Meeting Notes, Thursday, Sept 17, 2015

At today's meeting: Karen, Lola, Tom D, Talya, Talya's husband, Loretta, Dave, Annie, Tim, Judith, Susan, Jim, Stephanie, Gary, Charlie, Betsy, Tedd, Eunice, Vicki, Jeanne, Cheryl Rogers (new), Carrie, Tom C and me Celeste.

Today's suggested table topic: Your winter plans…. What can you tell us about them?

Celeste: I think that artists need structure of some kind…otherwise, we’ll fritter away our time. I like how Jim King gives himself “assignments”.  I am going to do the same.  I might start by working on three values in black-and-white just to get a “lock” on three-five values.  I brought in a landscape and a still life. 

Eunice: I will be painting from photos this winter. I will also do some still life. I brought in a fantastic new book to show you. It is drawings from the Ripken Institute. 

Tedd: I only do what Honey wants to do in the winter (laughter)! Ok... actually I will be visiting California. We have a new grandchild! I painted at the Tilikum bridge lighting ceremony. It was so interesting because it was a huge cocktail party right behind us. I am showing my bridge painting.

Betsy: My plan is to just "keep on going"! I had a friend over and she and I did a still life. Here is the results. 

Charlie: I’m looking to work on “weather"! It's a major subject. It's a challenge to translate weather into drawing and painting. But that is what I will work on. I am going to put an emphasis on drawing this winter.

Gary: My main goal is to make it through to the spring! Laughter! Actually I really think I will be keeping a journal. It is important to keep track of what you're doing. 

Jeanne: I will paint out in the winter even though the weather isn't always ideal. I have fallen out of the habit of getting books from the library. I will go back to doing that because that is really great, especially in the winter. Recently, in August, I took the intensive plein air class with Phyllis Trowbridge at PCC. We painted a plein air painting of our own in the morning and then in the afternoon she had us paint the same painting in the style of another artist. I did mine in the style of Andre Durand. I painted on a support that didn't care about --it was really fun. I will be doing more painting in the winter. These are the two paintings, one plein air and the other the “Durand” version.

Tom D: I am still working, I am not retired. I am an accountant, so I have to do taxes from January to April. I will retire someday and in the meanwhile I will keep painting. What happens after I lay off from painting is that I'll generally do a good one when I start up again! I am showing a recent plein air. 

Jim: I am looking forward to a busy winter. When I did some figure at Studio 30 I discovered how I like putting in the background with a palette knife. The palette knife lends a certain vitality that you cannot get in any other way. I am learning how to make a painting really painterly. I am going to be working this winter on more boats and some more paintings of Nikki Boylan. When I am in my studio it's kind of like being in a cave, I forget to come out (laughter)! I will be going to Italy in October. And I plan on working from photos when I get back. I have brought in two paintings that I've done of boats.

Stephanie: I don't really like to paint out in the winter. That is not for me. I work from photos during the winter. I hope to develop a series this year. I like to think about doing more sketching and drawing in the winter. Sketching and drawing from life gets you out into the world. Last January I was doing a painting every day. I might very well do that again. And if I do, I will go small like 6 x 6. I enjoyed doing the Tilikum Bridge paint out.  I brought in three that I did there. At first I was uninspired by thinking about painting the bridge. But my profession was lighting and I started looking online at the test lighting for the bridge. I liked considering how to translate that into paint and especially into abstract shapes. I brought in three bridge paintings.

Susan: I will be going to Tahiti for the winter! (Laughter)! Ok, I am kidding. But whatever I do I hope it will be better than what I did last year ...which was to go to Chicago several times in the dead of the winter! I will be going to Hipbone this year. (Apparently studio 30 will be no more). I like to do still life and figure in the winter. 

Cheryl: I am new (welcome, Cheryl). I like small paintings. I will be going to California to do more small paintings and then in turn I will turn those small paintings into larger paintings. 

Karen: I work so I can't come every time to these meetings. But! I will come as often as I can. I went to the Cooper Mountain Nature Park i-- there was smoke in the air. And I also did a workshop with Don Bishop. My mother was a draftsperson. I came across this cover that she had a hand in (Palette Talk). I will be taking a workshop with Sandra Hulsman. It will be a pastel workshop. I will also be doing the Washington County plein air event and the Beaverton Quick Draw. 

Carrie: I will have to move my Studio this winter. I am going to organize.

Vicki: I want to paint with more neutrals. I want to do more portraits. I brought in a painting that I did at Cooper Mountain Vineyard. 

Judith: I like taking classes in the winter. I went out with the “Friends with Easels” (the Gorge Painters). I brought in a plein air painting to show you. I am trying to be much more loose in my brushwork. This second painting is a “concept" painting that is a work in progress. 

Tim: I wanted to test my idea to paint from my car so I rigged the drawing board to attach to the steering wheel! The painting I did was green green green. I learned that it is a challenge to get to all your supplies while you are stuck behind the steering wheel (laughter)! I brought in a second painting that I did at the Sandy Delta Park. It is straight oil instead of water soluble oil. 

Annie: I am eager to do things this winter. First I have to have some surgery in November. I brought in two paintings. I find that I really like to crop my paintings after I paint them! Most every time….I want to crop every painting I do. Laughter! 

Dave: I haven't been painting in a while and I hope that it will be like riding a bike. I hope I will remember how to do it (laughter)! I like painting outside in the winter. I really like the colors better than summer. What I do now is I will sometimes take a picture on my iPhone, transfer that to my iPad, and then paint the photograph from a larger monitor in my studio. It's a really great way to paint from a photograph in your studio. I'm going to be going to Europe this year and I will be sketching with watercolor pencils while I'm there. I brought in an old painting to show you today. 

Loretta: I hope to have my studio all together this winter. Most of it is still in boxes at this time. I'm not much of an outside painter.. but I would consider painting some snow (“directly"). I brought an old still life that I did some time ago. 

Tom C: I have been working large lately. I'm making my focus composition. I will be doing the Washington County plein air event. 

Talya: I brought in two portraits that I've done recently. I am going to be doing a color relations class. I'm looking for a space to do that. I will be out in bad weather. It really doesn't bother me! 

Talya’s Husband: I will be taking naps while Talya works (Laughter)!

Lola: I will work some from photos and I am also excited to tell you that I'm going to be going to the plein air convention. I am trying to talk my husband into going a road trip route that will be fun. I really want to take my plein air paintings and turn them into studio work.


Ron Stocke will be teaching watercolor at OSA. He's a fantastic watercolor painter of urban landscapes. It starts tomorrow and there are a few places left. 

Kristina Sellers has opened at the Lane gallery. 

The OSA jury show is up on the walls. 

Joanne Mehl is putting together a weekly clothed figurative session that will be in Milwaukee. Look at our Facebook page for more details. 

The Portrait show is still up at the US Bank. Be sure to get there before the end of the month to be able to see it. 

Seattle Art Museum has a show coming that will run from October 1 to January 10... it is from the National Gallery of Art has  something to do with impressionist art. It seems like it will be a great idea to take the bolt bus or the train and go up there and see it (maybe as a group)
Steve Klier is starting his popular "Joy of drawing" class at OSA beginning September 22 from 2 to 4. Join every Tuesday at OSA

It was noisy today—! thanks for putting up with it. It was great to hear your ideas and see your paintings.

Next meeting: Thursday, Sept 24. Suggested Table Topic: The biggest “hang-up*” you have regarding painting. (i.e.: getting materials together, cleaning your palette, finding subjects, etc)! *things you just don’t want to do. (2nd part of question….what ideas do you have to improve)?

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