Meeting Notes, March 12, 2015

At today's meeting Loretta, Jim, Tim, Vicki, Bill, Susan, Charlie, Betsy, Barbara, Peggie, Annie, Jeanne, Marty, John Murray, Dave, Eunice, Stephanie and me, Celeste. 

Today's suggested topic keys off of a quotation by Delacroix. How much "self" do you put into the practice of art? Do you have a schedule or not? 

Answers are provided in anonymous and random order. 

I think about drawing and painting a lot. I do journaling as well. My family were all involved in the arts. My grandmother, my aunt, my cousin, my whole family. My involvement with art is constant. I actually received a Masters of Fine Arts Degree.  I'm very pleased that I was able to do that. 

Having balance in life is very important. I did not paint at all during December. I have recently taken a workshop. It has done me a lot of good. I have made a firm decision to be kind to myself.

I think that working on my art two times a week is acceptable. If I only work on art once a week I will feel as if I am behind. I consider a lot of things to be working on art that are not physically working on art. 

For all accounts and purposes it would appear that I spend a great deal of time on my art. However, I confess, I don't spend even 20% of my day on art. I find myself in a position of helping other people a lot. Just yesterday I took my friend to the doctor. I am looking at ways to remedy this situation and spend more time on drawing and painting. I like this quotation from Stapleton Kerns. "The results you get our equal to the effort you put in. Work on art every day and if possible, all day. Another quote: "Don't like what is happening? Change it".

I knew that if I was to become a painter I would have to paint more than just sporadically.  I would have to paint at least three times a week. I made that a goal. I have succeeded in that goal. I feel good when things are coming together.

I have sort of an OCD type of problem. I can go after it like a Mad Hatter. I don't feel particularly guilty if I don't work on my art. But, when I do I go into another world and I am in a very good place there. I paint things that are beautiful. I am very glad that I discovered painting. I have been taking classes. I have let a lot of things take my time lately...but now "I'm Back"! 

I have been painting since I was 14 years old. I have continued to paint and draw at and be involved with art. My profession was as a commercial artist. I generally work from reference photos. 

I love to paint when I want to do it. I cannot be constrained with a schedule. Painting is a very high priority, but I have other things in my life aside from art that I want to do also.

I generally do two things in the morning and two things in the afternoon. I can look at art books and DVDs and consider that involvement in art for the day.

Life gets in the way a lot for me. When it comes to painting... either I'm in it or it's nothing.

I have to exercise in order to feel good. So I exercise Monday Wednesday and Friday at a gym.Those days I paint in the afternoons from 1:30 to 5 PM. At the end of the day every day I do a drawing!  On Tuesdays I paint all day. I know that my painting has improved with this schedule. I have also taken classes. I am resuming my practice of painting from the life model on Fridays. 

I'd ought to be committed... but they haven't caught me! (Laughter)! 

Exercise is a priority. My painting time is not always productive. Unfortunately! I have gotten a lot of value from reading the Daily Painting book by Carol Marine. I am just simply going to sit down and follow along with her lessons to learn these things again. For example, here's what Carol Marine says: "Painting small I can experiment... I don't sweat it if it doesn't work out". For myself, I think I should improve my schedule. Because without a schedule I feel I am just piddling. I think a schedule is good for focus. 

One thing that I think maybe being overlooked is heart. I actually looked up heart. Here's how it is described: "The physical manifestation of internal creative impulses". It is important to think about the small moments. For example, picking up a leaf and letting it float is just as important as anything else you do. 

I have a choppy schedule. It is not ideal. I have to help others. I have to help someone with a job. I have to help someone get to the doctor. I have to travel sometimes out-of-state. I actually have resorted to writing "painting" on my calendar and sticking to that. I paint on Sunday. It is on my calendar. It is on my calendar to come here on Thursdays. If it is on my calendar I will do it. 

I have gotten into all of this fairly recently. I consider it part of my job to look and observe. My work has been done in fits and starts. I find the artists here to be inspiring. It's obvious that serious practice pays off.

Well, there are two parts to this question. The first part of the question asks how much of yourself are you putting into art and the second part of the question is specific to scheduling. During the course of my life I have had to be practical. To this day I have obligations that must be met. I do like coming here! That is a scheduled thing. But it is not in my nature to be a organized person. Looking and experiencing is a big part of all of this. Making any kind of a appointment is very good. Recently, I made an appointment to paint with a friend of mine. I kept that appointment. It made me do it. Things like Studio 30 are an appointment. Those are the types of things that are keeping me more on track than I would be if I didn't have appointments. 

I have had a very complicated life lately. I lost my spouse.... but then got married again!  I had a group of artists that I met with for years, but they disbanded. I do enjoy the stimulus of getting "out there" and being around other like-minded people. I am not such a good self-starter. For this reason I am very glad to have found all of you. 


Michael Orwick is in the new issue of International Artist magazine. Congratulations Michae!

Thomas and Brenda and other Portland artists are opening in Palm Springs at the Brian Marki in a new show about plein air painting in Palm Springs. Congratulations all.

(Thomas has a great blog post about creating your own panels here):

Don Bishop has a new show continues in Newberg Art Elements Gallery

Betsy has a show in Terwilliger Plaza. Her work is located across from the auditorium. If you want to see her show simply inquire at the desk and you will be directed to the right place.

The submission date for Hood River plein air is coming upon us quickly. It is March 31. You will need five images to apply. Here is the link:

There are lots of workshops on the Facebook workshop page:

Today Michael Orwick gave a free demonstration at OSA.

Joanne Mehl gives a demonstration on Friday (March 13) at Studio 30.

The Thursday drawing club met at Medley Tea. You can see the sketches at the bottom of today's post on the front page. 

Next meeting March 19,  Suggested table topic:  Sergei Bongart said "Every good painting has a main color that goes through it". Have you subscribed to this idea? Tell us about what you know about a "main color" in a painting. 

Thank you to everyone for coming today and sharing your ideas and your paintings. It was loud today (but thank you for speaking up and putting up with the noise). See you next time. :)

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