Meeting Notes, Thursday, Dec 31, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta U, Karen, Tim, Jerry, Loretta L, Christina, Judith, Kathy, Charlie, Tom, Ted, Eunice, Joanne, Ward, Stephanie, Susan, Renita, Annie, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: What art-related goal(s) did you realize in 2015 and what new or renewed goals do you have for 2016? 

(Comments are provided in random and anonymous order): 

During 2015 I sketched regularly. This has helped me with painting. I intentionally scaled back on events. I read more about art --in particular, I read some books about artists. I got rid of crappy paintings. In 2016 my aim is to provide myself with a curriculum of lessons. I will find a way to measure my progress.

This year (2016) I will be able to stay in Oregon, unlike last year.  In 2015I did 4 plein air events and I received ribbons in two of them (applause)! I do plan to do more Plein Air in the future. I am competitive -- it's part of my nature. 

Last year at this time I did the 30 days every day painting challenge. I'm not sure that I will do that again this year. Lately I have been scraping back paintings and painting over them. In this way I'm getting more texture. I've enjoyed painting plein air during 2015. Even when it doesn't come out it doesn't matter because it's always a valuable experience. I've done a lot of sketching this year and I want to do more in 2016. I actually might move away to a different part of Oregon, but if I do I will visit here often. In 2016 I am going to be concentrating on strong, simple composition. 

Well, don't be upset with me, but I have to say it: 2015 can kiss my butt!  (Laughter)! It has been a very stressful and rough year for me and I am glad to see it coming to an end. During 2015 I suffered some significant losses and I even had a heart attack! So you can maybe understand why I'm happy to see 2015 leave! (Laughter)!  In 2016 I am putting my intention on getting into a gallery. I am selling but I want to sell more. I will paint more outside too.

During 2015 I was able to finish a big complex project ! I have been procrastinating on a lot of my commission work, so I will be doing some of those in 2016. Every year I talk to my mentor and I have written down things that he is said. One of the things he has recommended is: "to allow yourself failures... because if you don't you'll just repeat them!". Another thing my mentor says is "forget about the model, paint the essence".  I will be working on improving my website this year.

My goal is to actually get into the studio and paint! (Laughter)! 

This is the year that I will do more three value sketching. I will also set out my supplies in an organized way and that will help me work more effectively. I am going to leave my supplies out in the open and that will inspire me to work.

My goal for 2016 is to get outside more. During 2015 I only had about five paintings out of 20 that I would consider keepers. My goal is to increase that number. 

I will read more art articles in 2016.  (When I find them I bookmark them. I have about 200 things bookmarked that I want to read). 

I will do more plein air in 2016!

I did more reading during 2015. If I have one goal for 2016 I would say it would be to completely set up my studio! 

At the beginning of 2015 I had an exchange student at my home. The student's Mother died while the student was living with us and I had to help her process that.  I felt good about my contribution, but the experience was also draining. I realized that I had been giving so much (in that situation as well as others) that I needed to give myself permission to do something for myself.  I wound up enrolling in a creative class online.  In the class they had us draw a cup and the assignment was to fill the cup with what you wanted for yourself. Then they also had us draw another cup together with things we didn't want. These items were to be depicted as "spilling out ". All of that really inspired me! I began painting outdoors and I showed some work in a gallery during 2015 too.  I might go to the Plein Air convention next year. I definitely plan to paint more plein air in 2016. 

My goal is to paint more plein air. It is an ongoing goal. 

Classes are motivating for me. I will do more of them! I also like coming here. I will be here in 2016. :) 

I painted a painting that I consider a failure. It is a failure I'm not happy with it, but I am willing to share with you all. I will do it again. It does have some good qualities and I will incorporate those good qualities in my newer version of this. I will do it from a fresh start.  Another thing I did not do this year that I intended to do was to do a self-portrait on my birthday. I didn't get around to it. But I will do that self-portrait soon. I am going to revamp my website this year. I will be developing some of my old lessons for myself based on the Richard Schmid book. 

During 2015 I moved. I was motivated to find a group like this one ...and I found you!  (Laughter)! During 2015 I took a plein air workshop and I got the equipment. I will learn more about plein air during 2016. I will study Richard Schmid's book.

Every year my husband and I go to lunch on New Year's Day and we discuss our goals with one another. It is a serious matter to us. One of my goals was to be accepted into a particular Plein Air event. In 2015 I was accepted! In 2016 I will do better with my social media-- I have to find a way to make it so people can buy a painting they are looking at online.

Finishing things is my goal for 2016. I am learning how to paint by copying work that I admire. This is helping me figure out how to apply paint and how to do certain types of brushwork.

Each year I write what I don't want in my life on a piece of paper and then I burn it. Then I name something I do want and apply the word mentally to something I am going to ingest...(like a pumpkinseed) ..This is a ceremony of sorts. It "formalizes" the things I want and things Ido not want. 

Other notes: 

Four artists did the Tedd Chilless Challenge (a painting from his photo of Jamison Park). Last week we saw Tim Young's version(s). This week we saw paintings from Susan Kuznitsky, Loretta Lang and Tedd Chilless). We will do more of these photo challenges in the future. (Thanks, Tedd)!

 Ward's painting that he brought today was accomplished with Brusho.  He recommends that you get it at Muse Art Supply

Kathy's painting today was from a Jennifer Diehl workshop. 

Tom's stiill life are his objects that he especially likes (he used to make violins).

Tedd  wanted to show and share a gift with us that was given to him by my daughter.  It is a bowl that is in the shape of a "drop" (It is really wild, see the photos on the front page).

Tim is interested in grinding more of his own pigments from things he finds in nature. He showed us a pebble/stone that he found at Oxbow park. (It is really clay). He showed us a sample of the "painting" that he did from the stone mixed with oil.

Annie showed a painting of her "mouse story" that is not done. She has been sketching and using sketching to investigate plants. She even cuts things open to look at them under a microscope. 

Kristina's painting is from a photo on "Paint my Photo"

Judith's painting is someone else's composition. It is a practice painting. (Sorry, I did not get the name of the artist).

Jerry brought us a book to look at about children's art development. (Heidi's Horse)

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