Meeting Notes, Thursday, Oct 1, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Tim, Diane, Lisa, Judith, Jean, Jeanne, Tom, Charlie, Annie, Carol, Tracy, Eunice, Betsy, Jim, Joanne T, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: Have you ever painted a meal? Food in painting.... what can you tell us about it? 

Celeste: The way the question was worded I thought maybe the questioner was asking specifically about cooked food vs raw food. I have never painted anything that was cooked. I remembered a painting by Sergei Bongardt of some fried eggs in a pan. So in the spirit of today’s question I fried some eggs and painted it last night. I also brought in a painting of the "blood moon" that I did in Gresham. I painted it in complete darkness. It was a great experience.

Eunice: I have plans to paint a painting from a photograph that I have… the photo is from a seafood restaurant. It is a very nice composition with lobster and other assorted food in it. I have never painted something like that in the past. 

Tracie:  I painted these paintings of mushrooms in the studio. 

Carol: This painting of utensils and dishes is food-related, right? (Laughter)! 

Annie: My husband's first wife was an artist. She died at an early age. In our house we have these wonderful paintings that she did of food. I wanted to share them with you because they are so extraordinary! I get to look at them every day. I also brought a painting that I did recently of some apples in a tree and also of a truck (I especially liked the light in the scene). 

Charlie: I haven't done any artwork associated with food. We are inundated with media messages and commercials about food. And if you think about it all …it is a sophisticated combination of science and art. Pears and apples in art seem overdone to me!!

Tom: I recently purchased this fake plastic fish (laughter)! This does seem a legitimate way to paint something (from a model). Especially, because we are aware something like a fish doesn’t stay fresh long. I painted this using the plastic fish model. (I had originially thought about cutting off its head…but opted not to) (laughter)! 

Betsy: I recently painted in watercolor a favorite tree of mine. It is a 100 year old sycamore. 

Jean: I have been interested in the fires lately. I wondered…. can you make something really horrible into something really beautiful? That was my objective when I did this large painting of the fire in landscape. I also have come to realize that everything I paint does not have to be big! I have been inspired to work smaller and to use a palette knife. I brought in the smaller paintings too. 

Jim:  I gave myself a self-imposed assignment to do paintings of food with primary colors. It all went well until I got to blue! (Laughter)! Well of course, I used green peppers for green (the painting I am showing). I used to do a lot of still life for the Gallery that I was associated with in California.

Joanne T: I brought in a watercolor painting that I won first place for in a show in Carlsbad California.  I had come to the reception not knowing anything about winning anything. No one had told me that I won first place….so that was an unexpected surprise!  (It is of a hamburger so I feel that it fit today's topic). 

Jeanne: I have not painted much food. (Although at studio 30 and there might have been some vegetables on the table for the still life). I've been painting out a lot. I did this from my garden and here is an additional plein air painting. This week I also painted at Oak Island. The painting is too big to bring in and too wet. I will bring it in later. 

Judith: I brought in these pears just to irritate Charlie! (Laughter)! Of course, working with fruits and vegtables is so good for painitng study. I am taking a painting class at PCC with Karen Essler. I really recommend her classes. I also recently took some classes with Eduardo Fernandez. 

Lisa: I took a workshop one time with Jef Gunn. He told us to bring in some food for a party. So we brought in the food and we ate it. Then Jef suddenly says "ok now paint this!" He wanted us to paint all the food, plates, pans etc that was left over. My painting of the after-the-food-party did not turn out all that good, but it certainly was a memorable experience. I have brought in three paintings. I liked painting this especially because of the background plaid. In this one the pepper "twisted" on the 2nd day... and I really liked how it looked. I am submitting to the OSA 200 show. This painting is from the table here at O'Connor's. 

Diane: I have always enjoyed painting food. It's one of my things! I like working in the small sizes like 4 x 6. I did this of an orange and this of Christmas cookies. I also wanted to show you also this wonderful inspirational book about food and art. 

Tim: I've been sitting here wondering why is it that I don't paint food? When the Masters painted food it was usually (I think) because it was a big feast….and big feasts were uncommon. We’re all surrounded by food so much, maybe it doesn’t seem quite as special to us as it did to the artists before us.  I did this landscape painting that I'm showing you from memory. 

Loretta: I don't do food. I have done some fruit. I have certainly made some mud pies! (Laughter)! Food just doesn't draw me in (as a subject). 


The Washington County plein air event is underway:
Saturday will be the QuickDraw at the Washington County plein air event. Diane is helping to set up the model that will be at the courthouse. (You are invited to watch). 

Lane Galley First Thursday is tonight with Kristina Sellers:!exhibitions/czpl

Suzanne McKay is at the US Bank in the Pearl for First Thursday (and for the month of Oct)

Columbia Art Gallery has a new show for October called “Rain".

Jean Thomas has work at the Artist Repertory Theater. There is reception on the 4th and you are in invited!

Local 14 has an opening at the Western forestry Center tonight and the show continues in the weekend
That is it for today thank you for coming and sharing your ideas and your paintings!

Next meeting Thursday, October 8. Suggested table topic: BEST locations for painting! Whether it's indoors or outdoors... tell us some of your favorite PLACES to paint.

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