Notes from Lone Fir Cemetery paint out, Oct 31, 2018

Today we painted at Lone Fir Cemetery. What a great way to spend Halloween! Yes, it did rain some, but we had no trouble carrying on. It really wasn't bad. Gravestones, trees, fall color and the McCleary Mausoleum were popular subjects. At noon we each offered a few words on the experience of painting our paintings today.

Bhavani: I sort of didn't want to come, because it was so dark and gloomy out. But, I liked the Mausoleum, I liked how spooky it looked and I tried to capture some of that. (Applause)!

Yong Hong Zhong: I am just back from Plein Air Texas (Applause)! In the first painting I did I was very drawn to the fall color against the darks. I liked the leaves falling. In the second painting of  the Mausoleum, I liked the geometric shape along side the tree. (Applause)!

Celeste: In case you missed it, I dressed as a French Artist...although I realize I could double as a mime or a waiter. (Laughter)! I painted on a canvas that was toned sort of dark. I felt I fought with that some, but in the end, I enjoyed painting the warms and cools of the building itself. The scene looks a little Germanic to me somehow. (Applause)!

Joanne: I brought my high school art students over from across the street (from Central Catholic High School). They are having a look at what we do as outdoor painters. I've told a lot of them about Yong Hong Zhong and they were happy to meet him. (Thanks Yong, for talking with them)! I hope some of my students will be inspired to paint or draw outside like we all do. I enjoyed painting the Mausoleum. (Applause)!

Tom: I painted an overall scene down the road first. I like how the painting came out. I'm starting a 2nd painting on the Mausoleum. (Applause)!

Tim: I got here a little early and enjoyed the color, the light and the headstones. My red nose did throw red into my field of vision. (Laughter)! (Applause)!

Guenevere: I have a lot more to paint on my painting. I like's my thing! I am working in gouache. I am also filming the entire painting. I always do that and share the results on YoutTube so if you are interested in seeing how it comes out check out my YouTube channel(Applause)!

David: I fell in love with a tree on the other side of the cemetery and I painted that first and I've just gotten started on my Mausoleum painting. I am working in acrylic. (Applause)!

Mary: This is the first paint out I've come to this year. I always like seeing where you've painted and today is the day I decided I'm joining in! I was drawn to the fall color and the gravestones. (Applause)!

Simran: I noticed these great big rocks here...why did they put rocks in the cemetery?! (Laughter)! I liked the rocks silhouetted against the the yellow ground. (Applause)!

Jim: I exaggerated this red tree in front of the Mausoleum. I started a 2nd one. (Applause)!

Cheryl: (had to leave early, but said before she left): I'm glad I came, even though I had to go to my appointment.

Kimberly: (had to leave early, but said before she left): I painted in watercolor today. I painted right at the entrance to the Cemetery.

Thanks for most of the photos Tim Young! Thanks for some photos, Dave Burbach! Thanks for co-hosting, Celeste and "JoRad" Joanne!

Next Meeting, Nov 1:

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