Meeting Notes, Thursday, March 17, 2016

At today’s meeting: Nancy, Tracie, Ria, Loretta, Diane M, Tim, Peggie, Kristina, Diane H, Betsy, Ward, Susan, Dottie, Annie, Jeanne, Eugenia, Jim, Jeanie, Tedd, Eunice, and me Celeste.

Today’s suggested table topic: Green-- tell us anything you want on the subject of green.

Celeste: I remember Eric Jacobsen said that green should not exist without some red. “Red is a great modifier”. I am not crazy about Terre Verte.  I know some portrait painters like it. I brought in a book that has a good section on all the greens. I also brought a landscape that has just a touch of green in it… that touch of green seems really important to this painting.

Ward: I have heard that eye can discern more levels of green than any other color! I brought a painting that is predominantly green. This is a painting that got me membership into the Watercolor Society of Oregon. (Applause)! I like to use a combination of Quinacridone gold and thalo blue for a special green.

Susan:  I had a mentor in Chicago when I was a young girl whose name was Joe Abbrescia. He said "If you’re having trouble with green .... Take it off of your palette". I brought in a recent plein air painting that is predominantly green.

Dottie: In California there are two periods of time ---there is the golden time and the green time and we “wait for” and enjoy both! I brought you a print of one of my paintings from California

Annie:  When I took Za’s workshop she told us that her favorite colors were purple and green. They are colors that you can bend in either direction. I feel confused about cerulean blue and Ultramarine blue ---which is warm in which is cool! I brought in a recent landscape.

Jeanne: I don’t have green on my palette. I mix it. We live in a very green world. I brought in two paintings that I did that are copies of master paintings. I have done these as part of my figure class. One is a copy of a Leland Bell and the other is a copy of David Park. I would never have painted with this much white if I weren’t studying this artist. This is a really great way to learn and experiment.

Eugenia:  Well, I don’t have any real words of wisdom about green--- but I do love blue green and I love yellow green. I recently painted this bunch of green subjects --- and I’ve brought that painting to show you. I learned a lot from painting this!

Jim: Green does happen to be my favorite color. This painting that I am showing you was part of a series. This was “about” green so I used peppers. I am also showing you a painting I did from the last Fine art Saturday at the Troy building…we painted a young girl.

Jeanie: When I first took up painting I wanted to paint landscapes and I bought a tube paint that was called “greenish umber”. The instructor said, “Throw that away”! (Laughter)! I am showing you a recent painting that I've done that is much smaller than my usual size.

Tedd: I took a workshop with Kathleen Dunphy. She premixes her colors. I think she is one of the best instructors around. I am showing you a recent painting I did from life of a model.

Eunice: I like green! I have brought in two still life that I did recently.

Loretta: Viridian with alizarin (and white) makes a nice pearl gray that I really like. I never paint with green from the tube. I brought in a painting from my archives ---Green figures predominately.

Diane M:  I love green! Scott Gellatly uses red earth FastMatte for his block in and that comes through and gives it a shot of life. (If you put green over that and let the reddish part show through it is very vibrant). I have come to appreciate what oiling out means. I have been working on a portrait of my granddaughter. I have been glazing this. I am learning. I am also showing a recent painting of a squirrel. ---I had to completely scrape this off because I got it too tight..and I started over and "got him back". 

Tim: Green is the only color that I don’t buy anymore. I mix it. My granddaughter brought some flowers and I painted these in my front room.

Peggie: This painting that I am showing is very much in the style of another painting that I did a long time ago that was actually in a movie. (It was rented to the movie while it was in The Portland Rental Gallery). It was a movie called Extraordinary Measures. They actually even zoomed in on my painting and Harrison Ford said, “My ex-wife likes cats”. (Laughter)! This new one is Roger the cat and he was an Exotic Shorthair. It is not quite finished but nearly finished. 

I brought homemade pickles for anyone who wants them…Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Thank you so much, Peggie)!

Kristina: I like oxide green. I’ve never had a problem with greens. I am showing a recent still life.

Diane H: I am showing you a chart that I did of green. This was tedious but it was well worth it! I think these things are absolutely worth the time. When I go to Hawaii I make a point of taking a tubed turquoise paint. I have heard student grade Gamblin Thalo is a nice color…I will try it.

Nancy: I brought a book called “Mastering color”. When I first got this book I wasn't quite ready for it but now I can read it and it makes a lot more sense to me! My favorite green is Viridian. I also like ultramarine and Cad Yellow light together. I am showing three recent paintings.

Ria:  I am a landscape cleaner so I have to understand green! I also do believe strongly in making charts. I am showing a recent plein air painting.

Tracie: I have an absolute love hate relationship with Thalo. There is a real issue about photographing the Thalos. The photo and reproduction goes gray-ish wherever there is a Thalo. It is really a problem! I brought in a thalo chart and a couple reproductions of my “underwater”series.


Tonight Peggie will be performing  (musically) with her daughters of the McMenamin’s in Troutdale in something called Dance Hall days from 8 to 10.

Ward recently participated in the Art Extravaganza and he has been asked by the “Brusho” Company to demonstrate their product. (Applause)!

 Susan Kuznitsky classes

Ria has a one-day workshop on April 2 at Chehalem (click to Enlarge)

Here is Kristina’s very cool article in Fine Art Seen:

Her video:

Message from Tryon Creek State Park:

Join us on Saturday, April 2nd for a Plein Air in the Park event in SW Portland. Painters/Sketchers are invited to set up on the Trillium Trail between 10am - 4pm to capture the beautiful surrounding forest in any medium of your choice.
This Plein Air event is in coordination with the park's annual Trillium Festival. This is an opportunity to connect with art and nature lovers alike and share your work at our Plein Air Art Exhibit on Sunday (optional).
Questions? Please feel free to contact Plein Air in the Park Coordinator, Jennifer Primm.
We hope to see you there!

Bowman and Jacobsen Sale (April 2):

Art on the boulevard Mike Rangner to March 26

Figure painting  Fridays at the Brush and Palette
 Fine art Saturday is 1-4 at the Troy contact Joanne Kollman:

Hood River plein air event is moving forward --more information to come!

Thank you all for coming and sharing your ideas and paintings with us. Next Meeting, Thursday, March 24, 2016 Suggested table topic: Getting away and/or "Artist’s Retreats".—have you ever done one? Do you have one on your wish list? Why should an artist get away. If you did one, where would you go and why? Let's Discuss!

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