Meeting Notes, Thursday Feb 11, 2016

At today’s meeting Loretta, Annie, Tim, David, Susan, Bill, Betsy, Joanne, Jeanie, Marty, Charlie, Eunice, Peggi, Khanh, Za, Donna, and me, Celeste

Suggested table topic: the “artist ego”--what do the words “artist ego” mean to you? Bonus question: can you relate an example of positive artist ego and or negative artist ego?

The following comments are offered in random and anonymous order:

I do know that we need to be encouraged. Especially females (and I'm sorry if that sounds sexist). I have just noticed that women seem to have more difficulty taking their place in the art world. I would advise you to “just do it!” You don’t have to show your art if you don’t want to.  (And if you show your work to friends and family they will lie and tell you it is good)! (Laughter)!

This is an interesting question. I don’t think you can get anywhere with art without a strong ego. As an example of positive ego I would submit that Winston Churchill had a positive ego as it related to painting. I brought in a book about him and his work. In the book it is explained that Churchill was aware that he wasn’t a very good artist but he kept at it anyway! (Laughter)! For an example of a “bad” ego I would submit Thomas Kinkade. His ego seems to have done him in.

I have had enough therapy to know that the big battle about ego is between your real self and your “imagined self”! I like artists and I feel sorry for other people! (Laughter)!

I was told by a relative that I am doing “little old lady landscapes” (laughter)! I brought in a calendar to show you . Each painting in this calendar was done by artists painting with their feet or mouths!  These paintings (and knowing how they were painted) certainly puts things in perspective for the rest of us.

I was once told that when you meet new people you should be proud and introduce yourself as a painter. You should do this with no hesitation.

I don't know any artists that are egotists! I only know ones that are humbly always doing their best. They are always striving and trying to learn more. After the last O’Connors’s meeting I was inspired to do some new work! I thank you all for being here and inspiring me to start again after a layoff.  I really appreciate this meeting and thank you for keeping it going.

This is an interesting subject for sure. I know one thing the more I know the more I don’t know! (Laughter)! I’m always learning and I think most people are humble and nice. I will say this ---some women do seem to have issues somehow!  As an example, I painted with someone who acted like she was threatened by others. She is fine in other situations! I guess this is how she has to handle things, but she makes others feel uncomfortable, like they did “something wrong”! I had to explain to someone, “no…don’t take it personally, she is always like that”!

I always like it when I walk in here and a certain someone says “(my last name) is in the house”! I think it just strikes some sort of childhood chord in me. It makes me feel like I belong and I really like that. My dad owned a company and when I was little my drawings and pictures were in the hallway. That is a wonderful memory -- I remember feeling kind of puffed up over that! Now, as a teacher I have to always be aware that I may crush someone with something that I say almost unintentionally! One of my young students recently asked me how to make a circle-- then he was agitated when I didn’t help him right away and he scribbled a big angry scribble on his paper. He did is in anger and I understood that there is even discovery in that. There is “discovery” even in a mark that is made in anger.

Someone once told me that I wouldn’t be able to acheive my chosen profession. They made it seem as if it was too lofty a goal and well out of my reach. Well, that made me work all the harder to do it! In a similar way I am a self-taught artist and thinking that I can (and will) succeed at painting is an important element. There will be up times and there will be down times and that is what everyone has to remember.

I was recently going through some things and I came across many of my old paintings. I was surprised some of them were so bad! (Laughter)! I threw them out. I think it is so important to get rid of any work that isn’t up to your current standard.
 There is no reason to save it.

Wayne Theibaud said “I am a painter”. I really like that. The term artist is reserved for others. I like and agree with the term painter. I am just a person doing this job. I was hoping Tedd Chilless would be here today,  because I loved that he led that “plein air pledge” for us. It was so positive and great. That united pledge was a meaningful (and positive) event for all of us.

I actually went to the dictionary to look up the word ego. It has to do with “reality testing” and “personal identity”! Ego is a constant….an ongoing thing!

The  ego is tied to self-confidence or lack of self-confidence! In business you must bring out your best side and you must seem confident. An artist named Albert Handel is a wonderful artist and he has a strong ego! I have been in his presence when he would meet people and he would say the most outrageous things and totally get away with it. He would say something like “Here! This is the painting you need to buy”! I would cringe… part of me was aghast by his methods and the other part of me wanted to be like him and wondered why I am not like him! Why not?! Maybe it is a male versus female thing. Because I am female and I find it a challenge to be so boldly confident. Richard Schmid has a big personality and he is so confident. Not in a bad way!  I think the ego is evolving and changing-- it’s changing like the weather!

I have no in between. I am either up or down (laughter)! I am either happy happy happy or I never want to paint again! (Laughter)!

I read a book about Maxfield Parrish. In the book he is teaching a student..he says “I will put my brush here on your painting” (and then he paints a passage onto the student’s canvas) ---he continues…“There now! don't you see how much better it is now?”! (Laughter)! Also once I had a dream ---everything was going wrong in the dream but I said in a very strong and confident voice “But I can draw”! (Laughter)! It is good to remember that confidence from my dream. I meant it!

Some artists just have a sort of natural confidence. But the bad ego can really be a disaster. When I was young I had a cello teacher who made everyone in the whole class feel bad. He’d play the cello for a long stretch and he wanted the class to exult him while he tore us down! It was terrible. I wanted to quit. Lucky for me my mother gave me extra lessons in music outside of the classroom so I didn’t quit! If it weren’t for her I would have. I think about young people and how much they need encouragement.

It is important when you're “in the zone” of painting to stay there. Push aside any inner dialog while you are there!

Other notes:

Marty has been working on a series about “Endangered Species”. He also showed us a very cool spin on Donald Trump
Donna showed  us a new “Industrial-inspired” design painting
She also noted that she thinks Marty looks like Gauguin! (agree)?

Bill showed us several paintings from his trip to Hawaii
Khanh showed us several new paintings in his series featuring  the model “Paris”. He has been using a larger size canvas than he was in the past.
Susan showed us paintings from her series about Alpenrose Diary and another still life painting featuring items belonging to a clown (Rusty Nails).
Tim showed a new landscape.
Annie showed three studies…one a brief copy of a Hopper painting.
Joanne showed a landscape and a figure. She sometimes puts something in a frame…not because she really wants to frame it, but to simply look at it in an isolated way. It helps her make decisions.
Celeste showed a life session painting and a couple small (6x6) paintings.
Dotty showed a recent still life
Betsy showed us two watercolors and explained that glazes are effective for clean bright good color.

(Clothed) Model session Saturday Feb 13th 11-2
1006 SE ASH
RSVP required. $15 (model tips welcome).
Joanne Radmilovich-Kollman

The model this Saturday is Sean:

Also Joanne has some spaces left in her color mixing workshop that is from on Saturday Feb 13  9 to 10:30 and is $25. email:

Joanne Mehl’s next session at Brush and Palette:

The next Figure session at the Brush and Palette will be in two weeks on Friday, February 19th. We will have a male nude, and will have the same model for the following figure session two weeks later on March 4th. Diane is cooking up plans for the pose, to be posted soon.

We gave Dottie Hawthorne a round of applause for being a finalist in the Bold Brush competition--- congratulations Dottie!!

Peggy Moje’ is in the Gresham City Hall H20 show through  through April 7:

Art on Broadway there is a reception this Saturday Feb 13 5-8pm

Art on Broadway call to artists for new show deadline Feb 27:

Field Trip! Wednesday Feb 17, 2016
June O. Underwood invites us to “Winter Workings” on Wednesday, Feb 17 at 11 AM. ...This is June's solo show at the Art Haus Gallery, (a part of Milepost5 with an entrance on Oregon St. just west off 82nd Ave). June will give a talk about the connections between abstract and representational work and we'll exchange thoughts and ideas we do! Afterward we will meet for lunch at Baiyok Thai Cuisine, 150 NE 82nd Ave (walking distance from Art Haus)

 Susan Kuznitsky has landscape classes at OSA you can drop in during this term (see website). Find out about this and her other classes (costumed model begins March 9) at OSA:

 Susan is also a participant at the Celebration of Creativity  March 3-6:

 Za’s upcoming figure workshop is filled BUT! she has another one coming up at Sequoia in May. If you have an interest you are urged to sign up right away because her workshops fill up so fast.

Other classes/workshops at Sequoia with Eric Jacobsen, Sarah Sedwick, Brenda Boylan and others:

Thanks all for coming today and sharing your ideas and paintings!

Next Meeting: Thursday, Feb 18, Suggested table topic: Easels and pochades! Which one is your favorite (give us reasons) and do you have a new (different) one on your "wish list"---? Let's discuss!

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