painted a lot of shoes, and they have been popular. Somehow the shoes seem to resonate with people and I've sold a fair amount of shoe paintings. Someone even stole one of my shoe paintings from an installation at the Milwaukie City Hall! But, I'm not painting any more shoes! I'm sort of done with the "daily painting" thing all together (where you just paint one thing on a small canvas. I'm over it! I'm showing two recent paintings and a gouache study of different color "themes".

Peggie: I thought it would be a great idea to use a "lightweight" palette. I taped butcher paper down to foam core and that was to serve as my painting palette. I placed it onto my French Easel and a big gust of wind blew this"palette" right up and into me! (Laughter)! What a mess! After that I got a French Mistress (much better) and now I have a Coulter System plein air system. I am showing a recent boat painting, a painting from Cathedral Park and a floral (that was done with "mostly" warm color).

Loretta U: I'm pretty much over everything! (Laughter)! Mostly, my big advance has been in not caring whether people like what I do or not. I'm over it! I am showing a recent painting.

Annie: For the longest time, I did not understand what I "should" be painting or drawing. Should I try to fit a particular niche? But, if others happened to see work that I had done on my own,  it was often met with approval...!  I guess, there is my answer. I am showing a painting I did of sage. It is an beguiling subject. Sage seems to go on and on.

Chris: I can't say I'm completely over it, but I am trying to get away from "too much" realism. It's on my mind and I think about leaving things out!

Raphael: I did the Strada challenge where I painted a painting every day for 30 days. Then, the following month I only painted two paintings total. I've had to catch up with things around the house. I painted this interesting structure that is a lot like a "compound". On the subject...often, I'll think, well, I'm not doing that anymore, only to discover later that I still appreciate "that". Things come back around...something I've given up, I'll realize it still has merit.

Loretta L: I want to be over the "too much detail" thing ..but I'm not quite over it! (Laughter)! I painted in the Gresham paint out and I loved painting this favorite restaurant, but I did a "photo" of it! I painted it with tons of detail. I just painted over it recently (it's still wet) in an effort to reduce detail. It is improved!

Judy: I have been painting non-representational paintings....but, landscapes have "bitten me"! I am showing a recent landscape.

Jennifer: When I paint...I don't want to just provide only facts. I want there to be something there from me, something from my imagination. I want to put myself into it. When I paint, I find myself of the fence about it! It's not easy to find the balance. I am showing a recent painting from a vineyard and I "promised" I would draw my dog next! Here is my dog!

Donna: I used to be devoted to washes...but now I am more interested in texture. I'm showing some small paintings that I did on Yupo. Yupo is an interesting paper. It is "plastic" and takes paint in a different way. I am showing paintings from our trip to Europe. Here is where I tried to convince my husband to move.  (Provence, France) (Laughter)!

Elo: I haven't done anything long enough to become tired of anything! Plus, I really love experimenting. I like trying something out and deciding if it is for me. I am showing my sketchbook from our trip to Italy.

Susan: My Mom is visiting, so I brought her today (Welcome, Myrna). It is one year ago since the death of my husband. I'm not "over it" by any means, but I am selling our business and for the first time in 25 years....when the transaction is complete, I will be a full time artist again (applause)! I forgot my painting today, I'll bring it next time.

Linda (new) (Welcome! Linda) I'm "over" suffering! (Laughter)! I keep choosing to paint portrait, and of course, when you paint portrait there has to be resemblance! I'm so over it though! I want to paint from skeletons so that no one can tell if Ive done it "right" or not!  (Laughter)! I am doing the 100 heads project. This is Vanilla Ice! (Can you tell?---I don't know!) (Laughter)!

Stephanie: I used to paint in acrylic..I painted so fast and sometimes when I was finished (long before my oil painting friends) you couldn't tell WHAT I'd painted! (Laughter)! So, I switched to oil and thought yes, this is for me! I liked it and got good results. Not long ago, however,  I needed to paint something that needed to be dry in a day, so I painted in acrylic again. I discovered (again) that I like acrylic! I am showing a recent tree painting (acrylic) and some other paintings that I call "kitchen" paintings.

Tom: I don't know what I'm "over". When I am "over" something, I'll let you know. (Laughter)! I am showing a copy of a contemporary painting that I did for practice and also a copy of a painting of my own outdoor painting.

Jim: I'm over detail! I am showing a painting I did at the cemetery yesterday. I exaggerated the tree in the front. I like a rosemary brush that is slanted in a diagonal.

Tedd: After 40 years of being an architect ....I am "getting over" wanting to paint the wings on a gnat! (Laughter)! I am showing two palette knife paintings that I did recently. I used Blick Studio paint. I really like it better that the more expensive paint. For once thing, the color is not vivid ..I actually prefer that.

Vicki: I was raised during the "waste not, want not" I used to use all my paint, even if it had dried out! Dry paint doesn't make a nice now I set out new paint. Much better! My cousin bought these flowers and I painted them.

Tim: I'm over "the rules"! But, of course, we all know, you must know the rules before you break them. And, "be yourself" is my motto! I am showing a painting from the umatilla wildlife area and a painting of my cat (this painting in honor of the holiday). I am also showing a book by Burt Silverman on the subject of challenging the rules.

Geri: I'm over that there is a "right" way that I am supposed to be. I don't want to spend the rest of my life thinking I need to do this or that! I like to say that I can's ok! We are just back from a trip to France. I saw a lot of Vuillard paintings (My favorite).

Dave: I am "over" french easels! That hardware is no fun in the winter! I'm over making my own panels. After all that cutting, trimming and gluing some of them were "bubbled"-- the heck with that! I like acrylics for outdoor painting. I am showing two paintings.

Wendy: I'm too new to be over anything...I'm showing three paintings from the summer.

Yong:  I'm over the idea about worrying about the finished painting! You know how it are painting and it is going fine...but then you start to worry about if it will remain going fine or somehow go sideways. I'm more into the "journey" of each painting now. It will either go fine or go wrong..either way, I am not worried!  I'm recently back from Texas and I painted yesterday at the Lone Fir Cemetery Paint out. It was cold, especially after Texas! (Laughter)! I didn't bring my painting in, I'll bring it next time.


Single Pose "Fine Art Friday" Figure session with model
20 drop in fee
Fridays: 1 -4pm
Sept 7 - Dec 2
Join this “Fine Arts Friday” group.  Enjoy the company fellow artists, share art ideas.  Work in the drawing or painting medium of your choice. Clothed models with an occasional partial nude.

registration: contact instructor:, 503-752-3708 or OSA: 503-228-0706

Fresh Flower Saturday: $25 drop-in fee per day
Saturdays: 1:30 - 4:30pm
Sept 8 - Dec 22
Paint a new, colorful, fresh flower still life every week.  Instructor specialized in expressive alla-prima florals. Work on your oil painting skills and expressive mark making.  Classes include instruction, demonstrations, and individual help.
registration: contact instructor:, 503-752-3708 or OSA: 503-228-0706

OSA 200 Reception First Friday:

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Solo Show at Village Gallery First Friday:  6-8:30 (Joanne will be there by 7)

OSA classes:

First Thursday at Elizabeth Jones Art Center:

Holiday Marketplace Nov 2-Dec 29  Reception Nov 2 and Dec 7,  510-520 1st St Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (Elo Wobig and others)

Rain/Spark Gallery in Lake Oswego with Dotty Hawthorne and Margaret Joyce and others. First Thursday Nov 1

Oleg Ulitskiy Reception at Art on the Boulevard, First Friday, Nov 2

Clark County Studio Tour, Nov 3 and 4, Tom Daniels, Blaine Johnson, Hilarie Couture, Oleg Ulitskiy and others

Jeanie Bates Nov 9, 5-7 At Johnstone, 334 3rd  Lake Oswego

Call to Artists from Elizabeth Jones Gallery:

Judy Wise at Siren Nation November 1

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Art for the Care wall at St. Vincent's Hospital: (Yong Hong Zhong and others)

Future paint outs will be announced in this blog and on Facebook

Do you have an idea for a paint out?---hosting one is super fun to do! contact Celeste with proposed date (no Thursdays):

Next Thursday Meeting: French Quarter Thursday 9am November 8 Topic: Strategies for distinct values. (Value = the lightness or darkness of tones of colors). What strategies have worked for you?  Are you making good value decisions? How do you "translate" value into color?  Tell us whatever you want on the topic of "Value"

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