Meeting Notes Jan 10, 2019

At today's meeting:  Loretta, Peggie, Susan, Wendy, Lisa, Diane, Donna, Kathy, Annie, Stephanie, Dotty, Phil, Elo, Jennifer, Tedd, Jim, Tim, Jeanie, Raphael, Geri, Eunice, Bonny, Thomas and me, Celeste.

Today's topic: "An Artist's Day" Explain how you structure your day for painting.

Yves: I just wanted to step in and show you a couple of posters that may be of interest to your group. I know that many of you paint outdoors. My Gallery represented Premier Oregon plein air artist Clyde Leon Keller. You can see the California plein air influence in his work. When he passed away I handled his estate of paintings*. He was a founding member and President of Oregon Society of Artists. *Just remember, when you pass away, I can do the same for you too! (Laughter)!

Celeste: I found a form online that I have used. The prompts on the form help you plan your day. I am showing some plein air studies that I did during last year.

Loretta: I like to paint in the morning. If I have things to do during the day (places I have to be or errands) I can't seem to get to painting. Life gets in the way! When I am painting, however, it takes a lot to get me to leave it.

Peggie: I made a trip to Crater Lake and painted there.  It was smokey. I painted Wizard Island. I am also showing a boat painting. It sold right away. As for what is my day like...I'll get back to you!

Susan: I'm in the middle of a big transition (selling my business) so soon I will be restructuring my day. I'll also "get back to you"!

Wendy: I am going to be taking a workshop with Albert Handel, so I did this Master Copy (with Susan's encouragement). I learned some things from doing it. I still work, so I have to factor work into my day and fit painting in where I can.

Lisa: I also still have a I have to balance work and painting. I find that I want to paint when I am stressed! As a rule, I like to paint at least 3 to 4 days per week. I am showing a recent painting. I liked these strong shadows. It is unlike anything I have painted before.

Diane: I keep drawing materials with my coffee table. Everything I need (pencils, sharpener, erasers, paper) is right there. I have been doing mostly drawing lately. I am showing a recent drawing.

Donna: I am probably the most undisciplined person here! I don't have a painting plan. I have no excuse for not painting more. I painted this recently and call it: "Empty chairs and empty tables".  I find that I seem to be most productive at night.

Kathy: I am the person who suggested this question! I do keep  a "to do" list. I have to try to fit everything into my day. I want to prioritize. I am taking Za's weekly class. I chose figurative as my concentrated area of study.

Annie: I remember a scene in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite". Another student on the school bus asks Napoleon what he is going to do today. He answers: "I'll do what I want, Gosh"! (Laughter)! I brought in a notebook that I kept recently. Putting notes together like this keeps me focused. I took a time management class once and we were taught to prioritize with "A-B-C" and asterisks. I am showing a painting from Smith Rocks.

Stephanie: Now that I am retired ..well, that just seems synonymous with freedom.  I like to paint at night and then in the morning I have something to look at and evaluate. When you attend a paint out you do have to be organized. You have to plan and make sure that you have everything packed that you will need. When I painted the "endangered" tree downtown the weather was very cold. I remembered I had cardboard in my car and I used it to stand on. It helped! I am showing an acrylic painting of the tree.

Dotty: I do try to work everyday, but recently my old computer and my old printer both decided to give out so I had to deal with that. I am showing two recent pastel paintings.

Phil: I am a retired Pastor, but I still have obligations. I can become tightly wound. Painting improves my emotional state.  I am most concerned with the learning, not necessarily the finished product. I am showing a plein air painting.

Elo: I keep things in my car. I am always experimenting and learning. We are all self-directed! I do a lot of practice. I think we have to agree that we are on a lifelong journey. I brought a friend today! (Jennifer).

Jennifer (new, Welcome) I have two commissions so I have been working on them. I work in acrylic. I am showing a painting that I did recently.

Tedd: If you ever get a chance to see Edward Hopper's is a treasure. Hopper and his wife both listed everything and kept excellent records. I find this topic interesting. I start with all the responsibilities to my wife and family and then I paint. I still do some business and I try to effectively structure my time. I am showing a new palette knife painting. I used cold wax in this and it knocked back some of the color. I am deciding how I feel about that. I have been making my own cardboard boxes for these paintings. I've been doing these palette knife paintings with a lot more paint than usual. The fumes are outrageous! Putting the paintings in individual boxes helps cut down the fumes.

Jim: I am back from a trip...I am so glad I live here! (Laughter)! I am hoping to get outside to paint. I have been doing the Strada challenge and I am a little tired of still life. I am showing a painting of Strasberg, France. I painted it from a reference. There was a terrorist attack there and learning that really affected me. It is such a beautiful and unusual place. As far as my day...I make sure any "other" obligations are met and then I paint.

Tim: I have no structure! (Laughter)! Well, I put Cindy and my pets first...and then after that, I do what I want. I am showing paintings where I used bentonite clay as a medium. I also did this larger painting plein air.

Jeanie: I have enough time --I could paint every day, but I do not. What I know is that if I go too long without painting I feel very bored. Sometimes I like to listen to books while I paint.

Raphael: My life has been crazy. Last week I was a plumber and a carpenter! (Laughter)! I am in the Strada (daily painting) challenge. Sometimes you just walk around the whole house chanting "what am I going to paint, what am I going to paint"? I painted this looking out my window! I painted this one in my own back yard.

Geri: I would describe my art practice as spasmodic! My husband and I both love art, but inexplicably, sometimes we do not make time for it. I realize, however, that I do get a fair amount done. I have my work on display at home and it surprises me when I look at it--I can accept that I manage to get quite a lot done! I don't want to be negative...but the least little thing can (sometimes) throw me off!

Eunice: I like to paint in the morning...then have lunch and paint some more!

Bonny (new, welcome) Hello everyone, I am Bonny with a "y"! I am vice president of the Columbia Arts Guild. We are located in St. Helens (which I call "Egypt" (Laughter)! I draw and paint. I was an illustrator in the Military. In addition to my training in the Military I earned a 4 year degree in art also. I knew as a young person that my career would be in art. Lots of people will say "Oh, you're just having fun, aren't you"! but, of course, we all know that is not strictly the case. I actually made a business plan for myself and I actually follow through! I am applying for two Artist residencies and also I am offering a new Urban sketch class and an typography class in St. Helens. I'm showing some of my cards and a book project that I did for Timberline Lodge. (All of the drawings inside were done on site). 

Thomas: I am supposed to follow that? (Laughter). How many here are former Illustrators? I learned that many illustrators began their day at 4am! No way that I can do that. I spend mornings doing clerical or planning type work. In the afternoon I paint. I always have to do mundane things and it makes me regret the loss of painting time! I wrote an article for Plein Air Magazine recently and I will read you a paragraph that speaks to this topic. (synopsis: "Make space for yourself)!


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