Meeting Notes, Thursday, Dec 10, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta U, Dave, Tim, Bill, Ward, Loretta L, Susan, Thomas, Genie, Kristina, Annie, Tedd, Eunice, Karen, and me, Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: painting the illusion of glass or shiny things--- do you have any tips or observations to share? 

Celeste: It seems to me that my more successful attempts painting glass have been when I have reduced the values to just a couple --I am showing 3 paintings. Last night I painted a practice glass painting...a bottle of Gamblin "Gamar".

Loretta U: I think that painting glass is daunting! It has not been my favorite thing. I have in the past painted onto glassy surfaces. That was a long time ago when I did some tole painting! 

Dave: I brought in a painting that I did recently that is much more complex than my usual paintings. 

Karen: I don't have anything to say on the subject of glass, but I did bring in a painting of a landscape to share today! 

Tim: On the topic of shiny surfaces-- I painted this painting from a photograph that was supplied by Tedd Chilless. It is of a downtown scene and the surface of the street and other things are shiny from the rain.  I am also showing a large painting from Oaks bottom. 

Bill: I have been painting at the "long pose" at OSA. I have brought in the results.  I built a platform (a model stand) for my home studio.  I have a way to hold an iPad there so that my subject can watch a Netflix movie while I paint them! This is the results of my current efforts. 

Judith: I have been taking a class. I brought in two paintings that are works-in-progress from the class. They are based on Hans Holbein paintings. They will both have the inclusion of an animal in each one.  There will be an owl in this one. A woman in my class pointed out that this male subject is "sexy"! (Laughter)! 

Ward: I started with computers and I like working with the iPad...and the iPad is a very shiny thing! (Laughter)! I like working with photographs to decide how to compose. I manipulate photography on a computer to make decisions before I paint.  I have made a proposal to teach a class at OSA called Basic Digital. I will let you know more about it as it evolves. I have to leave a little bit early because today I'm going to paint with Bev Jazwiak!  I did not bring in a painting today. 

Loretta L: I brought in a painting that I did in Jennifer Diehl's workshop. What I learned here was you have to make things dark enough in order for them to reflect properly. (In order for the highlight to read properly). 

Susan: I brought in two paintings. I like shiny surfaces as well as old things that used to shine! This is a storefront. And this is a painting that I did that I had started a long time ago. It is of a child reading. Recently my father passed away and I finished this painting. It was cathartic because as I worked on it I felt that I was describing my own childhood.. as well as my child's childhood and my fathers childhood and all of that! The process of painting this brought up many memories.

Thomas: I have discovered this new artist on Facebook. He is Chinese. I am so impressed by his use of highlights. If you look closely at the work you will see that he has different colors in his highlights. Whenever you are painting something reflective like this you have to think about is the it indoors, is it outdoors, is it incandescent, etc?  You have to be aware to not put highlights in as bunch of scattered objects all the same color. Something in the highlights will be dominant. You should use a "hierarchy" within the highlights (don't make them all the same---some are lighter than others and some slightly darker than others!) Highlights will tell you what the surface is. (I'm passing my iPad around to show you the work of the Facebook artist) (박학성). His work reminds me of Fechin!

Kristina: One thing I know if you can paint glass ....people will think you're awesome! (Laughter)! I brought in a painting from my archives. This painting is busier than I would do it today, but I still like it and it has some items in it that are successfully reflecting. 

Genie: I'm showing a painting that I did of Timothy lake. Of course, a lake is reflective item has a shine of its own from the sky. I like this topic, it makes me think. Recently I heard this quote I wanted to share with you:

"Manet told Monet that Renoir was just not getting it"!   (Laughter)!

Annie: I like to paint with gouache on glass in order to think out my compositions... or I will sometimes use dry board. This topic reminds me of an old Gary Larson cartoon where the caption was: "Stop! Danger! That's the international cartoonist's symbol for glass!" (which was simply three diagonal ink marks)! Laughter! 

Tedd:  A few times I painted onto a shiny surface...silver in particular. What a great surface it was to apply paint to! I can't describe it. (Very "fluid"!) I don't have anything in particular to say about glass, but I brought in this painting that I did of a young woman who I would describe as someone with a personality that glowed. She is wearing her brothers T-shirt. The new iPad is absolutely amazing. It has the most astonishing graphic capabilities.

Eunice: I know that you should paint everything first and then add glass at the end!


Genie Parker at Ben Will :

Big 500 Saturday 2pm

Scott Gellatly Workshop Jan 8 & 9:

Don't forget our field trip next Wednesday at the art Museum (meet at 11:00 with lunch at Pastini's afterward)

Pavlenko and Kitts at Marki:

Susan Kuznitsky Open House

Susan will teach and demo at OSA (click to Enlarge):

Karen Lewis new classes (four classes beginning in Jan):

Thomas Kitts offers a new winter workshop about "turning the form (planes) and creative brushwork. A Sat and Sun (TBA)

Jerry Dickason's December 10 open studio, Dec 10, 5:30-9:30 (Falcon Art Community)
5415 N Albina (click image to enlarge):

Dec 12 Peoples Art Big 500

Some of us met at the Medley Tea (like we do each Thursday) to visit and do some sketching.follow Make sure you check our Facebook page:

The Portland Art Museum field trip is Dec 16:

The Seattle Art Museum field trip will be Jan 6

Thank you all for bringing in your paintings and ideas. Next meeting, Thursday, Dec 17, suggested table topic: "All things Internet"!--tell us your favorite art websites (instructional or not). Tell us about any YouTube videos you like and/or any informative and/or fun "art" places on the internet.


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