Meeting Notes, July 27, 2017

At todays meeting, Joanne, Laura, Paula, Stephanie, Loretta, Tedd, Tim, Jim, Diane, Lisa, Geri, Raphael, Eunice, Tom, Dotty, Susan, Nancy, Annie, Becky, Tracie, Art Hesford (new) and me, Celeste.

Todays topic: Revisiting a subject or location several times. Have you done this? Was it a positive experience? What can you tell us about your experience?

Celeste: I have done multiples of subject and locations. I brought these oil studies of flight boots. Each time I painted them I felt more ease with them. I also have painted at the Women's forum quite a lot as well as the Sandy Dog Park. Cezanne painted the same mountain over and over, so I guess if it's good enough for Cezanne, it's good enough for us too. I also brought two recent paintings. 

Loretta: I do revisit the same scene. (I often paint from memory). If I don't have a good vision of the painting ahead of time, the painting generally won't turn out! 

Tedd: I painted a scene at NW 10th was during the snow. I plan on painting that same spot again for comparison.  I brought in this portrait.

Tim: I live near Chinook Landing, so I have been there often...but it is never the same. I painted these two paintings there. I finished one painting and just rotated my chair 90 degrees and got an altogether different view. I also painted this watercolor recently.

Jim: When I lived in Southern California my favorite spot was Pelican point. It is an ever-changing place, it always seems different. Aside from that I have rarely painted the same scene. I went to Susan Kuznitsky's workshop last weekend. Here are my paintings from the workshop (that was in a garden). I brought in this painting that I own that was done by Greg LaRock. (His name and painting came up in discussion on Facebook, and I thought you might like to see one of his paintings in person).  (Thanks, Jim)

Diane: Recently I have discovered painting over another painting. I really like doing that. In the past I have always been very careful with gridding and measuring...but this is different, I am just "finding the form". This painting represents the direction I am taking.

Lisa: I haven't done a lot of revisiting..but I do feel that it would be valuable.

Laura: I am showing this pastel --because it goes with the topic. I was camping in this spot and I revisited this same scene 3 times. What is so great about camping and painting is that there is no more travel--you're right there! In my view there is a danger to painting the same place several times. You can get complacent and stop observing and paint it like you did the last one. (Editor's note: Apologies, I didn't get a photo of this painting). I am also showing a painting that I did in the lavender fields. 

Art (new, Wecome, Art)! I have an "expanse" behind my house and I painted it. This is a pastel. To me, this scene is beautiful. There is a lot of subtle variety in the scene.  

Tracie: I enjoy the same topic....but not necessarily the same view. There is a distinction. I didn't bring a painting today, but I did bring ART. (gesturing toward Art, the friend who she brought to the meeting). Laughter!

Nancy: I am taking classes with Za. I am interested in learning things in "chunks". I sometimes work on the same painting at the same place. Za had us bring in a painting for reference. We had to paint a new painting, based on the old painting but using a different palette based on the palette of another artist. I chose to change my painting with a warm Ovanes Barbarian palette. I am showing both versions. 

Stephanie: I do like to return over and over to the same places. But! If I don't get a good painting I often don't go back. I have to like the place to go back! It is nice to return to the same place for different times of day. I like Rooster Rock, the Gorge and Smith Rock. I am showing paintings from these places.

Becky: I painted a pot with pansies once--it came out great and won a prize. It was also sold. I thought...I know can do even better! So, I painted it again, but it lost something. It was a revelation that I didn't paint it as well (or better)! I am showing a recent painting of a heron...and I wanted to share this Calvin and Hobbs cartoon with you. (below)

Annie: I didn't think I 'd have much to contribute to this topic, but then I remembered --Yes, I have painted a lot of rocks. I painted them over and over again. I like what Tim said here once that learning art never ends. When I come to this meeting I'll often think--"Hey, I want to try that"! This is a painting I did where I went into abstraction with the foliage. I enjoy how it turned out, it reminds me of a tapestry. 

Susan: I painted in Toledo (Oregon) like I did last year (for a plein air event). I thought, I don't want to paint that mill again, but, in fact, I did paint it again from a completely different place. I also painted this boat. I learned a lot painting this. I learned about what a "boat lift" is. This time I painted on the same paintings two days in a row. It is a more contemplative style of painting. 

Dotty: I like to return to the same place--it is never the same! I am showing a painting I did that was started as a demo at Oregon Society of Artists.

Tom: I am not a fan of going back to the same scene...but in fact I went to this area in December and went back recently to paint this painting. I do think my 2nd version is better. This painting was done at Ft. Vancouver. 

Geri: Recently I was sort of "forced" to paint a Gorge scene twice in close succession. I did find it useful, because I remembered so many things from painting it the first time. I am showing a painting I did from a reference on the Sktchy app.

Raphael: I live next to two rivers, so I'll never run out of places to paint. I do get fussy about choosing a scene, but I realize I should approach it more like Jim McVicker. He finds a wonderful scene every time, choosing things that really don't seem like good subjects. He just always makes it work. I am showing a painting I did after searching for a great landscape scene...I painted the parking lot (laughter)! I am also showing a draft for an idea I have for a commission I am working on. This will be a stained glass (St. Francis). 

Eunice: I have done multiple paintings of Smith Rock. I can't get there myself, so I had my sister get photos for me. I did a series of six. By the way...I wanted to congratulate Dotty Hawthorne for the article that she got in Southwest Art Magazine! (Applause)! (Also, Gretha Lindwood is featured in the same issue). 

Paula: Yes, I revisit..I like to do it for the different seasons. You all know that I have done multiple painting of the same subject in different palettes. (I have shown those here in the past). I also did an exercise once where we had to get three painting compositions out of one single photo.  I am showing paintings I did at the lavender festival. 

Joanne: I brought a card of a painting that I did in 2009 of Steelman Pond.. Since then I have visited this same place many times (especially last year when I was "visiting" my puppy at the breeders. She was too young to take home with me, so I'd visit her and then paint this same place).  Also, I have painted my son Tony many times, because he will sit for me (and his brother isn't interested). 


Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Life Session OSA Friday, July 28 1-4pm

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman: Fresh Flower Saturday at OSA 9-12 will RESUME August 5

Michael Lindstrom workshop (August 26 and 27):

Thomas Kitts Drawing for Plein Air Workshop (August 11-13): 

Additional workshops with Thomas:

Umpqua plein air

The Maryhill Plein Air Event 2017 --reception Friday, August 4, 5-7 Maryhill Museum

Northwest Pastel show reception August 6, Oregon Society of Artists

Portland Open Studios Reception at Oregon Society of Artists Friday July 28 5-8

Art in the Rose Garden (Joanne Kollman) Sunday July 30 11-5

Next meeting: Thursday August 3. Suggested table topic: "Pre-toning" your canvases. Do you ever tone your canvases ahead of a painting session? If so, why and what colors (for toning) do you prefer? Do you prefer to paint on white instead? Why? (for dry media artists, do you use toned papers)? What has been your experience?   Let's discuss!

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