Meeting Notes, Sept 14, 2017

At todays meeting: Loretta U, Geri, Tedd, Mike, Genie, Jeanie, Becky Vicki, Ward, Claire, Tom, Dave, Sharon, Eunice, Joanne T, Judith, Nancy, Stephanie, Brenda and me, Celeste

Todays suggested table topic: Connections, email-lists, newsletters, etcetera! Do you have a marketing plan? Do you admire someone else's marketing plan? Is it ok to skip marketing? 

Celeste: I used to market a lot more than I do now. When I first started painting I face-booked everything, even a solitary sale. I thought that is what you should do. I'm more discerning about it now, I invite people to important events...but not every event.  I like Aimee Erickson's marketing.  It seems not too much and not too little. I really do think it is fine to "skip" marketing in favor of enjoying what you are doing. It all depends on what is important to you individually. I'm showing recent paintings.

Loretta U: I don't really market, because it might compromise my anonymonity (Laughter)! I think Thomas Kitts does a good job of marketing.

Tedd: My email list is the most important thing. I have a show on now and I had a reception. I emailed people to tell them about it.  I got an amazing response! I wanted to show you this do-it-yourself pochade box that I made with two cradled panels and some hinges and hardware. (Editors note, sorry I didn't get a photo of the inside).

Geri: I have taken a lot of classes with "Sketchbook Skool". I've taken enough classes with them, that I can say I was a little "over it" and thinking I would take a pass on the next available class. But then I watched a little promotion that they did....and it was so clever and fun it totally changed my mind (and I signed up). It speaks to the power of good marketing. When it is good it is persuasive! 

Mike: I just returned from a trip to Europe. I kept an art journal of the entire trip. I even painted on the deck of the cruise ship when we were underway down the Rhein. At every single bend in the Rhein there was another castle! I met so many people on the trip. They often asked me if I sold my work! I was ready with these great "Moo" cards that I kept inside the sketchbook. There is a photo of me on the front and a photo of one of my paintings on the back. Handing out those cards makes an additional interaction possible. Always be ready for the possibilities. When you journal like this you connect with both the place and the people. 

Genie: I've been involved with Etsy, Pinterest, instagram, Facebook and I have a website. Mostly I do sell to people I already know, like family and friends. I read something great written by Jerry Saltz. He writes for the NY Magazine. He wrote: "In order to be a successful artist you need: one dealer, one critic, 2 curators, 3-5 collectors, and get 10-15 people to like your work". I brought paintings I've done for the current Strada challenge.

Jeanie: I also endorse the Moo card! I pass them out and leave them around. It's a surprisingly good way to communicate. I was a sculptor to begin with and back then I ran ads in major publications and was part of the big art-business machine. Currently, I do set goals (as it pertains to painting) and I see a business coach. She keeps me on track. I keep a notebook as well as a daily diary about my goals. I'm looking for a residency. 

Vicki: I haven't done much marketing, but I know I should, as my inventory increases (Laughter)! I'm showing two recent paintings.

Becky: Ironically, I have a sales and marketing background! But that work pertains to big companies and it is very different than marketing the individual. As you know, when you are a beginning artist you have no followers. I do use Moo cards. I am not a fan of Facebook. It often seems like a time waster.  I'm much more of a fan of Instagram. Instagram is just better! One thing I have noticed is how irritating and frustrating it is if an artist has zero online presence. That's just wrong. There has to be a way to find you! I am showing a painting that I've done for my next show at Wilsonville Community College. (The subject is an old growth tree at Salishan).

Nancy: I haven't been marketing...except I have been in shows and continue to look for opportunities. I've worked with Chris Haberman in his shows. Next month I will have a show at "Wine Thirty" in Milwaukie and also I will have a show at City Hall in Milwaukie. I am showing recent paintings from the Strada Challenge and from Za's class.

Judith: I am meeting some fellow artists today to discuss marketing (but it appears one of them hasn't shown up)! (Laughter)! I did this painting on the subject of climate change. I have Trump represented...but I was thinking about changing him into a tree. (Laughter)! I am also showing a painting I did in the style of  another artist, Tom Palmore (not pictured by request of Judith).

Joanne T: I don't like to market....but I see the value of it. I used to spend a lot of time on Facebook, but I have moved more to Instagram. I am getting followers there. I remove work from Instagram if it doesn't get an adequate amount of "likes". I am showing recent work. I wanted to tell you, don't use cheap boards! Never! I had to work so hard on this painting, the board just sucked up the oil so much. 

Stephanie: I do like Facebook...but I am mostly just interested in painting. I rarely if ever put up something about me personally. I have accounts in other places...notably "Linked-in" but I have come to understand that Linked in is worthless for fine artists. I have an online presence and I always have business cards with me, but I know I am using a shot-gun approach. I do like a blog for the chronological aspect of it. It's a good record! A really good marketer is Leslie Saeta....but her marketing plan seems unrealistic to me. She does so many things. I am showing paintings I have done of the Gorge. The Gorge is so much on my mind, because of the fires. P.S. Just remembered...I think Artfinder is a good resource. 

Ward: This is such a great topic for me. I am serving on a panel of marketing experts at the Watercolor Society convention soon! (Applause)! I like what Joanne said about taking down art that doesn't seem to be resonating with the audience. In that way, social media is helping us make decisions. It is like we have focus groups that tell us what is successful and what is less-than-successful. Beyond all this, don't ever forget about your family and friends. They want to support us. We're all teachers, all of us, so share what you know with people. Aside from art instruction, I teach people how to take great pictures of their work! I've sold a lot of paintings in small places, shops and coffee shops. By the way, everything I am showing today (from a recent trip to Orcas Island) is for sale! (Laughter)!

Claire: I'm a visitor today...but I will second...don't waste your time on Linked-In

Tom: I like to make "international" online friendships...that way, if I travel,  I can ask "do you have a spare bedroom"? (Laughter)!  I don't market myself. Art is more of an experience of my soul. the way, everything I am showing today is for sale! (Laughter)! I think, based on what you are saying today, I may get back on Instagram. (I started an account there but didn't use it much)

Dave M: My career was in sales..and I learned this "You get out of it what you put into it"! But realistically, I am not so interested in doing it for myself. I might even contract with an agent, down the road and just pay to have it done. I talked to Don Bishop, who seems to market most adequately and he recommends FASO and Saatchi. I am switching to FASO. It is easy and also they let you participate in online competitions as a bonus. The best thing you can do is just get out there and have your cards, like Mike pointed out. I've sold a lot of paintings off the easel. I'm showing a painting I did from my imagination.

Eunice: I took a online class with Bill Inman (that I found out about on Facebook). Here is the result.

Brenda: I've been painting my house! (my actual house)! Laughter! At least half of my time is spent on marketing. I do love reaching out to people and I've learned a lot about how to do it. There are aspects of marketing that can be referred to as pillars...pillars hold everything up. One thing is important, don't question if you are "good enough"..just start marketing. You can get a teenager to help set you up. So one pillar is online presence, another is print advertising. I've done that and it was so helpful. Its so great to get the ball rolling because one thing will lead to another. More pillars are conventions and "networking".  If you make friends they will become your float. Much of my marketing success came through Plein air magazine, Eric Rhodes and Steve Doherty. I've even recently been included in Steve Doherty's book about plein air painting. I do an email about every 2 months and whenever anyone expresses interest in what I do I ask them: "Do you want to be on my mailing list"? And yes...teaching (another pillar) is so rewarding!  (One last thing....a handwritten note goes a long way under all circumstances, especially for a Thank You)!


No classes with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman this week --she is at a plein air event. Classes resume Sept 22 (life session) and Sept 23 (Expressive Oil Painitng)

Ward Stroud Friday class
Ward Stroud - Painting, Pixels, People! - 9:30 am - 12:30 pm $25/class Upstairs

Brenda Boylan has a painting in New York at the National Art Club Pastel Society of America show during September (Congratulations, Brenda)!

WEDNESDAY Sept 20 meet Dave McBride at the Cracker Barrel on Sauvie Island beginning at 3 pm for a paint out (location for paint out to be determined there).

Brenda Boylan winter classes:

Michael Lindstrom is repeating his popular "Painting in the Moment" one-day workshop. A great opportunity to take the class if you missed it the first time:

The 1-day workshop on Saturday, October 14th. Heavy focus on painting in the moment, but this time with fall color. Sauvie Island, 9am-4pm. $100.
We are going to paint expressive with lots of paint and allow Mother Nature to be a part of the process. To register:

Congratulations Ward Stroud 2nd place Fall juried show at Oregon Society of Artists

Sign up for Plein air at Washington County: (Sept 27-30)

Next Meeting Sept 21, Suggested table topic "Salvaging a painting". Has a painting seemed hopeless...but you found a way to turn it around? How did you do it? If you have an example, bring it (but if you don't have the example, just tell us about it).


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