Meeting notes, May 25, 2017

At today's meeting: Loretta, Paula, Geri, Tim, Genie, Carolynn, Dotty, Joanne, Ward, Tom D, Dave, Sharon, Eunice, Tom K and me, Celeste

Today's topic: Summer--tips for painting during summer weather and also, what might you consider good summer painting subjects?

Celeste: I've been reading a book about Sergei Bongart. He insists that if you paint in full sun you are required to use an umbrella. I had a friend who lived and painted in Monterey. She lost a 90 dollar umbrella--because the wind carried it out to the ocean and of course she couldn't get it back. She bought another 90 dollar umbrella and then it happened again in the exact same she stopped buying umbrellas altogether. (Laughter)! I am showing you a visor that I always keep with me. Recently I painted this painting using a "triad" color scheme. I wanted to share this painting that I bought last Sunday from Bill Stanton--(He is moving away..this painting of his cat is currently my very favorite painting)! 

Loretta: I don't have an umbrella, which is just as well, because I don't paint outside (Laughter)! I do like summer greens--it cools me down to look at the greens.

Geri: I can't stand super hot weathert! Some of the things I do to avoid heat is to go to the library or a mall, etcetera! I am showing a recent painting I did from the sktchy app.

Tim: I have discovered this umbrella hat (laughter)! Well, seriously...I ordered one! (I'll let you know my findings). I did two watercolors outside --at the same location at differing times. I painted this large watercolor and these other two plein air paintings.

Genie: I like to paint early morning or late afternoon, that is how to avoid the scorching heat. I have an umbrella that I lash to my cart.

Tom: I hate the summer heat. I have nothing to say. I came here to learn something (Laughter)! I am still mad about the $44 ticket that I got here a couple of weeks ago (Laughter)! (Editor's note: Tom didn't realize that he was parked in the 10 minute spot).

Carolynn: To beat the heat I go to the beach. I am showing a drawing I did of a 4 wheeler (at the beach) and also another painting of a shell. (A good summer subject)! Also, I am showing a large watercolor that I did of ta figure at the beach.

Dotty:  It surprises me that it doesn't really cool off here in late afternoon like it does in California. It often just stays hot! The important thing (painting plein air) is to find a shady spot. I like to paint early in the day, or at the end of the day. I am showing a plein air painting.

Joanne: I agree with everyone..early morning and late afternoon are preferred...but, truthfully I always paint when I am ready to paint---! It may be at the worst time, but that is how it is. I organized "Peaceful painting Sundays" last year (we painted on Sauvie Island every Sunday). I did it because I was visiting my puppy who lived on Sauvie Island until she was old enough to come live with me. Tom Kane came out during some of those sessions and did some complaining (Laughter)! I might organize those paint-outs again this summer, but it is likely if I do that it would be every other week. (Stay tuned). Celeste and I have been talking about the color wheel--I brought mine --it's a good one. I brought two paintings that I did in life painting sessions. This model was not good at staying still at all--she moved a lot! Despite that, I was pleased with the results. 

Ward: It seems almost ironic that we are talking about too much sun or heat when all it has been doing is raining! I went on a trip to a hot climate area recently. I was so excited to paint--I was beside myself with happiness...Got my spot, got my hat, got my paper, got my paints, got my brushes, --put down one mark and was DRY! (Laughter)! In watercolor it seems like there are two recurring "issues" ...either the weather is too hot or it is too damp. When it comes to problems, I prefer the too hot situation, because the too damp situation is worse. I am enjoying the book we talked about last week. I am savoring it! The author says: "The chains of bad habits are too weak to be felt.. until they are too strong to be broken"
I am showing a watercolor I did in my sketchbook.

Tom D: When I am outside...the time goes by so quickly! Bad weather doesn't "register" with me so much, because I am absorbed in what I am doing. When I paint outside I make sure to put sunscreen on my head--but I don't mind getting a little tan. I like the nice greens of summer!

Dave: All plein air painters need a hat. Za encouraged me to get a "shade buddy" umbrella. I stabbed it into the ground and it took no time at all before it blew into the blueberry field. The umbrella still bears the blueberry stains (but at least it didn't disappear into the ocean)! It is important if you paint outside to be aware of where the sun is and where it is going to be later. Sharon and I went to Kat Sowa's new property in Vernonia to paint with her. It is a magical place. I chose the barn to paint. Kat told us that two owls live in this barn. (Kat told us that ironically, "Sowa" means "owl") Editors note (from Wikipedia): The Polish surname appears in records as early as 1404 and comes from the noun sowa, which means "owl".

Sharon: Dave and I are going to be gone to Colorado for the we'll see you when we get back!

Eunice: I used to live in Palm Springs and I loved the heat there. I don't love it here. For some reason the heat is easier to deal with there. You can find shade in Palm Springs and feel comfortable in the shade--Shade doesn't seem to have the same cooling effect here. I haven't been painting --so nothing to show today.

Paula: One lesson I have learned...don't let your palette be in direct sun. Position your palette so it is away from the sun. When you paint in bright sun you will look at your painting later and see that your perception has been distorted. (Generally the painting will look dark). I do have an umbrella that I use! I have been taking online classes with Marla Bagetta (in pastels). Now I am taking beginning oil painting, I am showing my newest lessons.

Tom K adds: I would like it known that I never complained at Joanne's painting sessions. (Laughter)!

Joanne adds: People should really wear hats! You may not believe it, but wearing a hat inside will help you paint better too. I learned this from other painters. Wear one next time you paint inside. 


Come paint with Za Vue, Don Bishop and others this Memorial Day! Bring your umbrellas. Meet at NOON Monday, May 29th at the Cracker Barrel store on Sauvie Island. (We'll go from there). 15005 NW Sauvie Island Rd, Portland, OR 97231

A message from Aimee Erickson: This Saturday, May 27th at 1 pm, I will be giving a (free) demo at the Blick store in the Pearl District (in Portland, Oregon)1115 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209. I plan to talk about adding figures to scenes (like this one from last week) and working from photographs. (Editor's note: See image below, Aimee won best Quickdraw for this painting in Carmel)

A message from Bill Stanton: Sunday, May 28 (noon-4pm) I am hosting a Painting and plein air Frame sale, as well as artwork etc. from my collection. If you want to pick up some good bargains or just visit, chat and have a glass of wine, please stop by. I am in the process of relocating, so everything including household furnishing are negotiable. 41124 E. Larch Mtn Rd, Corbett. Let me know if you plan to come. Thanks!

Ward  Stroud recommends Art in the Mountains (in particular, Herman Pekel (and others) will be teaching --check it out):

Some room in the Mitch Baird June 9 workshop at Oregon Society of Artists

Fine Art Friday (uninstructed life session) (1-4) at OSA with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman (This Friday 5/26/17  Model Catherine at the Piano)

Paint with Ward Stroud on Fridays:

Submit to Lake Oswego Festival of Arts

Dotty Hawthorne at Christian's frame in Sellwood Reception First Friday June 2

submit to the Beaverton Arts Mix

Ward Jene Stroud First Thursday a party at his business June 1st. 409 NW 21st 

other workshops at OSA (including Lobenberg):

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman two floral workshops June 10 and June 17
Message from Joanne:  2 sessions of Expressive Oil Painting.

We are scheduled for a June 10th and June 17th Still Life Session at OSA.
Lower Studio $25 FLexible hours 9-12, 10-1, Whichever fits your schedule.

I will be demonstrating the  process I use for the national market place and how I go back
into paintings that did not make the grade. I have a large painting I started for a demo
so I may get another large one started and finished and continue with painting in progress.
I do my best work working on multiple paintings. We will discuss working process.
Everyone works differently and it is good to identify your own method especially while learning.

You are welcome to paint or draw in your medium of preference. I will be painting in oils and
I have materials on hand if you are missing something, would like to try oils for the first time.

Please RSVP &/or sign up with Nancy in the OSA office 503.228.0706

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Next Meeting: Thursday June 1, Suggested table topic: How has your art changed over the course of your total art experience? (How and why...specifically). Bring examples...if you have them!

Aimee Erickson:

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