Meeting Notes, SEPT 2013

At today’s meeting: Loretta, Kim (new), Chris, Tim L, Tim Y, Eunice, Joanne, Jim (newish!) Za, Stephanie, Steve, Peggie, Marty, Dave, Diane, Kay, Lisa,  Donna and me (Celeste)

Today’s suggested topic: Art and Artists in film, movies, television, etc—do you have a favorite?

I (Celeste) talked about how we used to have planned occasional movie dates at Carolyn Rondthaler’s house. I saw a movie during that time that was breathtaking. Director Akira Kurosawa entitled it “Dreams”. I described the segment about Van Gogh. The special effects put the viewer inside Van Gogh’s paintings.

Loretta recommends The Impressionists (a BBC production) and Modigliani (with Andy Garcia). By and large, she loves most any movie about artists.

Kim (Millen) is new (Welcome, Kim). She is a watercolorist and has worked with Multi-Media in acrylics. Good to meet you, Kim.

Chris also recommends The Impressionists. Her only criticism about it is that some important Impressionists were not represented, but still, it remains a favorite for her because it is “simply exquisite”. Chris tells us that the series is based on fact, (as the material was derived from actual letters written during the time period).

Tim L enjoyed a movie called “The Forger”. He is uncertain about whether or not it is his favorite, but it is the one that came to mind when he thought about the topic. Tim showed a painting that he later critiqued on his own. He said he saw several unfavorable things about it and he wondered...” why didn’t I ask myself these questions WHILE I painted it (instead of later)"? (We laughed in recognition).

Tim Y remembers a “Night Gallery” episode that he saw many years ago. It was called “Pickman’s Model” and had to do with an artist who becomes obsessed with ghouls. Tim brought in a drawings that were his based on his experience/memory of the episode.

Eunice “loves old Russians” ...and her favorite movie is “Local Color”. She read a series of quotations and notes that she has been collecting. One of them was “Practice makes Permanent”. (They were great, thanks, Eunice!) Eunice got most of the quotes from a membership website called “The Artist’s Road”.

Lisa didn’t have a film...but noted how she has been watching local plein air in she brought in a painting that reflects the same kind of subject matter and spirit of regional scenery/plein air.

Donna recommends “Pollock” with Ed Harris. She thinks it is an outstanding film for it’s complexity/depth and it is superbly acted. She brought in a painting that employs one of her favorite colors.... purple.

Diane very much enjoys documentaries about art and artists. One of her favorites is about an instructor at the Gage Academy who does modern day takes in an old world style. (So sorry...couldn’t find a link). She also loves “A Model for Matisse”.  She brought in that is meant for the small things show at Guardino gallery.

Kay shared a list of movies about Artists. She has seen many of them. Her favorite was an animation she saw at the Portland Art Museum. The plot involved unfinished drawings that search out the artists who drew them to implore them to complete their work (so that they could exist as finalized characters). She also told us about a class with Mark Andres who had the class paint from stills from films.
(She brought in three paintings from films: Lulu, The Heiress and The Last Station).

Joanne was contacted recently by a film student. The student was doing a movie and needed a specific painting. He commissioned Joanne to do it. In the proposed story, a part of the painting was supposed to be damaged. Joanne painted the damage in. The painting went to a real gallery for filming, but the gallery owner wanted to “fix” the damage! (A testament to how accurately Joanne can paint everything convincingly...even “damage!)”

Joanne recommends “Midnight in Paris” especially for Kathy Bates portrayal of Gertrude Stein. In particular, Joanne loved when she said:
The artist's job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.”
And here that is:

Joanne also brought up Jim Dine, A Self Portrait on the walls. A documentary about creation and destruction:

Jim King joined us today –we haven’t seen him in a long time! Welcome back, Jim! He brought in three paintings from his new “Fountain” series. In particular, he enjoys painting children frolicking in the water. We enjoyed seeing Jim’s new work.

Za reminds us that her background was/is in animation. Her favorite movie (despite the fact that it is movie aimed at children) is Brother Bear. “It doesn’t matter that it is a kid’s it and simply look at the landscapes" .... (artistically without parallel).

Za showed us her “new obsession” ...small pochade boxes that she has been making herself from cigar boxes. But wait! She went to Goodwill and found an ideal small pochade box for only $4.00. (one like this one:

So, enough with the homemade cigar box versions...she’ll probably go with this 'real' pochade for her upcoming trip to South Carolina *. She added a cool lightweight table to the whole deal and voila! A compact and lightweight travel pochade. (“Table Tote” manufactures the table).

Note: *Za was accepted into the American Impressionist Society Annual National Juried Exhibition. (and she would never blow her own horn about this, so allow us to do it for her): Check the big names on this list.... Yes, that is our Za listed as Yer Z Vue. Congratulations, Za!!

Stephanie loves the movie "Frida". The movie helped her establish much more appreciation for Kahlo’s work and she enjoyed learning about Diego Rivera as well. Additionally, she remembers a very old film (1958) called “The Horses Mouth”.

Stephanie brought in paintings from her recent plein air outings to the farmer’s market.

Steve likes a recent movie (2011) called "The Mill and The Cross". It’s fascinating... actors portray things that are happening in paintings. It’s also history lesson (that is visually entrancing)

Steve also gives thumbs up to Moulin Rouge. (More for how the movie looks than for the story).

Steve continues his popular drawing class at OSA.... he brought in an exercise he did with his students (white drawing on black paper) as well as a recent plein air painting that he did in Hood River.

(Find Steve’s classes here under Steve Kleier):

Peggie loves a movie about Rodin’s mistress.... it is called "Camille Claudet". Sad ending, she tells us, but very worthwhile nonetheless.

Marty says his favorite art-related movie remains "Lust for Life" with Kirk Douglas.
He also likes Pollock and Frida. He went to the Becky Joy workshop yesterday. He learned things...despite being subjected to the boiling sun!

Dave likes "Rivers and Tides" by Andy Goldsworthy. (Goldsworthy creates things outdoors with natural materials and with the full knowledge that nature will reclaim everything he builds).


Check out Art on Broadway for all their new events and shows:

Diane is a featured artist at the Masonic Lodge, Reception tomorrow

Art Elements show with Orwick, Boylan, Youngquist and Bishop continues

First Friday:

2013 Hood River Plein Air Opening Reception

Eric Bowman, Brian Marki

Our friend Craig Srebnik is offering class discounts. Email him to find out more:

Interested in participating in the craft show at NECC?

(Thanks for the tip, Joanne Kollman)

Want to join Loretta in expressing concerns to the city about how the diagonal parking times got changed (to 10 and 30 minutes) in front of O’Connors? Write to

Thanks all, for sharing what you know today---and bringing your work.

Next meeting: Thursday Sept 12, suggested table topic: Your specific painting plans for the Winter.... What are they?

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Sept 12 Meeting

In attendance at today’s meeting: Sameer, Sharon, Loretta, Jeanne, Marty, Dave, Char, Donna, Tim, Chris, Eunice, Thomas, Jan, Kay, Joanne, Kristina and me (Celeste).

Suggested table topic: Your art related winter plans....discuss!

I (Celeste) talked about how I plan to clean my studio thoroughly this winter (to streamline and get rid of things I am not using). I also want to plan some un-art related things ---just to mix things up!

Thomas brought paintings from his recent Rogue River rafting trip. He got used to painting with his cigar box pochade on his lap. He is writing an article about the experience and he showed us all of his paintings from the trip. (We just took one photo of one painting for today’s blogpost (because the paintings will be included in the article)...Each painting was better than the last! The river raft trip was so successful there is talk that it will become regularly offered to painters (of any ability).

Thomas will concentrate on florals this winter.  He recommends we look up Trevor Chamberlain...a guy who also paints "from a pochade on his lap".

Joanne has been finishing grant work and there are more grants to be written. This winter she’ll do more figures and florals. She recently combined some painting with some trips to the dentist in Hillsboro. She realized while she likes painting with others she also enjoys painting alone.

Note: it is Joanne’s birthday today...Happy Birthday, Joanne!

Kay will be working in her newly converted basement studio this winter. (It was a furnace room). She is very happy there—and looking forward to spending time there.

Sharon (new...welcome) is a new artist at Primary Elements in Cannon Beach (congratulations, Sharon). She has recently done some demonstrations (and enjoyed doing them). She will participate in Stormy Weather in Cannon Beach in November.

Kristina likes to be matter what the weather. She actually enjoys the gloomy weather and looks forward to painting it. She has a new thumb box pochade and wants to paint as usual in the winter. She’ll also do more studio work and still life.

Jan paints a lot with Brooks. She started going down the plein air road largely because of Za’s figure workshop. She likes and wants structure and looks forward to painting in more planned events.

Donna considers herself a studio painter, so not much changes for her in the winter. She thinks of hanging work in her gallery as a very creative thing. She’ll be going to Paris in the future...(but she won’t make this one a specific painting trip).

Char plans on spending time with her husband Dave this winter.... to learn more about painting!

Dave did a small 20-minute painting using his cigar box pochade (during a recent trip). He will concentrate on brushwork this winter. He wants his paintings to “send a message", because,  he adds..“It is all communication.”

Marty wants to devote 20 hours per week to painting. So far, he hasn’t been able to do that...but he is making it a goal. He tells us he intends to paint bigger (for one thing, because he doesn’t like painting small). He is hoping to paint at Studio 30 during the winter also.

Jeanne has just returned from 2 workshops at Sitka. She is thinking of places where she can paint despite rain. She likes the idea of painting in a parking garage downtown.
Loretta will stockpile food and canvases in case there are any snowstorms this winter.

Samir (new) is from India. He came here 4 years ago. He has a Masters degree in Painting. He paints n all mediums...and especially likes oil and enamel. He brought in an enamel painting that he referred to as some of his ‘spiritual work’. (Welcome, Samir!)

Eunice has taken a lot of photos at Jackson Hole, (Wy) and she has plans to paint from them. She’ll be working on a series of Mountains. She read a quote from “The Horse’s Mouth” : “B-but, Mr. Jimson, I w-want to be an artist.'
'Of course you do,' he said, 'everybody does once. But they get over it, thank God, like the measles and the chickenpox. Go home and go to bed and take some hot lemonade and put on three blankets and sweat it out.'  (We all laughed!)

Chris is working on things she learned in the recent Becky Joy workshop...she is concentrating on her skills instead of finished paintings. During the upcoming months she vows to forget about "the product" for a she can devote herself to practice.

Tim will be working on his house this winter...but he also wants to get out of the house for painting. He likes using a small pochade and just closing it up and putting it in the freezer until he uses it again.


Congratulations to Joanne for “Best in Show” at the OSA show. (Photo included in slideshow)

Congratulations to Dave  for 3rd place at the Hood River show (together with all the others ...see here):

Some of us went to Scott Gellatly's lecture and demo at OSA today (photos included in slideshow)

Muse has the new Gamblin colors and if you are a student you are eligible for a 10% discount.

Winter figure painting at Hipbone

Next meeting: Sept 19, Table topic: Pet peeves! Negatives about the art/artists/galleries/web...the whole enchilada...what irks you (and why)?

Meeting Notes: 9/19/13

At today’s meeting: Loretta, Steve, Diane, Tim, Eunice, Marty, Stephanie, Thomas, Jim, Za, Brenda, Chris, Tim and me (Celeste)

Suggested table topic: Art-related ‘Pet Peeves’

(The 'complaints' are listed below anonymously and in random order):
Observers who say: “I wish I had your talent, I can’t draw a stick person”.

The homogenization of Plein Air—painters adopting another’s successful style or particular look. 

The LACK of regionalism in paintings. (Plein air is beginning to look the same no matter where it is done).

When people use too many words to ‘describe’ themselves or their work. (If the painting doesn’t tell the story on it’s own, it seems that it failed).

Big signatures

Personally feeling bad or down about poor painting results.

A negative feeling when one hasn’t painted in several days, or as much as a week.

Unfavorable emotional aspects of not painting up to expectations.

Artists who are hung in the gallery but NEVER go to the receptions!

The popularity of plein air ( if other genres are sub-standard)

The statement “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like”.

Artists who refuse to face the facts and consequences of drawing poorly. (“If you can not see it (draw it), you can not paint it”) (take instruction)!

Outdoor disruptive noise (such as leaf blowers)

“Bugged by not achieving correct values”!

Sadness associated with bad paintings!

The question: “How long did it take you to paint that?”

People are just not as nice as they could be. In particular, some artists (who obviously believe they are ‘great’) could be more humble. Humble is good!

(Some advice followed statements about feeling negative about your painting they are):

It is ok to question what went wrong (in a painting that seems like a failure).... but it is an even better idea to write down what went right. Find 2-3 things that are positive about your overall effort and record them. 

“Stop Struggling”. When you see things going wrong in your work...step back and intellectually assess what the work needs. Does it need more contrast? Put it in! You are in charge. Feel confident and believe in yourself.

(Be bold and feel bold...if you are going to make a mistake, make it a doozy).

Also, Tim Y showed us his homemade small pochade box that he made from an inverted cradled art panel! No holes drilled into the box for a thumb...your thumb goes into a flexible "handle" on the lid.
Everyone loved it.


Hillsboro Plein Air—come out and register tomorrow...Friday!
Please come out—it will be a blast!

Celeste kicks off the artist-to-artist lecture series on Saturday 10 am at Muse Art +Design
“How to Stay Motivated to Paint or Draw”

Steve Kleier's ongoing classes can be found here:

Stay tuned for the Portland Art Museum’s next Oregon Plein Air Paint out that is slated for August 2014. It’s in the planning stages and this time it will likely be an invitational and a submission process. It will run in tandem with a show about/from the Louvre!
More details to come. J

Brenda Boylan has been chosen as one of the region’s best artists for inclusion in the Favell Museum (Klamath Falls). Learn more here:
(Congratulations, Brenda)

Still time to throw in with Brenda (for her workshop) tomorrow at OSA:

Thanks all, for sharing your ideas and your paintings.

Next meeting Sept 26 Thursday, Suggested topic: Messy or Neat...what is your painting personality? (How organized/disorganized is your approach)?... discuss!

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Meeting Notes: 9/26/13

Attending; Loretta, Tim, Lisa Marshall, Ted Chilless, Eunice, Kristina, Jim King, Peggie, Donna Sanson, Marty Tassoni, Mary, Stephanie, Kay, and Diane Marks-Bestor

Topic: Neat or Messy

Diane; started out messy painting in oils last year, but has learned to work neater because of clarity of color when the palette is contaminated by other mixing without cleaning.

Jim; works neat. Begins mixing his colors for the palette on palette paper, and then transfers colors to the glass palette. He tends to keep the work area clean and will sometimes clean the palette to begin with fresh colors.

Mary; she works messy. As with many painters, the creative process is looser.

Marty; he works in clutter. He buys a lot of tools and “gadgets” to use, but doesn’t always use them. Sometimes he will use them for a while then put them away and forget about them.

Stephanie; thinks of herself as messy, but is really more spontaneous and loose in her work. She strives for balance in her paintings and likes the tension between regularity and asymmetry. She likes a certain amount of disorder in areas. She also mentioned the book, “The War of Art.”

Ted; considers himself neat whether he is in the studio or painting outdoors. Because he focuses on values first he is organized and ready for work with models or plein air.

Kay; Thinks her style is tidy in general but looser in the palette area. She tends to be organized in her small studio space. She suggested watching the YouTube video of the Lucien Freud Documentary. He literally had thick paint everywhere on the walls of his studio from years of painting.

Tim; has a carpet on the floor that is filled with not a pattern, but paint spots. He considers himself a messy painter, but his work is controlled and neat.

Loretta; likes neat because she likes things in order so she can get find it.

Peggie; she accumulates things that she may use eventually. She uses them at first, then puts them away and may sell them if they are not used again. She likes to work neat because she hates to clean.

Donna; her studio and office are in the same space. She spends time looking for what she needs to work on paintings. The amount of paper in the business side of her life is somewhat problematic. In art, she follows a process and is deliberate about what she puts down. Her work is more controlled than spontaneous. She mentioned that she was more motivated by deadlines. A number of people agreed with her. It was sometimes difficult to begin art when there was no focus of time or subject.

Kristina; considers herself very organized as she begins the process, and then gets “messier” at the end. Her plein air work is done with a very small thumb box. It’s portability and lightness make for ease of use.

Eunice; claims her studio is a mess with things stacked all around her, but she works neat. Her paintings are organized and done with precision.

Lisa; she says she starts out neat but devolves into messy as the process goes on. She has trouble keeping her colors organized on her palette.

That brought a short roundtable discussion of palette sizes…everything from Kristina’s thumb box to Marty’s glass palette desk. Most people had found the size that works best for them. Nearly everyone has cleaned their palette during a painting to make the colors fresh and new, and has developed a system for saving the paints not used. Kay found a Torin table at Amazon that works with her larger palette and is on rollers. It was intended for a mechanic, but works well for the artist.


The last First Friday of the season is October 4th in Beaverton.

Peggie has two paintings at the Rental Sales Gallery. Her opening is October 18th from 5:00-8:00pm.

Art on Broadway is celebrating its Birthday on Saturday, October 5th. There will be music and a celebration.

Westside Cultural Alliance is sponsoring a Networking Event at the Golden Valley Brewery on September 26 from 5-7:00pm. No host food and drink. 1520 NW Bethany Blvd. in Beaverton.

Oct 5 Srebnik free demonstration (reserve your spot by calling) all info here:

Hillsboro plein air winners:

Thanks to Diane Marks-Bestor for moderating the meeting and providing these notes. Thanks to Tim Young for the photos from today's meeting.

Thanks for coming to the meeting, sharing your ideas and paintings!

Next Meeting...Thursday, Oct 3, Topic: Name a painting (famous or not) that upon seeing it.........'spellbound' you. Describe!

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