Meeting Notes, Thursday, Sept 11, 2014

At today's meeting Eunice, Erin, Tim, Susan, Bill, Glenda, Za, Lisa, Diane, Sunny, Bonnie, Jeannie, Kristina, Loretta, Don, Joanne, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic earth colors. What do you know about them what can you share about earth colors? 

Celeste: Winston Churchill said, “Pity the poor browns!” I don't use a lot of earth colors. However, Craig Srebnik taught me to use Burnt Sienna in flesh tones. It's very useful. I do also sometimes draw in my composition with a red transparent oxide. 

Loretta: I  don't use Umber. I like burnt sienna I like to use it as an underpainting. I like to use it with blue to get a gray. 

Erin:I like to use transparent earth red. However, this sometimes gets pulled up into my paint by mistake. I use it for my initial drawing. I brought in two paintings today that I did plein air. 

Tim: I brought some samples of Earth Paint. Earth colors are paint that is essentially dirt. You add oil to it and it is non-toxic and can be used by children. That is the thing about earth paint, it does come from the earth! I brought in a painting that I did at the Kevin Macpherson demonstration. 

Susan: Both both transparent red oxide and yellow ochre are on my palette and remain on my palette, having learned under Richard Schmid. He can do the most masterful portrait with just a earth red. I was at the Macpherson demonstration. I wondered what would make someone want to paint that bridge!? Especially for a demonstration. He did a masterful job of it, but I didn't want to paint it. Instead, I looked over and saw Tim standing there looking like Monet, so I painted him. I loved the critique session of the Kevin Macpherson demonstration. Here is an interesting article from Jack White:

Bill: I use for Sienna and ultramarine blue for darks. I like OSA for their demonstrations and so forth. I brought in two paintings. I used walnut oil as a medium for this painting of a figure. 

Glenda (new, Welcome!): I took a class with a teacher named Kaye Ballard. She said to us “I never use anything that reads Burnt”. 

Barbara: when I saw the topic today I thought I hated earth tones, but I went back through some of my work to look at it and I saw that I use earth colors all the time. I am a little shocked that I use earth tones as much as I do. Using earth tones with a blue makes a figure pop. I went to the Kevin Macpherson demonstration. It is a very industrial area. I tried to avoid painting the bridge!

Don: I took a workshop with Kim English. Kim English gets a great deal of depth in his paintings with dark reds and umbers. These are punchy darks and they cannot be achieved in any other way.  I brought in two paintings. 

Za: Eath tones are a good thing. I have taken earth tones off of my palette and put them back in. My mentor Yong helped me to understand that colors cannot be read properly without surrounding neutrals and earth colors. I brought in a painting. 

Lisa. I like Fastmatte earth red for my underpainting. I like it to show through to the painting it makes it more lively. I like using burnt sienna and ultramarine blue for the darks. 

Diane: I love earth colors.. I love autumn. What I love is not the reddish colors so much but the brownish grays the mystery colors. I like ochres and umbers. I always like how it feels …like you're grounding your colors with these rich earth colors. Lisa Callabero taught that English red makes a good flesh tone. I went to the Kevin Macpherson demonstration.  I liked watching him put down a lot of paint and carving out his shapes in the paint. 

Sunny (new-Welcome!):  I am new to painting. I know that raw sienna works very well for a background. I was raised in Multnomah Village. I could walk here. 

Bonnie (new.-Welcome!)  I have been painting for just a few years having given it up for a while. Craig Srebnik has been my teacher and I have been painting plein air with him on Tuesdays. He uses a lot of siennas in his portraiture. I wondered about this topic. I checked my paint supplies….why do I have three tubes of birth umber? I don't use them. 

Jeannie: I use lots of different earth tones. I use transparent red. I have used burnt umber and Thalo green for darks. I have painted this painting that I brought in for someone's birthday. 

Kristina: I use all earth colors…ochres, umbers and siennas. I think they're very important for mixing. I brought in two paintings that I did plein air. 

Eunice: Macpherson was amazing. He did a wonderful bridge. There had to be 80 people there. It was a good view for everyone because they figured out how to make it so that he was below and people seated were above him. They had a wonderful microphone system so that everyone could hear him. He used only one brush. I use umber for underpainting. My new painting is on the wall (here at OConnors).

Joanne: I use transparent red oxide and I sometimes punch it up with Alizarin Crimson. This is an important color for figures in portraiture. I did the Catherine stats workshop.  She suggested ochre as a stain in the foreground. I brought in three of my studies from the workshop. I also brought in a figure that I did very recently from a life session. 


Open studios at OSA on Mondays. Joanne is going to be the person “there” during October. There is a five dollar fee to be in the room. There is no instruction.  (1:30 on Mondays):

Audubon Society: Fund raising: "Yard Birds" 6x6". Check their website

Erin sold five paintings at her show. She will be taking the Kevin Macpherson workshop. She wonders if you might have a spare pochade box with tripod that she might borrow. Contact her if you do. 

See the list of AIS artists many do you know, and isn’t it COOL that Za and Anton are among them!

Hillsboro registration here. (It starts tomorrow—sure to be a ton of fun)!  Here is a registration phone number too: 503 615 3485  (There will be models too)!

Hood river plein air show continues to the end of this month:

Thank you all for sharing your ideas and paintings today...!

Next Meeting: Thursday, Sept 18, 9AM Suggested topic: Making a dramatic painting (what strategies can be employed? What do you know about it)?

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