Meeting Notes, Nov 29, 2018

At today's meeting: Loretta, Judy,  Raphael,  Renita, Jeanie, Tom D, Elo, Carol K, Tom K,  Tim, Jim, Tedd, Susan, Ken, Dave, Ger,i Marie (new, Welcome)! Eunice, Sharon F, Yong, Bhavani, Thomas K, and me, Celeste

Today's suggested table topic "I'm into it" (as it pertains to painting. What are you currently involved in (that is your current "thing")

Celeste: We had to produce storyboards (in Za's class) I did a storyboard about my recent eye surgery. The assignment got me thinking about (and interested in) narrative type painting. I also took a recent portrait workshop. I'm showing some of the studies.

Loretta: I'm looking for the light. I'm currently into the process....I'm interested in that meditative state that I get into when I paint. I am showing a recent painting.

Judy: I'm excited about making mistakes. I did this painting and felt I didn't get what I wanted. I did another, and also wasn't altogether satisfied. When I did this one, however, I felt I got most things as I envisioned them. I have learned you have to make mistakes in order to grateful for each mistake.

Raphael: I'm "into" the mill I've been painting in Oregon City. I am so interested in it, because it won't always be there! I am interested in chronicling it. I have a show at the Clackamas Credit Union coming up that will showcase my mill paintings. I'll get all the information to everyone so that you can come see it! 

Renita: I heard about the call to artists for the Coast paintings for Elizabeth Jones Art Center. I did a painting to their specifications and submitted it (Nehalem Bay). While painting the large painting for the gallery I "got into it" (coastal painting) so I also painted this one...for myself. 

 Jeanie: I'll have a show in January. I just keep painting my large paintings (though I am interested in painting some smaller ones for the show).

Tom D: I have been reading a book about painting (the Carlson book). It is sort of slow going, getting through that book! I just did this plein air painting...and it seems to just come together --I was satisfied with the outcome.

Elo: I have been "re-discovering" casein paints. I love the portability of casein. I can sit in the car to paint...I can paint anywhere, really, because all the gear takes up very little room. Here is my sketchbook that I paint into. What is great is that if a painting turns out favorably I can just take it out of the book and frame it. 

 Carol: I have always been sort of obsessed by dappled light. It is what I am most interested in! I am showing a painting from my archives (---dappled light was my inspiration).

 Tom K: I'll let my painting speak for itself...! I am not so much into any type of rules...for example, you'll be told "never use paint straight from the tube"...but why not? Exactly who says? I'll paint any way I want.

 Tim: I'm currently interested in this...(Water washed linseed oil). I am also interested in finding a gessoed panel that I will be happy with. (I don't want to make my own). I found one called DaVinci...but I discovered they are not measured they are short for putting into a standard frame! I am also "into" is a recent crow painting and a recent landscape.

 Jim: I am interested in getting back into painting (having done a lot of travel recently). I was inspired by Tedd's new palette knife paintings to try palette knife for myself...I went to Sauvie Island and painted a palette knife painting there.

 Tedd: When I was in 6th grade I did a casein painting that was like a public service announcement poster....but my teacher actually made the project tank...because SHE misspelled the headline: "Health" (Laughter)! I am showing two recent plein air paintings from Stoller winery. While I was there...a helicopter landed ! and then three "honeys" wearing knee high boots got out of it! (Laughter)! (Editor's note: ...did I get this all right?)!

 Susan: I am showing a pastel painting that I did from an iPhone photo that I took September before last and the photo just called to me to paint it. I am "into" being grateful and noticing what blessings I have. I wrote about this in my newsletter: Also, I wanted to announce that I have a new gallery in McMinnville (10 Oaks). (Applause)!

 Ken: What I am not public speaking (Laughter)! I always paint from imagination. This is my most recent painting.

 Dave: I am having a show of paintings at Jola Cafe. I want to invite you to see the work next Wed 2-5 pm (see announcements below). I have been "into" getting my website straightened out and changing paintings that needed improvements. 

 Geri: I saw a HBO movie recently. It was called "The Price of Everything". It really got me thinking about making art and making was a very rewarding film. What I know is that I want to paint and the money aspect of it is not foremost in my mind. I identified with someone in the film who has the same philosophy. I am showing a painting I did recently.

Marie (new, Welcome)! I am fascinated by my focus in on portrait.

Yong: Lately I have been so into color...because of the season. Now that the fall colors are winding down I'll have to have something new to be "into". I don't want to buy I am researching other software that is like photoshop...but doesn't cost so much! I painted these flowers while waiting at my children's music lesson. Another time I was driving with my wife and I saw this scene...I said, "Can I just have a half an hour I can paint this"? (Laughter)! (I painted in 1/2 hour and added some detail at home. 

Bhavani: I am currently "into" composition! I am reading books, like the Edgar Payne book. I get some help from Za sometimes...she pointed out, for example, I had unwittingly made these trees into the shape of a "U". I changed it to be better. I often make corrections to my plein air work when I get back home. 

Sharon: I"m into "experimenting" I took a workshop where the teacher pre-mixed paint....I've never done that before and I found it really interesting! 

Thomas K: I am into watercolor these days. I got into it because of the portability....but in time I also thorougly enjoyed the differences between watercolor and oil. I am showing watercolors that I did for the article I wrote for Plein Air Magazine. I was on Mohegan Isle Maine for 5 days, writing and painting. You have to get wherever you are going on the Island by foot. While there I had time to really consider what to paint (or not paint) and how to paint just to paint (instead of thinking about any "audience". (Editor's note, we couldn't photograph these, because they will be in the article in the February issue). 


Paint out Tuesday Dec 4 Paint the Christmas tree, Pioneer at the Starbucks Umbrellas beginning 10am 720 SW Broadway

Za Vue Solo Show Reception, Sunday at First Presbyterian Church (1200 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205) off of SW Alder St from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

OSA Monotype Party

Monotype Demo (Marcy Baker) Monotype Nov 30 Friday 12-1pm at OSA
2185 SW Park

OSA Monotype Party Reception (Prints by 40 artists: Sunday, Dec 1 at OSA 6-8pm 
2185 SW Park

Dave McBride Solo Show Reception(s) Dec 12, Wed  11am Jola Cafe 5915 SW Corbett Av

Elo Wobig: Paintings at the Clackamas County Services Bldg Dec-March:

Thomas also has an article in upcoming issue of Plein Air Magazine about painting on Mohegan Isle, Maine:

Single Pose "Fine Art Friday" Figure session with model Jamie
20 drop in fee
Fridays: 1 -4pm
Sept 7 - Dec 2
Join this “Fine Arts Friday” group.  Enjoy the company fellow artists, share art ideas.  Work in the drawing or painting medium of your choice. Clothed models with an occasional partial nude.
 contact instructor:, 503-752-3708 or OSA: 503-228-0706

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Thursday Meeting: French Quarter Thursday 9am Dec 6 Topic: Share a "technical tip" (i.e.: I clean my brushes with terpenoid...I know a good way to get a super straight edge in paint--etc)

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