Meeting Notes, October 18, 2018

At today's meeting: Loretta U, Loretta L, Raphael, Pam, Judith, Jeanie, Ken, Vicki, Brenda, Jennifer, Sharon, Dave, Donna, Tom,Annie, Mike, Jim, Kathy, Joanne T, Chris, Judy, Tracie, Susan, Eunice, Pierre and Celeste

Suggested Table Topic: Your current favorite "thing" (as it pertains to painting)...what is it?

Celeste: One of my favorite things is this book on Composition by Edgar Payne, mostly for the thumbnails of classic compositions. I also like mesh bags to help me pack my supplies for outdoor painting. I am showing recent plein air paintings. 

Loretta U: One of my favorite things is this beloved palette knife. I have had it a long time and it has been sharpened with use. 

Raphael: Recently, my painting of the Mill in Oregon City won an award and was purchased...(applause) so, I am going to be painting more paintings in Oregon City of the Blue Heron Paper Mill and industrial area! I'm making it into a series. I am showing 2 recent "daily" paintings.

Loretta L: It's my birthday today! (Happy Birthday, Loretta!) I recently discovered watercolor "batik". I watched a youtube video about it and this is my first effort...this is my 2nd and here is my 3rd. I am not going to do another one! (Laughter)! (editor's note: clarified to add, Loretta thought she learned valuable things from the process). 

Pam: One of my favorite things is Italy! I got to visit and I took a lot of photos. I recently painted this (the imagery made me feel happy to pick up a brush again).

Judith: I am taking a composition/drawing class at PCC. 

Jeanie: I am working on a large painting of 2 egrets. I am working from Chris Mooney's studio (his studio is one of my favorite things, because it is big and I am comfortable painting my large paintings there). 

Ken: One of my favorite things has been to "drop in" at Oregon Society of Artists on Saturdays...The big bonus is getting to work with Susan Kuznitsky there. She is a great teacher! I am showing a painting from my show at Prosperity Pie (I'll return it to the Prosperity Pie wall when this meeting is over) Laughter! 

Vicki: I am exploring more texture in my paintings so my favorite tools have to do with applying texture (a roller, a card, etc). Another favorite thing is Sauvie Island, I am showing a recent Sauvie Island plein air painting).

Brenda: My favorite thing right now is my Studio! It is super cool to just walk through the go there. I'm in love! I love to work there...and I love to just "be" there. I am showing a pastel that I did last fall and a painting I did from a recent painting trip with friends at the coast.

Jennifer: My favorite thing is to just look at see how they are done. I am so interested in learning. I am showing paintings from my archive.

Sharon: Dave is on a call ....and he'll be back!

Donna: I took a watercolor workshop with Yong Hong Zhong. It was an exceptional class and I highly recommend that you take from him if you can. Though he teaches watercolor, everything he teaches apply to all disciplines. I am showing value studies from the class and some new paintings I've done in the studio. 

Tom: I have been painting to "Save the Trees" in St. Johns. This is though the Elizabeth Jones Gallery.  I am showing two of my plein air tree paintings. 

Annie: I have submitted my sketches to Elizabeth Jones Gallery and they've been accepted for an upcoming show. One of my favorite things is my sketchbook...I like to sit down low..and become part of the environment when I sketch and paint into my sketchbook. I was house sitting.  I am showing paintings/sketches from my time there.

Mike: When I visited France recently I got to go to where van Gogh lived. I am moved by something he wrote: "I draw all the time, it helps my painting". I am showing my small moleskin sketchbook. This little sketchbook is good for any "waiting" that you have to if you have to wait on your husband or wife sketching will pass the time and in that way it is good for your marriage! (Laughter)! 

Jim: My favorite thing has been getting to go to the paint outs and these meetings that we get to have each week! I am really happy to get back into things after a lot of travel and some challenges involving family. I am showing this painting from our paint out at Grice Farm.

Kathy: One of my favorite things is "Audible"...I like to listen to books! I am listening to The Creative Curve by Allen Gannett. It is about "the right idea at the right time". The author points out how important it is to spend time with like-minded people. A favorite canvas size for me is 6x6..I am showing one of my 6x6 paintings.

Joanne: She's baaaaaaackkkk (laughter)! I haven't been able to do much for 6 months because I had severe complications to my hip surgery. I am better now..and finally able to come to this meeting (applause)! I am going to have another hip surgery, but I have every reason to believe this one will go well. I am showing a recent painting that I did with palette knife. I am also thankful to Za Vue who encouraged me to paint figures...I had never done that before, but she reminded me that "it is all just shapes"! I am showing a double portrait that I did (that I never would have done without her encouragement).

Chris: I am showing some tools that are my favorites! (a brush, a micron pen and a script brush). In my past career I had to draw every day. We did illustrations...endless illustrations, so I have been happy to paint instead of draw. But, I accepted an assignment to illustrate a children's book and I am happy to report that I've nearly finished it. I wound up enjoying the assignment. I am showing some of the completed pages.

Judy: One of my favorite things is looking forward to the Jennifer Diehl class that I've signed up for. I am showing a recent color study.

Tracie: Recently someone told me that though my painting was technically well done it also didn't look like I had had any fun doing it! I admitted...that was true. So, I aim to loosen up and I like using a larger brush and in particular a good brush for me is the "egbert".  I listened to a podcast recently (Elizabeth Gilbert). I was touched by her thoughts about creativity and (paradoxically), also about grief. I am showing some recent "daily" paintings. 

Susan: Teaching is one of my favorite things! It keeps me going! I recently painted these Dahlias as a demonstration.

Eunice: One of my favorite things is surprises! I was surprised to see some of my painting friends in a newscast recently. 

Dave: I wanted to show you this painting that I did that was "aluminized"! (The painting is photographed and then printed onto aluminum). This painting could actually be hung outdoors and would withstand any weather. I have a show coming up and I'll share the details of date and location soon.

Pierre (Susan's guest): One of my favorite things is to promote the arts. It is good for you and good for the world! I have a new video "vlog" that describes me and my work (below in Announcements). I highly recommend life is so important for all artists. I had a hand in bringing "good" pastels to the US some 35 years ago. Up until then, pastels available here weren't the best quality. I am looking to liason with Yves here at the French Quarter so that we may launch some lecture and/or materials events. (Thanks, for coming, Pierre). 


Thanks, everyone...for purchasing coffees and food from the French Quarter food carts. We are fortunate to have French Quarter for our meetings.  There was some extra noise today (we'll find out what if anything we can do about it). 

Thanks Mike Porter, Jim and Sandy Syfert and Steve Grice for the outstanding paint out experience at Grice Farm on 10/17/18

Single Pose "Fine Art Friday" Figure session with Tony
7.50 introductory fee 
Fridays: 1 -4pm
Sept 7 - Dec 2
Join this “Fine Arts Friday” group.  Enjoy the company fellow artists, share art ideas.  Work in the drawing or painting medium of your choice. Clothed models with an occasional partial nude.

registration: contact instructor:, 503-752-3708 or OSA: 503-228-0706

Fresh Flower Saturday: $25 drop-in fee per day
Saturdays: 1:30 - 4:30pm
Sept 8 - Dec 22
Paint a new, colorful, fresh flower still life every week.  Instructor specialized in expressive alla-prima florals. Work on your oil painting skills and expressive mark making.  Classes include instruction, demonstrations, and individual help.
registration: contact instructor:, 503-752-3708 or OSA: 503-228-0706

Susan Kuznitsky continuing Saturday classes at OSA

Other OSA classes:

Ken Mazzochi solo show continues at Prosperity Pie, Multnomah Village

Thanks to Pierre for talking with us today:

Jeanie Bates Nov 9, 5-7 At Johnstone, 334 3rd  Lake Oswego, see invitation below (Please come)!

Call to Artists from Elizabeth Jones Gallery:

Call to Artists Audubon Society (donation):

Portland Open Studios This weekend and Next (Susan Kuznitsky,  Joanne Kollman, Don Bishop, Brenda Boylan, Dotty Hawthorne, Gretha Lindwood and others

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Paint out October 31 (Wed) 9am at Lone Fir Cemetery with host Celeste Bergin

Do you want to host a paint out? (In particular, we could use a location and a host for the week of 10/22 (9am) contact Celeste with proposed date (no Thursdays):

Next Thursday Meeting: French Quarter Thursday 9am October 25...suggested table topic...Confidence. How does "self assurance" figure into painting? How have you built confidence (and do you think that confidence is important?) Tell us anything you want on the topic of Confidence

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