Meeting Notes, Dec 17, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta U, Dave, Tim, Vicki, Annie, Loretta L, Judith, Joanne M, Susan, Talya, Troy, Charlie, Jim, Dotty, Genie, Tedd, Eunice, Joanne T, Nancy, and me Celeste. 

Today's suggested table topic: "All things Internet" Share with us any specific art-related videos or websites that you especially like that you have found on the Internet. 

Celeste: I like Facebook. I enjoy seeing a lot of great art there and it is a great tool for communicating with others.  Cathleen Rehfeld recommended a website called Proko. It is about drawing. I have only investigated some of it but from what I have seen of it it is valuable and will be fun to check out during the winter. I brought in a painting that was inspired by Malcom Liepke.

Loretta: I also like Facebook! I specifically like a page on Facebook called "Today's Impressionists". I really haven't done very many tutorials on the Internet, but that may change in the future.

Dave: I recommend Jerry Yarnell. He can be found on YouTube. I especially liked one of his tutorials about painting rocks. I brought in three paintings today. They are all from photo reference.

Tim: You can find videos on the Dick Blick website also the Gamblin website has informative videos on it. I brought in some miniature paintings for each one of you! This is my way of thanking you for being you!  I also brought in a painting that I did from memory of some leaves.

Vicki: I like the Carol Marine Daily Paintworks website. There is a lot of inspiration there as well as tutorials. I like Cathleen Rehfeld's daily painting blog. Also Ed Terpening's website. I am interested in portrait painting, so I am happy to hear your recommendations about that. I brought in two older paintings that I have recently worked on.

Annie: I like James Gurney and  (name to come).   I actually don't like the Internet very much and try to stay away from it! (Laughter)! I brought in a painting that I did recently of snow.

Loretta L: Joanne and I went to an OSA workshop with Serena B (sorry didn't get full name)  We worked with cold wax. This was called Wabi-Sabi. I would recommend the TEDTalk that explains what Wabi-Sabi is about. It has to do with how there is beauty is in imperfection.

Judith: I like Claire Basler. She has a wonderful website that shows her work and studio.

Nancy: I recommend a website to practice gesture for figure painting or drawing. It's called artist pixels lovely.  What you can do is use a timer on these images and there is no copyright. I also like a plein air artist named José Salvaggiio. He just paints the painting and there is seldom talking. You can watch him paint the entire painting! 

I did this painting of my daughter looking into a mirror. Her little face was a challenge! (laughter)!. I have been taking a pastel class with Brenda Boylan.  I brought in two pastels from her classes.

Joanne T: For about an hour every morning I am an Internet groupie!  (Laughter)!. I like a guy on Facebook name Samuel Cherrubin. He posts other people's work. I have learned so much from him. I also like Colly Whisson on YouTube. And Phil Starkes blog. I painted a barn and recently found out that many others have painted in that very same spot. I also brought in a figure.

Joanne M: I like Pinterest! I had first thought that I don't have time for this sort of thing, but I have since discovered that it is so much fun to pin things that you like as well as your own work. Pinterest is so engaging, it can actually take the place of art books! It doesn't take up as much room! I like looking at others work on Pinterest because it makes me feel enthused. I brought in a painting that is a work in progress. It is of my niece. I will definitely change the background when I get this home. I felt bad making my nieces sit for me. Is that a woman thing? I needed to give them frequent breaks because they are doing this just for me (without pay). It made me think to myself that maybe I should become more of an egotist! (Laughter)! Well,  would a man feel bad about his model sitting? No!  Doubt it! (laughter!)

Susan: My dream would be to hire someone to do all of the social marketing etc. online for me (Laughter)! I have found out a lot of things from Talya. For example,  she recommended Artfinder to me and I have since sold some things on Artfinder. Fine Art America is great for prints. My son Matthew and I have been discovering a artist on YouTube named Casey Baugh. He is very inspiring graphite artist. He uses acetone to make some wild backgrounds. I really enjoy his work. I am using Tedd's photo reference (of an urban scape) for a painting (that was posted on Facebook). It is very challenging!

Talya: I got my start on the Internet. I met all of the "Painted Ladies" through Wet Canvas. I spent a lot of time on Wet Canvas and learned a lot of things there. I found out that a lot of people can and do give some great advice!  Patreon is a great site. People get subscriptions to you and you give them something in return for their subscription. It's a great site to follow others. You should all have a look at it. I also like Pinterest and Fine Art America. One thing you should consider doing always is to pin everything at a low resolution so that people can't really print from your photograph. I have brought in two paintings. One is a plein air and the other one is a friend's father.

Troy: I have sat for Talya for six hours straight! (Laughter)! Well, it is great way to read a book. I mostly drive her around.! (Laughter)! 

Charlie: I watch a group called Ocean and water painter's group. It's an international group of many mediums. I often try to figure out why I don't like certain things. I get a lot out of seeing what I'd do like and also what I don't like! I use the search engine sometimes to figure out what to do next.

Jim: As many of you know I went on a trip to Italy. I brought back a lot of photo references. I have used my photos and an iPad to do some pencil sketches for ideas. I am showing you today a study that I did along with the larger painting that I did from the study.  I have an idea for another painting that I want to do that is patches of fields and rolling fields. I am not on the Internet very much!

Dotty:  I used to like to get a an email from Robert Genn. It came twice a week. Every single time late he sent out an email it seemed to speak directly to me! It was ironic that every time he sent one of those emails it seems specific to something I was going through right at that very time. Robert Genn has since died and his daughter has taken over the weekly email. She intersperses the Robert Genn writing with her own writing. I would also recommend fine arts studio online it's a great source if you need a website. I brought in a painting that I did at Washington Park.

Genie: I think that the Internet is dangerous! (Laughter)! It can make me put my work aside after see seeing a John Singer Sargent! Susan inspired me last time with her storefront painting. I grew up in a store and I had to mind the store as a young girl. There is an artist named Richard Estes he does a lot of wonderful work. I like David Dunlop. He is inspiring. But as I told you -- the Internet is dangerous… It can be such a time waster.

Tedd: I like Painting Perceptions. I think that the John Pence's gallery in San Francisco is a great website. I also recommend Jeremy Mann.

Eunice: The thing about YouTube is that you can be watching one thing and then see something else in the sidebar that can take you somewhere else and before you know what you can be lost into the evening! (Laughter)! I like Daniel Edmondson and Richard Robertson

More recommendations: Savvy Painter podcast:


Susan will be offering an weekly class -- details to come.

Joanne Mehl is having open sessions on Fridays. In the future she will teach figure painting in the morning and then there will be open figure painting sessions on Fridays in the afternoon.

We had a great time at the Portland Art Museum field trip yesterday. Thank you to everyone who helped make that happen! 

Scott Gellatly workshop Jan 8 & 9

Our field trip for Seattle January 6 is still on. However, we have not found very many volunteers we have found no volunteers to drive. Therefore, you have to get yourself to the Seattle Art Museum by 11 o'clock on Jan 6. If you want to drive and have room in your car please let us know in advance.

Thursday Drawing Club link from today:

It has been decided that even though the following next two Thursdays are considered holidays ... we are going to have our weekly meetings anyway. That means we will be meeting next week on Christmas eve morning as usual. The suggested table topic is snow paintings and or holiday themed paintings. What is your experience?

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