Meeting Notes May 2, 2019

Loretta, Elo, Wendy, Thomas, Mike, Raphael, Lisa, Marie, Dotty, Brenda, Donna, Tom, Becky, Diane, Tim, Ken, Geri, Kathy, Sean, Dave, Tracie, Donna S, Eunice, Joanne and me, Celeste

Topic: Subject matter that you have not painted yet...(that you do want to paint)---(what's stopping you)?

Celeste: The things that I have not painted so far (but I’d like to paint) are Europe, of course, my cats, my British car and if I were to ever return to Florida I might like to paint the there. When I lived there.. I didn’t paint, so I just think that would be interesting.  I am showing some recent plein air paintings.

Loretta: I wouldn’t mind painting a landscape outdoors. I know that I doubt that I would ever paint a portrait.

Elo: The thing I am too scared to paint is urbanscapes! I painted at Happy Valley and some children came up to me. I felt sorry for them because I had just started and they were looking at my underpainting.  They didn’t understand what they were looking at! They didn’t know what to say! (Laughter)! I painted at Blackberry Beach. I am showing two recent plein air paintings.

Wendy: I think I’d like to paint (that I haven’t so far) the Tetons. I am showing a plein air painting I did recently at Sauvie Island. I think it does have an Oriental feeling. Is it all right to say that?

Thomas: I think that I would like to paint absolutely anywhere! As a matter of fact I have just launched a new website that I’ve titled: “plein air anywhere. I guess I would like to paint in Antarctica (sort of a Frederick Church thing)..and maybe the Himalayas. When I was younger I did not get to travel and now I do! I am showing my demonstration painting that I did onstage at the PACE convention.

Mike: if I am in a place where a famous artist did a famous painting ...I like to try to determine exactly where they stood. One time I realized that the famous artist moved an entire church! (Laughter)! He did that to make the painting work. I would like to paint again in the south of France, in villages. I like the architecture. I wanted to remind you all that if you buy a sketchbook at Dots and Doodles (in Astoria) they will lazer your name on the front cover! I’m showing my sketchbook and watercolor paintings.

Raphael: I have not done a snow scene largely because it seems like it would be colder than hell! (Laughter)! And I haven’t done a nocturne because I haven’t exactly decided how to go about it. What kind of lamps do I need? I painted at Sauvie island and I found an old oak tree that was broken apart. It was challenging to make the leaves and the sky look right together. I went back into it later. This tree looks really interesting from any angle.

Lisa: I haven’t done any urban painting. I  don’t feel I have enough experience to do that. I don’t know what I would do. I attended a workshop recently and painted this portrait. It started out as a grissille.

Marie: I like faces… I find them fascinating. I was in Susan Kuznitsky's Saturday class. She encourages you to bring a photo to paint if that is what interests you. As I was working from my photo Susan sort of admonished me, she asked “Why are you painting this so tightly”  ! ?
“Who is this”? Then I told her “It’s my mother” and she said “oh, be as tight as you want” ! (Laughter)!

Dotty: I’ve never done figures in the landscape, so I want to give that a try sometime. I am showing a recent plein air painting from Blackberry Beach.

Brenda: I’ve been married for 32 years and I still haven’t painted or drawn my husband! I think that will be in the future. I just got back from the PACE convention. I painted this recently plein air.

Donna: I think for me possibly it would be the Grand Canyon. I would paint it in person (instead of from a photograph).

Tom: For me it would be more figures. Possibly figures in the landscape. I am showing a recent plein air painting.

Becky: I didn’t bring a painting today, but I did find a useful product to show you. I am using this as a brush holder and it cleans up very easily. I found it at Bed Bath or Beyond. My subject matter that I would like to paint (that I haven’t yet) is Glacier National Park. I would want to paint there from life. (But the Bears are scary)!

Diane: I have a fear of architecture! I’d like to paint a specific cathedral that I find visually pleasing. Kristina is in inspiration. She did a lot of architecture when she visited Italy. But me.. I am “Our lady of unfinished paintings”! (Laughter). I was in the same workshop with Lisa. (I’ll bring my results another time).

Tim: The most famous artists all seem to have done a self portrait from life. I might be interested in doing that. Everybody has painted me, but I have not painted me!  (Laughter)! I would put an urbanscape on the list. I am showing two studio paintings. One is from Steigerwald and one from Chinook Landing

Ken: I had a dream that I was on a river… I’m following a monk. He picks up the pace and we go faster and faster. We come to a gray wall and we can go right through it…But then I break apart ..into scads of pieces when I go through the wall and then I am solid again on the other side! I would like to paint all that but I can’t figure out HOW to paint that! (Laughter!)

Geri: We have a neighbor dog that is very interesting looking and I would like to make a painting of him. We also have a broken tree that interests me. I just always have a good time doing whatever I’m doing. I am showing a recent painting.

Kathy: I want to paint cows or sheep or chickens. I’d like to put them into my paintings. I’d like to do urbanscapes with people in it.

Sean: I am visiting! I am a leather worker. I am working on a copy of an ancient Egyptian chair. It is thought to be the first “folding” chair. (When they wanted someone to leave in ancient Egypt they would just fold up the chair)! (Laughter)! I have not tried painting yet but I think I might sometime. I have heard a lot about this meeting (and it’s interesting)!

Dave: Something that I might like to try would be a big abstract painting with huge strokes. We are going to be going to the Cotswolds and I will look for scenery there. I am showing these two plein air paintings (one from Sauvie Island and an urban scene).

Tracie: I have thought about painting a figure with a depiction of a “dream” of theirs behind them. I am thinking about a painting about Levi’s. These Levi’s would be a pantscape! Maybe I will paint a shirtscape. I painted with Tracie Legeld at a park in Oregon city. I think mine came a little Schmaltzy… but I like it! (Laughter)!

Donna: I would like to paint at John’s Bridge. I would also like to paint all the National Parks. I was at the Arches once but I didn’t paint there I took photographs instead. Maybe one day I will paint there from life.  I am showing the painting I did at Sauvie Island. I am also in a show called Flora and fauna. I am showing a painting for that show.

Eunice: My idea is to paint the Oregon City Falls. I am working on a series. I am showing a still life painting from my archives.

Joanne: I have an idea to paint paintings from some of my drawings. Tomorrow I am going to be painting Tony and Stella together any a combination painting. I am showing a painting that I did in one of our figure sessions and also a landscape.


Peggy Moje’ was accepted into a plein air competition at Glacier national Park that will be taking place in June. (Congratulations)!

Join Aimee Erickson for a facebook Live demo on Saturday May 4 beginning at 9am. She'll give the "You glow girl" demonstration that she did at the recent PACE convention (go to Aimee's Facebook page).

First Friday in Newburg Art Elements

First Friday at Art on the Boulevard (Yong Hong Zhong and others)

Joanne Kollman Portrait class (beginning May 4)

Congratulations Dotty Hawthorne and Brenda Boylan: Northwest Pastel Society International show

Brenda Boylan is in iaps 34th juried exhibit

Brenda Boylan is offering Saturday paint alongs on Saturdays

Brenda’s open studio this weekend at Multnomah Village art studio:
(Space available in Thomas Kitts drawing and painting workshops (local))

Congratulations Ken Mazzochi several sales at a Franciscan Spiritual Center

Lake Owsego Lake Area Artists May 3 4 and 5 (Za Vue is the juror)

Za Vue weekly classes continue (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Colours in Hillsboro) email for details

Wednesday Figure Sessions facilitated by Bhavani Krishnan Wednesdays (2:30- 5:30) email Bhavani for location (outdoors when weather permits):

Figure Session facitlitated by Joanne Radmilovich Kollman  Friday 1:15-4:00  OSA (Tony and Stella modeling May 4)

Expressive painting Saturday/and or Plein Air Saturdays Joanne Radmilovich Kollman OSA (check via email and RSVP)

Yong Hong Zhong one day workshop at Elizabeth Jones May 13 $75 register here:

OSA classes: Susan Kuznitsky and others Thursdays and Saturdays (Susan is planning a outdoor figure her for details) 

Hiatus Drawing club meets after the Alla Prima Meeting at French Quarter

Next Meeting Thursday May 9 Humor! Tell us something funny that has happened to you or been said to you (as it pertains to painting). (If nothing funny has happened to you or been said to you....congratulations! but search your memory bank, we're almost 100% certain you'll remember something)!

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