Meeting Notes, Thursday, October 27, 2016

At today’s meeting Eunice, Mike, Tom, Kay, Jerry, John, Stephanie, Jeanie, Tim, Ward, Elo, Annie, Loretta, Joanne, Judith, and me Celeste

Today’s suggested table topic: interiors and/or painting indoors. Have you ever painted an interior room as subject matter? If not, do you think it would be a valuable experience?

Celeste: This is an interesting topic and I have painted a few interiors in the past. Recently  I painted my front room entrance. I put in a cat because the painting seemed to need something.  I put it in from memory. However, when I looked at it later I realized scale-wise my cat  in relationship to the doorknob would be about 4 feet high. (Laughter)! I wiped it out and put in another cat at a better size. I’m also showing a recent life painting.

Kay:  I am showing a still life painting I did in the evening --when the light was really remarkable. If I were to paint an interior I would really like to paint inside the University Club! I took some photographs there, but I would like to set up inside and paint right there! I am showing to paintings that I’ve done for the “Big 500” show.

Jerry: I took a photograph at OHSU in the lobby. I did this watercolor from that photograph. Interiors are so interesting because there are so many different surfaces to consider. This painting is done "Contre Jour" (Contre Jour is French for “against the daylight”). I took classes with Jef Gunn for about 18 months. He had a chair in his studio that he regularly occupied. This chair is where he did a lot of thinking and talking. I painted the room and the chair.

John: I have taken drawing classes with Cliff Smith. He has life models. I am showing you drawings I did in his class. Also, I am working on a color drawing from a photograph and I am showing you my color charts.

Stephanie: In the past I was an interior and lighting designer. So I have considered light and spaces for a long time! Generally, whenever I do still life or figure it is inside.  I do agree that photos are often static and "from life" seems to be the best way.  I enjoy arranging still life and I am reminded of that with this topic. I am showing you two paintings that I’ve done recently for the “Big 500”.... Also, I sold a painting recently at the Remax Realty office (Applause)!

Jeanie: I have done interiors as a subject in the past. I knew exactly which paintings I should bring to show because of this topic.  However, I could not find them! So never mind! (Laughter)! I will say I enjoyed painting interiors.

Ward: I have been watching endless YouTube videos about perspective. I have some favorites. Perspective is so important in all representational painting. Watching the videos and thinking about this, I realize how nothing is different inside from outside. All of the same principles apply. I am showing you a recent watercolor that I’ve done from a photo reference.

Tim: I was interested in painting an interior scene of the Centralia bus depot. But a guard came up to me and told me to stop taking pictures so –that took care of that! (laughter)! I am showing a recent landscape painting that I did that is 90% palette knife.

Elo: I have been working on a painting for the 200 show at OSA. This is a painting that shows an interior as well as the exterior through a window. My husband told me he didn't quite like it and yet he didn't offer me any suggestions (laughter)! I am showing three other recent paintings. I’ve been doing the daily painting challenge “Painting October”. On Facebook I have had some people make inquiries about purchasing my paintings. I had an idea that they could make a donation to one of my three favorite charities and then I would give them the painting. In this way I have already raised $550 for my charities so far! (Applause)!

Annie: I have painted interiors and when I have done them I've made them all up. I will do furniture from one place and a rug from another place. I went to the recent clothed model session at OSA. I was very taken by the model’s shoes. All I wanted to do was paint her shoes and yet I had paid $20 and I knew I had to do more. (Laughter)! So I painted her in this scene. I have also recently done this Edward Hopper copy.

Loretta: I have not done an interior, but maybe I will. I know that an interior would create interest and would be an engaging subject.

Joanne: I'm very fascinated by warm and cool. I did this painting recently where I set up bottles on a window sill. I like the play between indoors and outdoors. Recently Celeste and I talked about how challenging (n a good way) it can be to paint in the dark. To have less light on your palette than usual…to have to “guess” a little how the colors are going to come out. It seems risky, but sometimes that can work out better than if you can see perfectly!

Eunice: I have not painted interiors, but I was very taken with Craig Srebnik’s work. If you don't know who is ...look him up. He often would put a figure in a room and the light from the window would contrast with the person. Look at his work and see how he sets up the model in a room. I am still working on my series.

Mike: John Yardley does fabulous watercolors of rooms. I did this painting in Steve Kleier’s class. I just found it and realized what fun I had painting it --I am realizing that interiors are great subject matter. I am also showing a recent landscape.

Tom: I wanted to recommend a great movie I just saw a recently called
Miss Hokusai. I really think you should all see it. I realize that I have shied away from painting any interiors. I did paint my wife playing the piano. I recently did this painting outdoors and I did it the entire thing with about a half inch brush. I used to be intimidated when I took my gear outside and set up for plein air. I am completely over that. If my painting comes out -- then I am the one that made that happen! Laughter!

Judith: I have been taking Bethany Hayes color class at PCC. I highly recommend it.


Field trip Tuesday November 1, meet at 11 o’clock at the Portland Art Museum. We are going to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. For those interested we can go from there to Pastinis (about 12:30) on Taylor Street for lunch.

The AIS Impressionist show is still up at the Howard Mandville gallery until October 30. Annie Cannon recommends the Bolt Bus.

Fine art Fridays are now 1-4pm at OSA. This is a clothed model session (no instruction) You have to sign up in advance. $20.00. They are working on making it every Friday. For information contact Joanne via email:

 Oleg Ulitskiy is at the Art on the Boulevard until first Friday

Ward's class at OSA
9:30-12:30  Fridays..."drop in" on Fridays $25.00

Ward is teaching in North Carolina through his affiliation with "Cheap Joes"
(Congratulations, Ward)!

the Remax Realty show is still up

Jeanie Bates has some pieces at the Charbonneau Country club. You can see the show this Saturday or Sunday.

 November 4 6-9pm is the reception at Sitka

THANK YOU, Mike Porter for the great wood turned brush holder --I appreciate it! ---Celeste
THANK YOU, Ward for the song on the spirit flute! ---All of us

Next Meeting, Thursday, Nov 3, suggested table topic: Simplification and/or reducing the amount of values and colors in your paintings. Is this important? Have you made a concerted effort to do this? what has been your experience?

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