Meeting Notes, Oct 31, 2019

Today's topic: incorporating a holiday into a painting, your thoughts (have you painted for or during a holiday?

Celeste: I have done a fair amount of daily painting challenges that "ran into" a holiday. So at those times I would paint something incidental to the holiday (I brought examples).  I painted this on my birthday, which I do consider a holiday (laughter)! I think painting a full fledged scene of a holiday would be weird, because I can't imagine having Thanksgiving all year long on the wall, for example. I couldn't come to last Friday's paint out, so I brought the painting I did last year at the Lone Fir Cemetery.

Wendy: I have not painted for a holiday. I did paint this at last weeks paint out at the cemetery.

Geri: I have painted paintings pertaining to New Years Eve, but I agree that it would be strange to be too specific...why would you do that? Would you have that specific holiday "up" all year long? I did start a spooky painting for today, but it didn't pan out, so I abandoned it.

Paul: I am new...! (applause)! I have not ever thought about painting for a holiday. As a matter of fact, I have a big family so I am always busy doing holiday things on holidays. I have painted snow scenes, however, I just sold one recently. I do small thumbnails with a larger painting in mind and I often wind up liking the small version best! I think there is a spontaneity in those smaller paintings that is missing in the larger. My theory is that the brushes need to be bigger for the bigger painting! I brought a monochromatic imaginative scene and a 2nd in color. 

Pam: I am back after having been away with family. I have no painting from a holiday to show you--I brought a painting from my archives! 

Tim: (Dressed as an 1800's gentleman) Every Christmas I paint 40+ miniatures that have something to do with Christmas. Last week we painted at the Lone Fir Cemetery in anticipation of today's meeting! I painted this. I am also showing a painting from near where I live (Salish Pond). I left blue completely off my palette, as an experiment.

Kristina:  I haven't been here in a year but I'm here now and I'm here as Alice! (dressed as Alice in Wonderland) (Applause, Laughter)! I think I have painted some holiday things during the Strada Challenge. They are "out there" somewhere! Of course, Today I had to bring a painting of a ....tea pot! (Laughter)!

Mike: You will note that I am dressed as Tweedle dee (or Tweedle dum), also from Lewis Carroll. (Applause)! I have painted holiday cards for friends and family. I had them printed out and added color later. I got really creative, adding different more bold color with each one. People just love getting these things that are hand-wrought from you! I encourage you oil painters to do it too. I brought in more red filters for sale today....$5 per filter and if you act now, you may have a snickers (while supplies last)! (Laughter)!

Joanne T: I like Christmas and I have painted a lot of snow scenes that I have made into Christmas cards. Here is my first one (don't take a picture! It's bad!) But I kept at it and my snow scenes have gotten better. This is my most recent snow scene. In the photo reference there are some sticks sticking up from the snow, but my mentor told me to stop, no sticks!

Elo: I have painted paintings as gifts for people. I have made a book of my own work to give to people (my family and friends who are supportive of my efforts seem to love the book!) I went to the paint out last week and painted this tree. I also painted last Thursday with the sketch group and painted this food card that I could see out the window ("Yoshi's"). 

Tom: I didn't know it was Halloween (Laughter)! Tim doesn't look any different (Laughter)! I have had a revelation...that it doesn't matter what color you put down, it is the color you put next to it that really matters. I am back from Amsterdam and while there I was accepted for representation in a gallery. (Applause)! I've painted the same mountain in a series. I believe it meets with approval, perhaps because it represents something solid and unshakeable and there is satisfaction in that. 

Becky: I have a friend who has successfully printed cards. I used to print them for her. She is combining digital and traditional work. I have a really big art book library. I didn't really realize how big it is --I brought it a few books that may be of some interest.

Jim: I have "not knowingly" painted seasonal scenes that could pass as holiday type paintings. You know, at the cemetery I thought "I'm not going to paint that Mausoleum again (Jim slowly turns over painting ...of a Mausoleum) (Laughter)! We're really being treated to a New England type of autumn here. I think it is the lack of rain that is making it so special this year. I recently went to the "Brenda Boylan" side* of the Tualatin Wildlife refuge...there is a super view of Mt. Hood from there. (* it's the West entrance). 

Tedd: I have done a watercolor and scanned it and added color for individual cards. I wanted to share this photo with you. My daughter calls me on Facetime and puts my granddaughter on. "Are you painting? I want to paint with you!" Look at this photo from our session "together" via facetime. I paint with my hand on my that is what she does too! (Laughter)!

Vicki (dressed as Bob Ross) I don't think Bob Ross can breathe in this beard! (Laughter)! I used to do a lot of cards. Here are some Valentines I made. I went to the Cemetery paint out and decided to paint trees. I painted this one there. While we were there the wind picked up and made leaves fall from the trees. It was beautiful. I painted this 2nd painting from a photo reference and tried to capture how the scene looked and felt.  

Chris: (dressed in a pink "onesie") I once painted a young girl putting an ornament on a tree. I reflected the colors from the tree onto the girl. I am showing my painting from the Cemetery. I am also showing a painting that my Mother did in the style of Wysocki. It is personalized about our family. It hangs over the mantle...I wanted to share it with you all, because it fits the topic.

Lisa: I have been traveling! (welcome back, Lisa). I was in France and then I went to my high school reunion. I am from a small town in Texas. I was there for the reunion and to visit my Mother. While there I discovered that both Thomas Kitts and Yong Hong Zhong were there *my* home town at the same time for Plein Air Texas. How obscure! (Laughter)! I have not been painting so I am showing a painting from my archives. This topic makes me realize that I could make my own cards.

Diane: I have done Christmas cards, lots of them! They are nostalgic for me. I look at specific cards and it reminds me of when I did it. I am getting back into painting from having laid off for a while. I took a workshop with Robin Damore. This is a direct painting and this one started as a grisaille. I've been wanting to add gold leaf to my paintings, so this is in progress (gold leaf added to bird's nest).

Dotty: I don't paint "intentionally" for a holiday, but I did paint this Amaryllis that bloomed during a Christmas. I am also showing two recent plein air paintings. 

Judith: Editor's note: Judith told a story about going to the Lone Fir Cemetery and how Tim Young coaxed her into a Mausoleum that had no light and how she took a photo in the dark and painted her painting from the photo. It was a spellbinding fantasy and if you want to hear these things first hand, Well, you just have to be here. (The more mundane truth is that Judith is in a drawing class and currently they are studying feet and hands).


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Next Art Discussion Meeting Nov 7, 9am......What suggestions do you have about variety in brushwork? Bonus question: Whose brushwork do you especially admire?. .  Let's discuss!

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