Meeting Notes, October 29, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Ward, Tim, Carrie, Thomas, Stephanie, Jeanne, Kristina, Marty D, Dotty, Diane, Charlie, Genie, Jerry, Talya, Susan, Tedd, Dave, and me Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic: Introducing new colors to your palette --have you done this and what has been your experience? 

Celeste: I recently took the Jennifer Diehl color workshop. She uses many colors that I don't use. I bought all of the colors on her materials list... so I have added a lot of new colors. I did this very quick portrait on Arches paper just yesterday. I used Quin Magenta for the flesh. That was new for me. This other painting uses Manganese Blue (a color not usually on my palette). 

Charlie: I pass on this question. 

Diane: I found a tube of paint called "greenish umber”!  I did a color chart from this paint. It made a nice gray and tints very well. I like it for shadows. I brought in a recent pastel painting.

Dotty: I was introduced to transparent orange. It is beautiful for planning things prior to painting. I like how the greens interact over it. I also like how it mixes with white to make a beautiful ochre. I brought in two recent plein air paintings.

Marty D: I like all the Quinacridone colors! I like them for their brightness. 

Stephanie: I am always trying new things. When I was in the Washington County plein-air event I tried radiant blue. I liked it. I did two paintings recently plein air at Rooster Rock. 

Kristina: I am switching to water-soluble paint. I like Holbein Vermilion. I brought in a painting that I did from a reference from when we went to Italy. 

Jeanne: I took a workshop with James McVicker. He introduced me to Kings Blue and Cobalt Violet. These are both colors by Rembrandt. They seem useful. I have discovered a new spot to paint on the Tilikum Bridge. I have been in a figure class at PCC with Mark Andrus. I brought in a recent painting from the class. 

Thomas: I have returned from the Laguna plein air event. I got to spend some time with Jennifer Diehl and I got to spend time with her mother who is also a wonderful artist. I do add and take take away from my palette. I have told you all about this in the past... that I take away when I realize I have used a color too much. We have to be careful to not become dependent on a color. Recently, I tried using Quinacridone violet. I added it to a lot of my paintings.  I posted a recent painting on Facebook. You have to be very careful when you introduce new colors because the new color you introduce may turn out to be really obnoxious! (laughter)! Also many paints vary in color Quinacridone Red will be very different from brand to brand. I brought in a painting that I did that has some violet in the clouds. 

Carrie: Things get contaminated so easily with watercolor. So, sometimes I am using three palettes at once! Whenever I introduce new colors…I want to add another palette too!

Tim: Usually when I pick a guest color it's going to be a dark. Like chromatic black, purple or Paynes gray. I brought in a drawing I am working on —I am developing a character for an idea for a graphic novel.  

Ward: I got ALL of the colors at first and, of course, it was confusing. However, recently I did purchase a economical palette that has 16 wells. Being able to see them all at one time is so helpful. You can choose better and be more efficient when everything is laid out efficiently. I had a teacher who wanted me to try Naples yellow. For some reason I resisted this for the longest time. He would look at me sort of like a Dad shaking his head. Then I tried it I realized why he wanted me to use it! It is a very useful color. I brought in a painting that I did that was actually chosen for the Beaverton Mix poster.  (Applause)!

Loretta: I like to use the colors that I am used to using ...but I will add manganese blue! I like turquoise and Thalo as my “gate-crashers".  I use only small amounts of them. I feel I should use all the colors that I already own before I add the new ones (laughter)! 

Dave: I have returned from my Europe trip. My guest color is Radiant blue by Gamblin.  I used a watercolor pad that is 8 x 8 for all of these paintings that I'm showing you from my trip. I am glad to be back and I have lots of plans for the winter. 

Tedd: The guest color that I believe to be my favorite is Indian yellow. I brought in a painting of Husum Falls. These falls are 12 feet high! 

Susan: I recently got Quinacridone red. I had the opportunity to use it for the painting I am showing you. It's just the right color for what I was painting. Last week I was purging my studio. I came across these two drawings.  These are drawings of my children when they were just babies. As a parent you can have scores of photographs of your children, but there is something so special about drawing them. These drawings are treasures!

Talya: When I introduce a guest color it is generally an earth color. I brought in the painting that I did during the time of the "Blood Moon". I used magenta in this painting. Violet ochre is also a sometimes guest. I went to the Seattle Art Museum for the impressionist show. It was very uplifting. If you ever feel down you should go see a show like that one. I forgot how much I liked Pissaro! Of course, I like Renoir and all the others too.  

Jerry: I brought in a red color from old Holland. This (the name of the red) is so difficult to pronounce, the Dutch made you say this word in order to prove that you were Dutch during the war! I also like unbleached titanium. I brought in this painting that uses both of these colors. I also wanted to read something to you from a book about John Singer Sargent..... "His object was to acquire the habit of reproducing precisely what ever met his vision without the slightest previous arrangement of detail. The painters business being not to pick and choose, but to render the effect before him". That is just what I tried to do in this painting! 

Genie: I would agree also that I like transparent orange. When I travel I see the world from an "environmental" perspective. This painting is a White Pine. The White Pines are disappearing from Crater Lake and other places. 

Other notes:

Charlie tells us that he has met an arborist who has explained to him that the colors in our trees this year might be different due to unusual weather. If you plan on painting the colors of the trees this year, don't delay, they will change very quickly.

Dave tells us that he saw the Mona Lisa on this trip and he was so surprised how it looked so different from every reproduction he ever saw.

Jeanne says there is a Sargent painting at the PAM that she recognized from the cover of a book she owns....but that it looks way different than the reproduction! 


Thomas Kitts will have a show at the Brian Marki with Anton Pavlenko in December. Thomas is looking for a space to do a local workshop. Please contact him if you have suggestions. 

(ALSO, Thank you Thomas for the great Gamblin samples that you brought for us today)!

Aimee Erickson and Scott Gellatly at the Brian Marki for Nov: (First Friday):

Kristina Sellers: Please come  see her work on Saturday the 14th beginning at 5 PM. (It is part of an Art Walk). This will be the last opportunity to see her palette knife paintings at the Lane gallery. (No First Thursday)

Stephanie Cissna at Remax (show continues):

Jerry Dickason at
Sitka November 6, 7 and 8:

Congratulations Brenda Boylan (Dr Boseker award), Aimee Erickson (Strada Prize), James McGrew (Randy Higbee Prize)
Laguna Plein Air 

Za Vue first Friday, Art on the Boulevard Nov 6:

We are working on figuring out dates for our field trips to both Portland Art Museum and Seattle Art Museum. Check our Facebook page:

It was SO NOISY today—apologies if I didn’t hear what you had to say!! I couldn’t believe how loud those two customers in the front were! Once again, Thanks for standing and speaking up. We managed to soldier on! 

The Thursday Drawing Club met at Medley after the meeting as usual. We are doing away with the "slideshow" results on this blog, as it has been reported that it doesn't show up consistently.  We still provide direct link to Thursday Drawings HERE.

Next Week: Thursday Nov 5 Suggested table topic: "What one thing did you learn this past year that helped you to be a better painter?" 
( Something you read on the Internet or some artist that influenced you. Maybe is as simple as a new brush).

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