Meeting Notes MAY 2013

Meeting Notes, May 2, 2013

At today’s meeting: Emily, Loretta, Stephanie, Tim Y, Chris, Tim L, Cindy L, Eunice, Jean C, Carolyn, Marty, Peggy, Donna, Steve, Kay, Jack and me (Celeste).

Suggested topic “Skies”

Emily is moving to Austin, Texas (boo!) She likes skies in Florida and Texas and notices that they are more interesting (generally) than our skies. She has learned to put a light at the horizon to make the sky read better in a painting. Emily brought some things to give away (because she is moving). Thanks, Emily! Stay in touch –we will miss you!

Loretta also mentioned that light at the horizon is important. She is especially fond of impasto in skies.

Stephanie used to want smooth blue skies in her paintings, but as she has gotten more experience she realizes skies need variety to lend interest. She has started a painting of kayakers and brought in a painting that has gone into the new May show at O’Connors.

Tim Y recently painted plein air and the sky was “a wall of blue”. For the sake of the painting he put in clouds that “were not really there”.

Chris is new to landscape. She brought in a book by Elizabeth Tolley (we all like that book!) Chris is looking forward to painting outdoors.

Tim Y enjoys all things written by James Gurney. He believes Gurney to be highly technical and and “engineering type”...still, Gurney makes skies and atmosphere understandable to all in his book and on his blog. Tim brought in a portrait.

Cindy (Lomassen) is new to us. She does Chinese brush painting. She tells us that misty landscapes are popular with Chinese brush painters. She uses special papers to achieve an atmospheric look. She sometimes paints “imagined” works that are called dream journeys. She has a show at Beaverton City Hall.

Kay Elmore brought in a large painting that was painted plein air in Mark Andreas’ class at PCC Rock Creek campus. (It’s so cool that she painted such a big painting outdoors!)

Steve Kleier doesn’t consider himself a “sky painter”. He looks at skies as mostly a shape and he quoted Andrew Wyeth “Blue skies look like hell” (this made us all laugh!) Seriously, he said, blue can be oppressive so what are your options? Think about contrast, temperature and value and whether or not the local color is important or the “effect” of the day is important. He showed us a painting where he used raw sienna for the sky. (His classes are continuing at OSA and workshops are beginning at Sequoia Gallery).

Peggy brought in an atmospheric painting and also showed us a print of a painting that she has in the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery.

Joanne brought in a landscape utilizing a yellow sky. It was a warm day and yellow looked more correct than blue. It took Joanne awhile but the more she has painted the more she sees the other colors in the sky (aside from blue). She brought in a book called “Our Country” (Australain landscapes 1900-1914)
Joanne has small florals at the US Bank at 16th and Weidler.

Donna said that her subject matter is usually land, not sky...but she brought in two paintings that have good skies. She usually does start a landscape with the sky. She brought in books that had great sky examples. She brought information about First Friday with Art on Broadway.

Marty says he “knows nothing about skies” and thinks we should check out Roos Shuring for great skies. He loves her colors. Marty said he loved the Fechin show and recommends everyone get up to Seattle to see it.  Marty brought in two paintings, one a large (48x38) copy of Andrew Wyeth’s “slight breeze” (we all loved it). Marty tells us that painting it has been a “great lesson”.

Jean (Chamberlain) is also new to us. She just retired and is anxious to paint outdoors. She brought in a plein air painting and explains that she works on a painting sometimes several times “pushing down the sky” to find into the landscape. (Welcome Jean!)

Eunice brought in a book on Diaramas and an article (by James Gurney) about Wilson’s sky methods. (Thanks, Eunice). She brought in a new painting for the May show at O’Connors.

Jack van Ness joined us. He hasn’t been painting...but he is thinking about painting in the future!

Carolyn told us abut her trip to Paris. She told us highlights included the Lourve and the Paris cemetery. She brought lots of great literature and her sketchbook. Seeing the Mona Lisa was a disappointment, mostly because of having to fight through the throng of people in front of it.

 Next Meeting, Thursday May 9...suggested table topic: Workshops (or classes) and "the best thing you've taken away from one".

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May 9, 2013 Meeting Notes

At today’s meeting: Marty, Joanne, Claudia, Dave, Char, Thomas, Tim Y, Chris, Tim L, Loretta, Cindy and me.

Suggested table topic: Workshops/classes...something specific that you learned that "stayed" with you.

(Most of us brought paintings for discussion today also).

I (Celeste) told how Ovanes Berberian told us during a critique that we should continue to learn alongside one another. “It is how they do it at the Academy”, he said, “Students learn from one another.”

Marty cites Kat Sowa for palette management. He has learned that if a palette looks good the painting has every chance of looking good. Conversely, if the palette is a mess the painting can look a mess too. Marty is continuing his research for his painting of Ollie May.

Joanne attended a workshop with Nelson Shanks. She brought us a book that included his portraits. She learned from him how to tone a canvas and she learned from Eric Jacobsen about “rhythm” in the landscape.

Claudia told us about a poor experience with a workshop instructor...but she used the negative aspects of it to spur herself on. She told herself she wouldn’t let this get her down and that she would not quit.... and she didn’t!

Dave McBride quoted Craig Srebnik: “If you get the form and value right you’ll be operating in the upper echelon of artists.”

Cindy says that she has learned that you should “know your audience” and also have a short speech committed to memory about your work. (This is called "the elevator speech").  She also talked about how she learned that a good brush is imperative to Chinese brush painting!

Thomas Kitts told us that he took a workshop three years ago with someone who got him back on track.... just by reminding him of a few important things. The biggest thing he took away from the instruction was to “keep going”! (Soon Thomas is off to Carmel along with Anton, Aimee and Gretha—good luck to all!)

Tim L tells us that mostly he remembers things said to him during workshops long after the fact. He tells us....“It takes quite a long time for some things to make sense”.  He learned from Thomas to avoid mineral spirits in painting.

Chris L advises us to relinquish attachment to the outcome during workshops and classes. “Get rid of the ego”, she says and “be a sponge”. She also feels we are better off if we stay away from workshops that have too many participants. Don’t forget, she adds, that there are lots of good instructional videos on YouTube.

Tim Young learned from Thomas Kitts to use alcohol in clean up. Tim also told us that a cleaner called “totally awesome” cleans up paint. (Available at the dollar store).

Loretta quotes Oscar Wilde: “One touch of Nature may make the whole world kin, but two touches of Nature will destroy any work of Art. The proper school to learn art in is not Life but Art.” She also passed around Chas P Brooks “letter to the student of Painting”:

Loretta brought in a painting that was given to her by her mentor/teacher, Robert Tovey (signed ’68)

(Some of us went to the demonstration/lecture today at Oregon Society of Artists by Ruben Arizpe...check the slideshow for photos). Very good!

Here are some other announcements and items of interest from today’s discussion:

Thomas is now a Signature Member of Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Association (Congratulations, Thomas!)

Information on Thomas’ workshops (July and August) is here:

Eric Jacobsen has a solo show and will give a demonstration at the Sovereign Gallery on
Saturday May 11th (2pm) at Sovereign Fine Art, 716 SW Madison, Portland, OR 97205.

Eric Jacobsen will give a landscape workshop through Sequoia Gallery July 13 & 14:

Here is the Student show application at Sequoia Gallery:

Cindy Lommasson is teaching Chinese Brush Painting June 9 at the Oregon Society of Artists (and her show at Beaverton City Hall is up until the end of the month).

Premier Pastel artist Casey Klahn has a workshop (June 15 &16) at Studio 30:

Brooks Hickerson: "Artists Among Us" at the Episcopal Cathedral (NW 19th and NW Glisan) May 17-19. Reception: Saturday afternoon, May 18th, from 1 to 5pm.

Congratulations to Joanne Kollman for the HM ribbon at the new show at OSA.

Next meeting: May 16

Suggested topic: Composition dos and don’ts (bring a sample of each)

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May 16 Meeting Notes:

At today’s meeting: Cindy L, Stephanie, Donna, Loretta, Steve, Chris, Kristen, Eunice, Tim L, Tim Y, Jean, Lisa, Diane, Kay, Marty, Peggie, Claudia, Dawn, Trish, Vicki, Joanne, Nancy, Dave and Char (Best attended meeting to date!)

Today’s suggested meeting: Dos and Don’ts of Composition

(Most painters brought some work today and some included “less than favorable” composition results (we did not photograph those, but discussed them) well as paintings we considered "successful" compositional results.

I (Celeste) brought in two books and two paintings.

Marty talked about the importance of values....”because values are a part of composition”. He is currently premixing paint on the palette to determine good values before applying them to the painting.

Kay showed an Edward Hopper example; one that seemed to break some composition rules. She showed her own painting on her iphone that she had shown us before and read an email from her friend who saw issues in that painting. She brought in a new painting and encourages everyone to see the Fechin exhibit at the Frye Museum and the European Masters show at Seattle Art Museum.

Peggy brought in a painting that she realizes is a “bull’s-eye” type composition (where an object is in the center). She feels that other elements in the painting offset the “centeredness”.

Tim L tries to “watch the corners” of all his painting efforts. His aim is to make sure nothing “falls off” via the corners. One way to handle it is to darken the corners. Tim also said contrast and focal point is important.

Diane is “just listening” today.

Lisa said that she is still learning ...but is keenly aware that composition is of utmost importance. She brought in a still life (that included flowers that she usually does not paint).

Jean brought in a plein air painting. She tried to paint with more neutrals and less greens.
(Very successful!)

Tim Y said that he is still working on skies and he brought in a new painting that featured a sky with clouds.

Joanne showed us a painting that she felt wasn’t right because it could contain too many ideas. She also showed us paintings that she recently improved and a new large painting in progress.

Dave McBride showed us a painting that employed a background of a large figure with some other smaller figures “overlaying” the background figure. Very cool.

Char McBride showed us a watercolor from her archives. Lovely composition!

Nancy has been cleaning her studio. She painted a lotus flower at the Blue Heron herbary at Sauvie Island and also showed us some oil studies.

Cindy L talked with us about composition for Chinese Brush Painting. Traditionally, Chinese Brush Painting always leaves room for inscription calligraphy and a seal. She showed us a book.

Dawn is a figure painter who paints in oil and watercolor. She didn’t bring anything to show us this time, but she might next!

Eunice tells us that she photocopied some pages out of the Edgar Payne composition book (of composition thumbnails) and she laminated the pages to take them with her when she paints outdoors. She also reminds us that all good paintings employ good composition...even abstract (or maybe especially abstract).

Kristen is from Ohio, visiting with her friend Chris Lally. She brought in paintings that she did in glass (you read that right!) and also some paintings done with alcohol inks. She explained a bit about both processes. Thanks for visiting, Kristen!

Chris brought in two particular one that she especially recommends:  Mastering Composition by Ian Roberts.

Steve Kleier says....”Composition is like __x____, I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it”. He says Composition is like rhythm in music...completely necessary! He brought in three examples and explained each one.

Loretta reminds us when painting water don’t let the horizon “droop”!

Stephanie brought in a painting that she knew started out fine...but she “chased the light” and she wound up with two different looks to the painting. She brought in two other successful paintings.

Donna showed us a book on composition from Frank Webb. She showed two that she saw had issues and another (a demo) that she knew wound up just right.


Workshops coming up:  (links to come!)

Nancy Smith Klos sketching
Scott Gellalty landscape
Eric Jacobsen Sequoia
Steve Kleier Joy of Drawing
Cindy Lommasson Chinese Brush Painting

Paint outs Next Tues Rocky Butte with Kay Elmore 4pm

David McBride Wed 3pm Sauvie Island, meet at Grocery

Peggie will have a tent at Schreiners Iris Garden over Memorial Day weekend:

Thanks all, for coming and sharing your paintings and your ideas.

Next Thursday Meeting: Suggested topic:
What artist do you go back to most frequently for inspiration?

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May 23, 2013 Meeting Notes

In attendance at today’s meeting Loretta, Tim Y, Chris, Tim, Thomas, Diane, Char, Dave, Steve, Tim L, Joanne, Dawn, Claudia, Trish, Kristina, Kay, Diane, Hilarie, Brenda, and me (Celeste).

 The topic today was what artist do you return to most for inspiration? Many of us brought paintings to show.

 Thomas Kitts is back from Carmel Plein Air. He reports that Aimee Erickson won three prizes. He did well also, selling two paintings and receiving a commission. He got to meet and spend time with Roos Schuring. He said we should all stop calling her “Roose”, her name is pronounced “Rose”! He showed a painting that she did of him and a painting he did during the event. His current inspiration is indeed ........Roos Schuring!

 (There are just a few spots left in Thomas’ workshops. Don’t delay –sign up sooner than later!) Thomas is also going to be teaching in Tuscany next May.

 Dave McBride painted on Wednesday at the River. He painted in the pouring rain and had a challenge seeing his colors. He brought in two paintings, one an “experiment”. Thomas likes Richard Schmid.

 Char brought in a botanical painting from her past archives. When asked who her inspiration is she replied: “Well, there is this artist......Dave McBride”. (Her husband..."our" Dave McBride).

Diane talked about the planes of the face and she purchased some Walter Foster books to study. She is considering gray scales and brought in her most recent portrait from Studio 30. She looks to Kat Sowa and Za Vue for mentoring and inspiration.

 Trish likes Eric Jacobsen, Richard Schmid and Richard McKinley.

 Claudia is inspired by Romona Youngquist.

 Kristina is back from a trip and a workshop with Michael Dudash. She brought in two paintings from the workshop. Jennifer Diehl inspires her.

Hilarie tells us that all 19th Century Russian Impressionists impress her. She also likes to look at the work of David Shevlino.

Kay owns a lot of books about Van Gogh. She also loves Sargent and brought in a book about him. She told us about a special plein air opportunity at Hardy Gardens (see in announcements below) and she passed around the old roster for updates to give to Janet. (This is so everyone can have phone numbers and email addresses for one another).

 Diane believes museums are the best for inspiration. In particular, she loves Monet and other impressionists as well as Thomas Moran. Recently she spent some time with Mark Rothko...who believed “light is the divine”.

 Dawn brought in a framed drawing of her Grandson. (Note: I need her last name--please send).

 Tim L loves Russian painters. He watches instructional DVDs for inspiration and likes David Curtis. Curtis paints in both watercolor and oil “interchangeably”.

 Chris likes Ken Howard, David Curtis and our Alla Prima Portland group for inspiration!

 Loretta just saw a wonderful Canadian Impressionist on television (but the name escapes her--she'll get back to us).  She is also inspired by the Hudson River School Artists.

Tim Y went to see the Fechin exhibit. He was fueled by what he saw at the Frye Museum to paint an abstract type sky.

 Eunice was in the Ned Mueller workshop and showed paintings from it. She likes Wilcox, Clyde Aspevig and David Curtis.

 I (Celeste) love all art, including Picasso and Andy Warhol. “Regionally” I admire artists like Eric Jacobsen, Thomas Kitts and Eric Bowman. I showed some studies from the Ned Mueller workshop. 

Brenda Boylan likes Jennifer McChristain. She brought in a portrait that was done in just 3 colors as well as a street scene.

 Marty remembers an artist from when he was very young and also appreciates Fechin and our discussion group. He showed a grisaille type painting that he worked on in self imposed limited time increments. (Time constraints that he violated, to some extent).

 Stephanie remembers touching an oil painting when she was a child (before the guard in the museum stopped her). She likes Georgia O’Keeffe and Emily Carr.

Steve Kleier likes watercolor Impressionists (Turner, Sargent, Edward Seago) He brought in a book by Castagnet. He tells us a watercolor master lives right here in West Linn...Ron Ranson.

 Joanne Kollman is working on a series of animal etchings and a large painting. She likes Richard Schmid and often corresponds directly with her teacher Dan McCaw about specific paintings in-the-works.

Workshops: Thomas Kitts

Brenda Boylan Painting Water Workshop (Ponds, Lakes, and Streams) June 30, 2013 9:00~4:30 Sequoia Gallery 136 SW 3rd Street Hillsboro, OR Register by calling Claudia (503) 750-6453

 Message from Kay Elmore: We are extended the opportunity (again) to paint in a few of the gardens on the HPSO/Garden Conservancy annual garden tour this year, which is on June 29, 2013. Here's the info site: Three of them are open to us: Tuttle, Ervin and Bates gardens. We can split the day into morning (10 am - 1 pm) and afternoon (1pm - 4 pm) shifts to accommodate more painters. Two in each shift for each garden means a total of 12 openings. I'll collect names and get them to the organizer, and that list will be at the entrance to each garden on that day. (They let us come in and paint for free, but some of us made contributions anyway.) The gardens last year were unspeakably magnificent... I'm sure they will be this year too. (contact Kay to reserve your spot)

 Next meeting: May 30. Suggested Topic: Breaking the rules (examples of paintings that shouldn’t work....but do)

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May 30, 2013 Meeting notes

At today’s meeting: Peggie, Loretta, Tim Y, me (Celeste), Tim L, Chris, Kay, Joanne, Diane, Char, Eunice and Donna

Today’s topic: Paintings that shouldn’t work..but do. (Breaking some “rules”)

I (Celeste) showed a photo of Eric Jacobsen’s painting that is a single crow in the center of the canvas. It works (despite it’s placement) because of the strong values and beautiful shapes. I also showed a painting by my art friend, Gary Everest. Again, a person and cat are dead-center, but other interrelated shapes make it succeed. I shared my sketchbook, showing my recent drawings of paintings by Sargent.

Tim Y brought in a painting in an ad from a current Plein Air Magazine. The painting is by Thomas Kitts. Tim believes the painting “works”, but he adds: “it’s a wall!” We all agreed the painting works because of the great values and contrasts. Tim also showed us his plein air painting from Sauvie Island that he painted last week in the pouring rain.

Loretta did not have a sample of a breaking the rules painting, but she brought in a recent oil sketch and an article about the Kate Middleton portrait. The article pointed out that Picasso’s painting of Gertrude Stein was also criticized. When challenged by the fact that the painting did not look like Gertrude Stein, Picasso replied “it will”.

Peggie painted at Schreiner’s Iris Garden last week. She brought in the results and also showed us the pencil sketch she did to organize her thoughts before painting. She was surprised to discover a photo of herself painting at her french easel on the back cover of the Schreiners Iris catalog. (Peggie reminds us that Schreiners is very welcoming of painters in the garden).

Diane gave us a recap about Za’s workshop. She showed us a portrait she did with cool (temperature) lighting. She told us that Za stressed the importance of good drawing and she showed us 2 practice drawings that she did along with a new painting of her granddaughter.

Eunice has been following Roos Schuring in Daily Paintworks. She likes how Roos is marketing herself overall. (The way she is doing it seems pleasant, not pushy because she has the right mix of promotional materials... timed out correctly).

Donna showed us a painting that she realized has components that seem unfinished and “running off the page”, yet it all seemed to work well. She tells us that Eunice and Diane have work in Art on Broadway and there will be a reception on Saturday, June 8th. Additionally, Diane will do a demo at the Masonic Lodge in Beaverton on First Friday, June 7th.
Donna also tells us Gretha won an honorable mention at Carmel Plein air (congratulations, Gretha):

Dave McBride showed us three paintings. In one plein air painting the boat was changed so that it would not sail out of the painting. He put an element in the painting across from the boat as a counter balance to it. Heron Lakes has hung some of Dave’s paintings of the golf course in their clubhouse. Dave also went to the Gamblin party that introduced enticing new paint colors. He is anxious for the new paint colors to actually become available (they aren't yet).
Dave will be at Sauvie Island (for a paint out) next Wednesday June 5 around 3pm. He will send out a confirmation email about this as the time nears. You are cordially invited!

Joanne often does things in her paintings that are cropping feet/shoes at the edge of the canvas or painting an entire painting in light or middle tones.
She showed us a small painting that she did in anticipation of doing “event painting” (painting “live” at a wedding). She also brought in a large painting where the subject’s legs and feet were dominant. Her studio will be open this weekend for an “open studio”.

(Troy Studios Semi-annual Open House May 31, 5-9 and June 1, 12-6. Many artists’ studios open to the public. 221 SE 11th Avenue 
Portland, OR 97214)

Kay shared a page from Marc Dalessio’s teaching page:

She also introduced us to the work of Joaquin Mir.
Kay brought in a copy of a painting that she did from one of Mir's paintings. There is a tree in the center of the composition, but the painting doesn’t seem to suffer from that placement at all.
Kay said she was super-happy with Za’s workshop and that she will "now never look at paintings in the same way again”.

Kay is in a show along with Kristina Sellers at Broderick Gallery. Reception, Sunday, June 9 1-6pm:

Chris brought in a painting of her big black dog. She likes to crop things in an unusual way or work from a unique vantage point.

Tim L brought in a painting from Za’s workshop. Za helped him to understand that if he "insists" on painting very light skin-tones he’ll have to make adjustments to other elements to make the light skin read properly.  He was happy to learn about organizing a painting with just 3-values. He has heard all that before.... but Za “drove it home”

(Here is a new article from Kitts in Plein Air Magazine’s online version: Outdoor Painter. It is about the Carmel Plein Air event):

Here is an invitation to paint out from Brooks Hickerson and Joe Howard:

Joe and I are painting Hillsboro this week. You are all invited to join us.
Friday, May 31, from 11am to 3pm, we will be at the Hillsboro Library, 2850 NE Brookwood Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124.
Saturday, June 1, from 10:30-3pm, we will be at the Hillsboro Farmers Market, downtown Hillsboro, near the Washington County Court House.

Next meeting: Thursday, June 6: Topic: What is your current biggest "goal"?

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