Meeting Notes, Jan 26, 2017

At today’s meeting Loretta, Jeff (new), Geri, Tim, Mike, Diane, Lisa, Tom, Kathy (new), Ward, Sandy (new), Jim, Jeanie, Tedd, Eunice, Dottie, Annie, Vicki, Paula and me Celeste.

Today’s suggested table topic: instructional DVDs or online streaming education --have you use these methods to learn? What are your favorites? Are their pros and cons to DVDs and online instruction?

Celeste: I like watching art DVDs, but of course the big danger is that they will put you to sleep! I have a friend who does calistenics while she watches them in order to stay awake. (Laughter)! My favorites have been Quang Ho and Scott Christiansen. I have recently seen the Mitch Baird DVD -- he is very articulate! We are visual people and DVDs are definitely a good tool for learning. I am showing recent paintings from the Strada Easel Challenge.

Eunice: I have a lot of DVDs. I especially like the Richard Schmid online streaming instruction that I recently purchased. He had to change the painting three times! And this is Richard Schmid! If Richard Schmid has to change something three times…well, it is heartening for the rest of us.

Tedd: I loaned my brother a instructional DVD and he told me essentially that it would be good cure for insomnia! (Laughter)! I have been oil painting on watercolor paper--this is possible because I prepare the paper with latex house paint. I like how the (gray) latex paint serves as a background. This painting of is of a big sister and a little sister.

Jeanie: I borrowed a Quang Ho DVD from the library. Then I couldn’t find it so ultimately I had to purchase it from the library. Later I found it. If this happens to you, make sure it’s the Quang Ho DVD. It is a good one.

Jim: I mainly read books. If you can make it through it, one of the best books is the Edgar Payne book on composition (he isn’t the best writer, but the information is excellent). I also like the Richard Schmid book a lot. I have seen a lot of YouTube videos. Here are a few recent paintings. I painted during the snow and enjoyed it.

(Welcome Jim’s wife Sandy)!

Ward: What a time we live in! If you want to learn anything you can pretty much learn it on the Internet. YouTube has videos on how to do anything and everything. My friend had an issue with her PT Cruiser and the window and I found a YouTube video on how to fix it! There’s nothing you can’t find. And look around this table there are hundreds of years of experience right here. If you want to show someone how to do something you should just get a Go-pro camera and start filming! As most of you know I have a DVD series available. I have it available in DVDs as well as digital format. I have an offer to make to all of you for my instruction just sent me an email and I will send you the code for a discount.
I think the DVDs and video are wonderful ways to learn. You can “rewind” if you don’t understand something and the teacher is always there and you can just review what you have learned so far as many times as you want! I am showing a recent painting.

 Kathy: (New! Welcome, Kathy)! I am a student of Ward’s. I have loved learning about the Brusho product that Ward teaches about. I am showing a painting that I did of my dog. (Applause)!

Tom: I have gotten interested in doing videos too! Not on the topic of art but I saw that someone did a “tour” video once and I decided I would do the same. I have a tour of Sandy Boulevard along with a narrative it’s called Sandy Boulevard 2017 it is on YouTube. When I first started painting I watched Bob Ross. But he lost me when he wanted me to use sponges for the trees! (Laughter)!
 I am showing a recent self-portrait. I painted this while looking in the mirror. I’m also showing a recent plein air.

Dottie: I enjoy DVDs but I can relate to what everyone is saying about how they can make you tired! I like the Tuscon Art academy. They often offer a free video that are just a few minutes in duration. They are informative and short.. I can really handle those. I am showing snow paintings that I did during the recent snow storm.

Stephanie: I like learning “technical” things especially on videos. I like to learn about things like how to clean your brushes properly and how to varnish a painting. I admire all of you who did snow paintings outside during the recent snow ---I did snow paintings from the comfort of my own home! I used reference photos! (Laughter)! One of the reference photos I used was by Tim Young -- Thank you for doing so many hikes and sharing the photos on Facebook, Tim!

Annie: I have a real aversion to the computer. I do not like looking at a computer screen. However, I made exceptions when it came to James Gurney and also the Quang Ho DVD (about a figure in the interior). I liked both, but I think the Quang Ho DVD was the best. He speaks in a personal manner. He shows you and tells you what he is thinking. The information is very valuable.

Vicki: I recommend that you go to YouTube to learn things. I don’t paint in the snow generally. I am showing two paintings one of non-snow and one of snow!

Lisa: Diane and I watched the Quang Ho still life painting DVD together. We watched it on a big screen tv. I confess I nodded off! Well, just for a second! (Laughter)! In my defense…it was five hours long! I wouldn't have watched us except it Diane had it and it seemed like a good idea. It just doesn't occur to me to watch a DVD about painting.
 Recently I had surgery and it has taken me a while to feel 100%. I have done some painting starts and I wasn’t really happy with any of them. But this painting is something that I did where I felt like “ok!… I’m back”.

Diane: Yes I agree Quang Ho talks directly to you. When you watch one of his DVDs you are tapping into a different type of energy. I enjoyed doing a Facebook challenge recently.  I had to put up three of my paintings per day for seven days. It was good to see the work together. There are a few of us here in this group that are recovering graphic designers (laughter)! I am showing a painting that I did where I was most interested in the graphic label.

Mike: I'm a tightwad and I think that the DVD is the greatest value that there is! I absolutely get a lot of the right one. I love these… that I'm showing you. One of my favorites here is one called “Watercolor without tears”! (Laughter)! Those British have such a sense of humor. And because of Elo (who is not here today) I recently purchased “Painting in Casein” by James Gurney. I am conducting a new venture… into opaque painting!

Tim: I am showing a painting that I recently did that I varnished. It has a real problem the varnish sort of "bloomed" in one area and I can't seem to get rid of it. I am going to ask the Gamblin what I can do. I'm also showing a painting that I did recently in the snow.

Geri: I have become sort of addicted to online computer courses. There is one series that I’ve taken that I really like a lot-- you have six teachers in six weeks. And you have lifetime access to the lessons and the forums, etc. it is called I am showing a recent drawing.

 Jeff: I do like to draw and photograph. One of the best films I’ve ever seen ever is the Mystery of Picasso. That movie just absolutely never gets old. You witness Picasso thinking –starting out one way and then changing his mind. It is a remarkable film.

 Paula: I have seen lots of DVDs over the years and I like the accessibility.. but I do fall asleep! I am now taking an online class with Marla Bagetta. I really like it a lot and I feel I'm getting a lot out of it. She had us do an exercise “together” online and I am showing the results. I’m also showing a painting that I did plein air.

 Loretta: I watched the Quanq Ho DVD and thought it was really great. I have been working through Tedd Goerschner book on workshop practice. I did this painting after one of his compositions.


Ward has an announcement about another contract that he is going to sign in the future..stay tuned (Congratulations, Ward)

Classes (including Wards) at OSA

Life painting at OSA (“Fine Art Friday”) Friday 1-4pm The model is Emily.

Audubon Society “Brink” Jan 26 6pm

 Michael Lindstrom first Friday, February 3

Mike has an offer if you want one of his handmade brush pots!
Message from Mike Porter

My offer is this:  Bring me a piece of wood that roughly matches the dimensions of 3 1/2” to 4” square and 6-7” tall.  I will turn you a brush pot for your studio.  Hardwoods without knots are best, but softwoods can be used if no knots.  Dry wood preferred but I can work with green, or freshly cut wood if the tree comes down in your yard.   If you paint in watercolor the wood can be slightly shorter, but for long oil brushes I recommend 7” minimum.  Can be wider or longer; square or round in shape; I can cut and turn it to size.  If you bring wood to the meeting for me, email me first to be sure I’m attending that morning:

Next Meeting topic: February 2, What question would you ask an artist from the past ….if you could? (Specifically who and what)?

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