Meeting Notes, Nov 9, 2017

At today's meeting: Jim, Tedd, Joanne T, Joanne K, Jaramey (new), Eunice, Tim, Chris, Geri, Stephanie, Jeanie, Tom D, Kritstina, Annie, Mike, Raphael, Dave, Thomas K, Paula, Loretta L, Becky, Elo, and me, Celeste

Today's suggested topic: Your "big" idea...have you had a major idea that you did or didn't see through? Tell us about it.

Celeste: I've told this story before. Early on I did a painting of a table and chairs that was well received. It won people's choice and it sold. So, I excitedly told George Broderick that I knew what I'd do next! I'd paint chairs..empty chairs! overstuffed chairs, spindly chairs, squat chairs, tall chairs!--every type of chair! And George just stared at me for a minute and said (in his dour way) "don't do that". (Laughter)! I knew right after he said that --that it was a stupid idea. Also, Joanne and I have talked about making a comedy video about painting. We just have to decide who is the straight man. It's not off the table. (Laughter)!

Jim: My daughter has been asking me for a painting of a dragonfly. I've stalled with that idea --uncertain how to manage that kind of shimmery effect. I'm showing some recent paintings. A loose watercolor from Ward's class (I liked how it came out), and a recent plein air, I didn't overwork it--- because it was unseasonably cold when I painted it (so I painted it quickly)! (Laughter)!

Tedd: My wife is interested in this meeting that we have every week..she'll ask me ...what is the question this week..what is the topic? I told her what it was this week and it got us into a conversation about big ideas. So now I am stretching a 36x88 canvas to paint (for our home)! That's *my* big idea...(or is it hers?) (Laughter)! It will be a painting that goes over our bookcase (and it has to be to her liking)!

Eunice: My big idea was to paint a copy of an Ovanes Berbarian painting for my home. It is 36x36. I really love it and I'll never part with it. I'll be doing a lot of still life paintings this winter.

Tim: As some of you know, I am very partial to my two cats. We have a "catio" so that they can be safely outside, but they seem to sometimes freak out over things happening in the next yard. So, my better half asked me if I could put up some sort of mural that would block the view and also be some sort of attractive addition to the yard. So, now I am thinking that through. I am going to do this on a canvas material and it will incorporate various animals and nature. This painting is a study for the mural.

Chris: My big idea (that I've thought about for a long time) is a portrait exhibit about the developmentally disabled. I would like to bring awareness to the fact that many developmentally disabled people are contributors to society. My brother is an example. He works at a regular job, owns a home and is a taxpayer. My idea would be to do individual portraits about others like him, to tell their stories, highlighting their successes and positive contributions. I am showing some recent paintings I have done for the big 500.

Joanne K: I had a big idea to start a website called "Stella the Dog". I do have a "whimsical" side and this would be a way for me to talk "through" the dog...(Laughter)! I got involved in other things though, and remains in limbo. I am also drawn to projects that help others. Specifically, I have liked working on projects like food and clothing drives. In order to get things like that off the ground it requires having a firm vision and writing a proposal.  I am showing my most recent life painting from Monday.

Geri: I did a project where I drew nudists in their environment. I view it as a successful project and the next step might be to paint paintings from the drawings. I'm thinking about that. Some of you might remember that I did a painting of the weinermobile over a thrift shop painting. I liked that idea so well, I thought about making it a series (painting more objects/subjects over thrift shop paintings, but that idea fell by the wayside. I'm showing a recently completed painting.

Stephanie: My big idea was to become a landscape painter. I found out that there are legions of people who paint landscape, but I think..well, the more the merrier! I like the idea of paintings where you are, where you live. I have entertained the idea of painting a series of waterfalls. There are drawbacks to painting waterfalls from life (the spray, for example) and I'm not a hiker. It seems valid to paint from reference in some cases. I showed my work at Muse awhile back, I used mixed media to describe nature. I am showing some waterfall paintings.

Jeramey (new, Welcome, Jeramey)! Hi all, I am Jeramey and I am from Canada. My "big idea" is just to meet people. I am new to painting. I just know that sometimes I have seen paintings in museums and they can sometimes just move me to tears! I have just started painting and I suck! But, I love it! (Applause)!

Paula: I painted a mural in a hall with young students. It was my idea to make St. Francis of Assisi the major idea. I've always been fascinated by the imagery like Brother Sun and Sister Moon. All the children got envelopes with their "assignment" for the mural. "Oh, I get to paint a bird"! I took up painting as a result of doing that mural with the children. My next big idea is to get back to stay there for an extended time...painting all I want.  

Joanne T: My big idea was to take a class at the Scottsdale school! Since my first class there I have taken 3 more and I feel that it has really paid off for me. It has been the best idea I've had. I feel very freed up when I paint with palette knife. I have especially enjoyed working with a teacher, Linda Glover Gooch. She teaches that there should be an active area and a quiet area in a painting. I feel I "got that" in this painting at Villa Catalana.

Loretta L: I told you all before that I have a big idea to do a big mural where I live. I have painted over the old mural, but the whole project makes me nervous. I recently saw some paintings by Emily Carr, so I am inspired by her and I am still researching. I painted this in Joanne's Friday life session. Joanne had put an umbrella in the scene, and I noticed that I was the only person to paint it! The painting seemed to ask for some made up people in the background.

Jeanie: My big idea might be to achieve "continuity" in my work. I have been working on 30x40 underpainting! I am showing some paintings I did for the big 500 show.

Tom: I've always wanted to do a "epic" type painting. Something like "Liberty leading the People" by Delacroix! I do have an interest in Greek and Roman history...but I've not yet acted on the idea. I brought in two recent from-life paintings --The first is persimmons and this one is from a plein air outing in Washougal, Wa.

Kristina: I am a fan of Peggi Kroll Roberts. I have been incorporating some of her teaching into my paintings.  Most of you know about my dog Digory...This is a painting of our other dog,  Windsor.

Annie: Well, I had some big ideas...but I moved here to Oregon and married someone else. (Laughter)! I remember seeing a statement in an open book once, something along the lines of "what would you regret the most not ever doing before your time is up?" I have always wanted to paint a snow know the kind of scene that has blue shadows in the snow. I brought in some of my studies of cactus. After I painted it I saw some painted shadows that made me realize that I missed the reflected light within the shadow. I brought these ideas that I've had for projects I've worked on and am currently working on.

Mike: You've probably heard this before, "There is no shortage of ideas....but, there is a shortage of people to put ideas into action". Working with architects probably did the most for me in learning how valuable it is to think things through ahead. Architects think with "thumbnails" --they plan things loosely before they commit. Drawing on a paper napkin is the classic cliche'...but it is is a legitimate way to think and design. There can be "bad ideas" and it's best to identify them ahead of time (in the early stages).

Raphael: I am showing paintings from my archives that I had in a classic car show in Las Vegas. I did 14 total paintings for the show. My new idea is to paint in a more painterly way...but I still enjoy these two paintings, because of my admiration for the cars.

Dave:  Awhile back I saw a movie called "Downfall". It is a profound and heavy movie. I painted a painting based on some of the imagery in the film. It has to do with war and exodus. I titled it "This could be us". Painting that painting helped me with my feelings about frustrating and serious political issues. I am going to be having a studio show, so I've gone back into some paintings --allowing myself no more than 1/2 hour to make adjustments. I've found this to be really rewarding. If the painting is not improved, I put it into a discard pile! I know that a big idea is nothing but a passing thought, until you take action.

Elo: I have ideas all the time! I have limitations, however, time constraints, so that's a good thing. But, I'd like to draw each one of you! I think that would be a great project (But, of course, it probably will not happen)! (Laughter)!

Becky: I've been collecting photos of cafe's because I have an idea to do a series of "people-in-cafes". I stayed up really late last night to paint this..! I am thinking of this as a "daily" painting (because I did it in one sitting)..but I confess, it took me a long time to paint it!

Thomas: I really don't have any specific big ideas, because I move around too much (a lot of travel). My wife knows a couple very well and they just had a baby. They honored my wife by naming their baby after her! My wife asked me to paint a painting of her namesake, Loralee. (Collective aw)!

Editor's Note: It was a challenge to hear today, if I didn't include something important that you said, please accept my apology.


Next Tuesday Field Trip: Join us at Cinema 21 for "Loving Vincent" on Tues, Nov 14 --purchase your ticket, meet in the lobby around 3:30pm (The movie begins at 3:45) afterwards we will meet at Elephants for a bite and to talk about the film.

Yer Za Vue and Yong Hong Zhong at Art on the Boulevard

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Next Meeting, Thursday, Nov 16, 9am O'Connors Suggested table topic: "Time off" (from painting)--have you experienced periods where you did not paint ? Did you take time off purposefully or not? ... What were the circumstances? What was the result? Is there something to be gained from taking a "vacation" from painting? Let's discuss!

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