Meeting Notes, August 25, 2016

At today's meeting: Eunice, Tim, Mike P., Annie, Khanh, Eugenia, Rita, Ward, Tom D., Jim, Loretta L., Jeannie, Vicki, Jeanne C., Elo, Joanne T., Judith, and me (Loretta U.)

Today's Topic: Setting your palette (arrangement of colors) and why do you do it as you do? Do you ever make changes? If so, what are the reasons.

Loretta U.: I have a white, glass like palette. White is on the lower left side, followed by warm/cool blues, greens, and reds. At the top are violet, earth colors, yellow, and orange. 

Eunice: I didn't change my palette arrangement for 20 years until recently. I used to arrange the colors according to the color wheel, starting with white, yellow or red, etc., but changed the palette to Jennifer Diehl's palette and I really like it.

Mike: I have a habit of palette arrangement when painting landscapes: warm on the left; reds at the top, and then cool and warm yellows, blues and standby cobalt turquoise, and greens. Then I change things around.
 Eugenia: I have a Camille Przewodek palette, which I put in the freezer when I'm not painting. I took a workshop with Colley Whisson. I use yellow ochre, white, Ultramarine blue, Permanent Alizarin, Scarlet, Phalo green, and light red.

Rita: I've been mainly doing pen and ink drawings, but I'm trying to start painting again.

Tom: I have two blobs of white: one blob for cool colors and one blob for warm colors. Doing so helps to keep the whites pure and keeps them from getting muddy.

Vicki: Talking about a palette surface, I use a glass palette with a gray undertone. I can scrape the paint easily. White is at the far end of the palette, so it's less likely to get contaminated and having it so far away helps me from using too much of it.

Jeanne: Typically, I use a Soltek Easel, which comes with a palette. I have a weird layout of paints to keep the center clean. I put out a rainbow of colors and then I put white around it. I don't put out a lot of colors. I got rid of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber so that my landscapes are less dark. I'm experimenting with different whites. I noted that Kathleen Dunphy uses Rembrandt's Naples Yellow Deep for mixing instead of white. She also mentioned using Rembrandt's Royal Blue.
 Elo: I work with Acrylics so I have an extremely limited palette because of the drying factor. I use one red, two yellows, Ultramarine blue, and white. I put parchment paper over a paper towel as a palette.

Joanne:  For my palette, I use white, two yellows, yellow ochre, two reds, three blues, and greens. I love Viridian green, especially with Ultramarine blue. I also use Transparent Red Oxide, Paynes gray, and black.

Loretta L.: I learned to arrange my palette from Jennifer Diehl. I put white in the corner, or at the bottom when I'm doing Plein Air. I think it's best not to vary your tradition.

Jeanie: I put out a lot of paint on a big palette, and I save what I don't use.

Judith: I'm working on composition and values now. I'm copying an Ingres painting, mainly to figure out skin tones. I have used different sized palettes.

Ward: I special ordered a brass box, which is hand-pounded with an enamel palette. There's a place to keep colors separate. It should arrive at the end of September. I've used different palettes in different workshops. I really like Manganese blue and Cerulean blue, Quin gold, Phalo green. I'm learning to paint Plein Air.

Khanh: At first, I had boxes and boxes of colors that I didn't use. I use a glass palette, which I bought at Ikea. The glass palette has a gray undertone and the glass makes it easy to scrape away paint. I use Cadimum red, yellow ochre, white, sap green, and Transparent Red Oxide for sketching. Magenta and Ultramarine blue make a beautiful violet. I'm using all Gamblin colors now.

Tim: I don't have a system. I use five colors plus white. I have to look at the palette if I can't remember where the colors are placed, so remember to look at your palette when mixing colors! (Laughter)

Jim: I took Jennifer Diehl's class. Her palette is extensive and too much for me. I put white on the left, then warm yellow, reds, and Quin red. At the top, I put the earth colors, yellow, Burnt Umber, and blue. On the right side are the cool colors: two or three blues, Phalo green and Viridian, and a spot of white to separate the cool colors. I like to know where my colors are! (Laughter) It gives a more efficient process. I'm doing a lot of drawing lately. I bought some books at Powell's of male and female action figures for comics. They're fun to draw and it's good practice. I have a glass palette and previously used a No. 4 gray undertone, but I now use a white undertone and I like it better.

Annie: I paint with Acrylics. I've tried water soluble oils but I don't like them. (Laughter) I have a small glass palette with an undertone. There isn't a lot of room to mix colors. I use five or six colors, and I use cups for the paint.


 Oleg Ulitskiy reception at Art on the Boulevard:

Pacific NW Plein Air 2016 Reception at Maryhill Museum
Opening Reception
Friday, August 26 | 5 to 7 p.m.
Plein Air Exhibition at Maryhill 
Saturday, August 27 & Sunday, August 28 | 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The public is invited to view the paintings artists created in plein air, meet the artists and enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres. Artwork will be available for purchase.

The plein air exhibition remains on view with paintings available for purchase. Exhibition entry is free with museum admission.

Jeanne indicated that Jef Gunn will be giving a workshop in October for four or five days. It'll be in Diamond, OR, which is in Harney County.

Special Thanks to Loretta Unger and Tim Young for providing the notes and photos from todays meeting.

Next Meeting Thursday Sept 1, 9am, Suggested table topic: "Art Challenges and contests" have you ever participated? What has been your experience? Lets Discuss!

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