Meeting Notes, Thursday, March 3, 2016

At today's meeting:  Eunice, Tedd, Dave, Tim, Khanh, Mike, Diane, Annie, Jim, Susan, Loretta L., Eugenia, Carrie, Stephanie, Jeanie, Ward, Kristina, Jeanne, Dawn, Charlie, Kay, Sharon, Marty D, Za, and me (Loretta U.).

Suggested Table Topic: Have you ever painted a series? And, if you were to paint a series in the future, what would it be like and why?

Dave: I've done a series of several old golfers. (Laughter) and now I'm working on a series from my trip to Europe. Series are fun to do.

Kay: I love series. I have a bunch of them in my head, but now I'm working on my skill with faces—mud heads as they're called. I'm working with three values. I also like black and white photographs for their composition and tonal value. I brought two books: one with Eakin's paintings and one with Bob Dylan's paintings.

Marty D: I don't have much to say. I like series of landscapes and seascapes.

Jim: I've done a number of series, The painting on the wall, which I'm taking down today, was part of a series of working with a specific color—three primary and three secondary colors, all six as a basis for composition, including triangular shapes. I've done another series of paintings of fountains, including the Jamison Fountain in the Pearl and that was lots of fun. I've also done a series of boats in a free style with lots of paint. And, I've done a series of paintings from my trip to Italy.

Tim: I planned several series, but then the squirrel came along! (Laughter) I haven't completed a series. I'm showing a painting from a photo taken at Rooster Rock.

Diane: Like Kay, I have a million ideas. My brain goes faster than my hand! My goal is to do a series. Most of the paintings that I did for the Gardino Gallery have been sold. Lately, I like enchanted things that are left on the table after the people leave. I'm working on improving my skills in drawing and getting the correct proportions. A new series will be portraiture of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I'm in love with the human face!

Khanh: I've done a series of figures both with and without clothes, and a series of still life paintings. The next series will be nudes in martial arts poses. I achieved my goal last year. I haven't done many landscape paintings, but have done some still life from life and from photos.

Loretta L.: I'm taking a class at PCC. I haven't done any series, but I'm doing a "re-do," which is somewhat like a series.

Ward: I haven't done painting for long enough to do a series. I went through three phases—detailed phase, splatter, and "keeps me bopping." I'm going to do a demo at ASO in Oregon City.

Charlie: There are different directions in a series, including photography. We've done them with baby books—15 kids—maybe not! I've taken a photo every year for five years of a particular place to note all the changes that transpired. It produced a deep study of the changing landscape.

Jeanne: I haven't done any series, but I'm painting at the same place a lot, so in effect, it's a series. I'm learning a lot.

Jeanie: It's an interesting question. I'm in the middle of my second painting in a series of stores, which will be shown at OSA. I brought in several sketchbooks, which I covered. All the pages are still blank.

Stephanie: I don't set out to do a series, but I've been asked to do three abstract landscapes/seascapes. The three are related by color, but all go together. I like mainly landscapes done from the same spot or photo and then I can make variations. Some work; some don't. I have a series of paintings of Johnson Creek—same shape and size and I'll put them in a show. I also like Crown Point and paintings people with their pets.

Carrie: I do watercolors. Cezanne painted the same mountain over and over again in different seasons and temperatures. I try to make changes and improve. Right now, I'm working with gelli prints and cutting my own stamps. I love the texture off the soft plate. It's very responsive to acrylics. There's lots of directions one can go.

Kristina: I use series in a way to get myself out of a slump. There's no deadline. I either go from good to bad or from bad to good.

Susan: I've done both long and short series—like the Lavender Festival. I've done a series of woman wearing hats, and now I'm working on a series of paintings based on Alpenrose Dairy. I'm just back from a trip to Mexico where I did several paintings.

Eugenia: I like series, probably too much! I like Portland in the rain. People here don't stop when it's raining like they do in Chicago. If it rains in Chicago, people don't go out. I'm doing a series on climate change---causes, effects, solutions, and what we'll lose if we don't do something about it. I'm also just back from a trip to Mexico.

Annie: I've just taken Za's workshop. I worked with three values and would like to keep going with black, white, and gray and then add color later. Though I've never done this series, anyone of you might want to do this: a white Chinese bowl with garbage in it, that is, one day with orange peels, one day with coffee grounds, etc.

Mike: As I work in watercolor, I have many little stinkers, which can be done very fast. I've painted a lot of roses. I have a lot of photos on my website of doors, mainly Italian and French doors. Feel free to download any of them, but email me first. Right now, I'm remodeling my workshop/studio. I can paint for a while and then switch to wood turning.

Tedd: I've done many series. My wife says that I need six wives to get it all done! (Laughter) I've done a series of rose paintings. I like the rose when it starts to droop because the color changes. I've also done a series of five women. The painting on the wall here is one of the paintings in that series.

Eunice: Last year I did a series using photographs from Smith Rock. Galleries like series, so be careful!

Za: Series are a great idea. I brought in a painting I did in Roseburg. From one place there was the golden light and then from the other place, the "jungle." You could hang this painting in any way. It keeps its values and that's my secret!

Dawn: I've done a series in abstract (30 pieces) and I've brought one in today! 


Eugenia: Colley Whisson from Australia will be teaching a workshop in Bend this coming August.

Ward: There's an Art Extravaganza in Oregon City March 16th.

Jeanne: 70 artists are represented at the Southeast Area Art Walk March 5th & 6th.---(Here is specific information from Jeanne):

"I am pleased to be among them.  I will be hosted by Fernie Brae, a gallery space located at 4035 SE Hawthorne, across the street from the New Seasons Market.  I am showing a group of 17 landscape paintings.   If you are out and about next weekend, and would like to see some of my recent work, please stop by.  Fernie Brae will be open from 11am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.  I hope to see you there"!

Here is a link to the event map.

Check out our Facebook group page for more opportunities workshops events etc!

Susan: 80 artists showing their work at Southminster Church on SW Denny tonight and tomorrow.

Note: THANKS TO LORETTA AND TIM for the Notes and Photos! and Happy Birthday Loretta!

Next Meeting, Thursday March 10 Suggested table topic: Invitations, Receptions, Sales, Events...getting people to come to your things---stories, What has been your experience in "getting people to come to your things"!? (and if you haven't yet invited anyone to anything..tell us your impressions of being on the receiving end of invitations)! 

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