Meeting Notes, July 16, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Judith, Tim, Teresa, Erin, Leslie, Marty T, Kristina, Jeanie, Vicki, Jim and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic old paintings/failed paintings…. what do you do with them? Do you discard your old paintings? if so, how? 

Celeste: This is a timely subject for me. I burned one painting in my fire pit in the back yard recently, however, I found out after I burned this one single painting that there was a burn ban in Portland, so I had to stop. (Laughter)! I have in the past painted over paintings but I'm not so fond of that practice now. I prefer a new panel to paint on now. I brought in a painting that I painted over. This is a good example of what I would like to get rid of... but for some reason I can’t. What am I supposed to do with painting like this? I’m not sure what to do with it, but I don’t get rid of it. I also brought in a plein air painting. 

Loretta: I will go over something no more than10 times! (Laughter)! After that, it's pretty much time for the box cutter!  I will rip up the painting into strips and throw it out into the dumpster. I will make sure that none of it is usable by anyone else. It’s not because I think I will be famous or anything, I just don't want any of my bad art "out there". 

Judith: Years ago I moved to Hawaii.  So I took all of my artwork there.  Eventually I put all of my paintings up for sale (at very cheap prices). A whole bunch of Japanese tourists bought nearly all of them! So I found out that the Japanese liked my work! (Laughter)!

I have been currently trying to paint a painting a day and to paint in a looser style. I brought in a copy of a Edward Hopper painting and two landscapes. 

Tim: I scrape the old paint off and paint on top of an old painting. I do that all the time. I brought in two paintings is a plein air painting the other is of one of my slippers. (Yes, this is actually one of my "wedding slippers" from India)

Teresa: I do reuse my canvases. I scrape off the old paint and will gesso over it. 

Erin: I do paint over old paintings. I did five paintings at the lavender festival! One of my paintings sold at the festival 
(Applause)! My artist friend Fred Swan says that having the ability to “crop" is an important talent for artists.

Leslie: I used to paint a lot in acrylics and I liked going over old paintings. I still like to paint over old painting sometimes (in oil), however, you have to be careful the paint underneath will make not  provide some sort of odd "shape" that is really not favorable. 

I have been going out to plein air paint by myself and I did this painting. I am interested in trees. I want to paint with others so if you want to paint some time with me please contact me! I would love to have company. 

Marty: I keep my paintings in the garage. I revisit my old paintings and I can see my progress. To be honest, a lot of my older paintings seem better than my new paintings! (Laughter)! 

I have discovered an app for my phone called ‘procreate'. I will send my phone around and show it to you. I think this is a useful tool for ideas for paintings.

Kristina: I have stacks and stacks of paintings. I often will paint on the other side of things. I have an idea that I'd like to get a table saw to crop the panels that I have into better paintings. I also like to paint with palette knife over old paintings. I have really enjoyed doing that. I had an idea one time that we should take some old painting that we don't want .....and forward it to another artist to let them work on it! (Laughter)!
I think it would work. It would be really fun. I brought in a plein air painting that I did in the gorge. 

Jeanie: I have donated a lot of my old canvases to PCC (the PCC donation bin). I'll bet you some of their art students have used them. I'm not concerned about if anyone would put together these bad paintings with me personally. I didn’t sign them. I have sanded down paintings and painted over them. I brought an example of this. I brought in a before and after. 

Vicki: I read a book about Chagall. He often painted over things. Sometimes it would be years later that he would paint over something. I love Metisse. I like to spread a lot of color around on an old failed painting and then use that as a background. I brought in a sample of this: 

(color background... to paint on top of)

I brought in a painting that I did as a paint over…and another that is a plein air. 

Jim: If they are on linen I will recoat with white. Zinc white comes in a can. Often I have just painted on the other side of linen. So yes, I do absolutely reuse my old canvases. When I am looking at old paintings it goes like this "yes.. no.. yes.. no" and I mercilessly throw away the no-s.  You have to do this or you'll be buried in old paintings. I have committed now to only panels and no stretched canvas so that if they take up a lot less room.  I am trying to use Jennifer Diehl’s color palette so I am using old canvases to paint color swatches onto. 

(Vicki remembered hearing about some project where people were leaving paintings on other people's doorsteps…l ike “presents” and Tim said "…...what like zucchini”? (Laughter)!


Kristina is going to paint a Nocturne tonight in Stevenson, Wa. Some of the ships from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean are going to be docked at the Skamania port. She will leave around 8 PM. The ships are just there for a limited time. See you there if you have an interest!

Erik Sandgren's coastal paint out continues  No fee…tons of fun!

Don Bishop has a workshop on Saturday. (From all accounts he is a great teacher). 
Also upcoming workshops with Jennifer Diehl, Ria Krishnan and others:

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Lane Gallery yesterday for the opening of show. There will be another reception for this show first Thursday in August. 

Art splash is next weekend. Celeste Bergin is the juror

The attendance for our meeting today was light….equally light at sketching. We never mind this —the smaller group is nice too!

Next Week (July 23) meeting suggested topic: Yellow. Do you have a very favorite yellow? How about an un-favorite yellow? Reasons? let's talk specifics…... about yellow

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