Meeting Notes: Sept 22, 2016

At today’s meeting Loretta L, Carrie, Tim, Jerry, Joanne T, Nancy, Diane, Tricia, Sydney, Judith, Jeanie, Tom, Stephanie, Tedd, Eunice, Ward, Loretta U, Annie, Elo,, Tracie, Joanne K and me Celeste.

Today’s topic: painting in inclement weather. Do you have any ideas tips suggestions? Do you paint indoors only during rainy weather? tell us what your plans are for the winter.

Celeste: A couple of years ago I was inspired by Roos Schuring. She paints no matter what the weather.  I have decided I don't like to paint in really terrible weather. I will paint during the rain, but not in a miserable storm. I suggest having good equipment for the winter. I have some good lamps for still life  I am doing the strada easel challenge. I am showing two recent paintings.

Eunice: I am a “fairweather” painter. I do like still life. I am going to be doing a series of 12. I will keep them all secret until I reveal them.

Tedd: I will paint out during iffy whether if I have an overhang or some sort of patio structure.

Stephanie: I don’t like 100% inclement weather. Painitng is supposed to be fun. I think it is fine to go out into your backyard on a gray day. I like going to Sauvie island any time and often return to the same place. I am showing two recent paintings.

Tom: I usually don’t care for bad weather. I go plein air painting for 2 to 3 hours at a time. I want to experiment regarding color. Recently I went to a graveyard. I have been wanting to paint a pioneer cemetery that I know. This is my Momento Morte (remembering that we all die.) As I was painting this a woman came up to me and said “Oh I was hoping someone would paint our graveyard”. I found her remark to be quite touching.

Jeanie: I am envious of you who go out to paint outdoors. I’m not sure that it is for me. I have plans to paint during the winter as I do …in my studio.

Annie: I have been doing the long-term pose at OSA. I’ll paint from the model inside during the winter and also paint objects inside (still life). I am showing a recent painting from OSA.

Loretta L: It has taken me awhile to appreciate the rewards of painting outdoors. I like to take classes in the winter. I went out with Joanne in Tigard and I painted this.

Elo:  I went outside in my yard yesterday. I painted this fruit from the store. I also painted this recently ---(for the 200 show at OSA) the hula lady on the dashboard of a borrowed car. (Laughter!)

Joanne T: I know that plein air umbrellas are used for sun shades. But when the weather is rainy do those umbrellas work for rain too? (I imagine yes). I don't like the cold. I am applying for a scholarship for a workshop. I am doing the Strada easel challenge. I am looking forward to painting in the studio this winter. I’m showing two recent paintings.

Nancy: I am also doing the 30 day Strada easel challenge. It has been very challenging because it is hard to find the time! I have two small children and to paint every day is not easy. I like Sauvie island and I have painted  a lot at Powell Butte. I am showing recent paintings.

Tracie: I have not been plein air painting very much. I will just float this out there-- if ever you are going to paint outdoors call me up and I will join you! Last week Celeste, Brenda and I painted on Belmont . I used just two colors and white.

Ward: My plein air painting is changing my studio painting. I am very excited about that. I painted this scene in front of Medley Tea. I printed this out on watercolor paper. I made the lady that owns Medley Tea a print. 

Sydney: I have not done any painting-- I brought Tricia!

Tricia: I learned about this group from Brenda Boylan. I don’t paint plein air. I am a studio painter. I am excited to be here. (Welcome Tricia)!

Diane: Whenever I go plein air painting I find it to be way too much for me to see. (Laughter)! I have painted from my car. Your car is actually very good shelter. Lisa and I watched Quang Ho’s DVD and we’re doing a still life painting together in Lisa's studio. I am painting without drawing. I also did this recent painting of a rooster.

Judith: My first experience with plein air painting-- I went to a wildlife refuge. I had no idea what I was getting into. It was an odyssey of sorts. I slept in my car and a light attracted bats and bugs. At one point there was a bunch of deer staring at me laughter! I wound up ultimately going to the emergency room with a case of encephalitis. So if I’m weird -- blame plein air (laughter)!

Tim: I played “troll” recently by painting under a bridge on the Sandy River. Almost all parks have covered areas. I also painted this the Columbia River.

Carrie: I started painting outdoors in high school. From age 21 to recently I’ve always had a car with a hatch back. The hatchback is great because it serves as a roof. I like painting in the winter. Subtle and gray are good! Then there are people who actually like winter. Thomas Kitts has always said that we should paint the gray days.

Jerry: I am Hoosier. I have this book about artists in Indiana. This group of artists painted during the 1900s to the 1920s. I am showing you in this book a photograph of a studio on wheels. During the Northwest Pacific Northwest plein air I wanted to paint with the other people, but I could never find anybody. I asked a property owner if I could come early to paint on their land. I came so early when the sun came up I was looking directly into it and I was completely blinded. I painted this with just ultimarine blue and burnt umber and white. I think this was a great example of "paint what you see and that what you know".

 Loretta U: I am a studio painter but plein air intrigues me. I did do one plein air painting outdoors last year. I have a carport cover and I will try to paint there this year.

Joanne K: I like plein air, but I especially like still life in the winter. I am going to be doing Portland Open Studios at OSA. I think that possibly in November I will be doing a clothed figure session Thursdays 1 to 4. I am showing two recent paintings.


Ward is joining the ambassador program with Cheap Joe’s art supply.(applause)! This means he will be conducting workshops in North Carolina.  (Congratulations, Ward)!

Ward also passed out Canson sketchbooks and gift cards from Blick today (thanks so much, Ward)!

 Tonight is Jerry Dickason’s open house at the Falcon art studios. 5 to 9 tonight address 5450 N. Albina.

 First Friday Stephanie Cissna and Vicki Zimmerman at Medley tea. Oct 7 beginning at 5pm

 Peaceful Painting will be Sunday this Sunday at Sauvie island meet Joanne Kollman at 9 AM at the Cracker Barrel store

Joannes perk up your painting classes are 1 to 4 on Fridays. They are drop in classes $25

More OSA classes (Ward, Joanne Mehl, etc):

Hillsboro Plein Air

AIS show at the Howard Mandville Gallery Sept 29:

Photos from today’s Multnomah Village paint out:

The Hiatus Drawing Club photos from today

Next Meeting: Thursday Sept 29, 2016 Suggested table topic: underpainting and/or blocking in—what is your method? (do you have a method)? Let’s discuss!

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