Paint Out notes Oct 4, 2018

Today we painted at Clackamette Park with host Raphael Schnepf.  We saw tons of wildlife and a kayaker who was practicing kayaking moves right at the confluence of the Willamette and Clackamas rivers. We saw a big variety of birds AND a sea lion. It was a beautiful "beginning-of-fall" day and we all had a complete blast!

Raphael: I painted in a spot where there was dependable shade!

Denise: I painted from a spot near Raphael. We had the same view and the same shade.

Kimberly: The light was really changing I guess I "chased the light".

Elizabeth: During my painting I looked over at Steve's painting and I thought...I need more color (so I added some)!

Steve: I painted in acrylics with a palette knife. I used Cad Yellow, Cad Red, Ultramarine Blue, Viridian and white. I decided to exaggerate the fall color.

Celeste: I blocked in with color (instead of with an earth color). I wanted to get big major shapes and not get detailed. I painted bigger than usual this time.

Carol: Ditto about "chasing the light". I painted smaller than I usually do. For me,  the smaller size seemed to help me to "abbreviate".

Lisa: I have not done a lot of plein air painting this year (because I had a surgery, I had to recover)!..Today I concentrated on shapes. I am pretty happy with my results.

Pam M: I feel like my results are too illustrative! (crowd disagrees) I used acrylic. 

Jerry: My goal was to get the painting to a good place and to stop before I put in too much detail. 

Jim: I haven't been painting, I have been traveling and dealing with some family matters. Today I forgot my I had to paint this out of my pochade box in my lap. I sat on a rock. I tried to just "go with it"!

Anna: I got here late, so I did this black and white value study first. I see some good spots, so I am going to stay and do a painting. 

Annette: This is my first time painting with you! (applause)! I work with Susan Spears. I liked painting today and will come back and join you again. I paint in watercolor. I painted two.

Chris: I (also) feel like my painting has a illustrative quality to it. (crowd disagrees) I painted this over a chicken painting. (Laughter)! If you look might be able to see where the chicken was (Laughter)!

Kristie: I am a watercolorist too. This is what I got done!

Jennifer: I am really new! This is my 2nd time painting with you (applause)! I painted the bridge and also I brought last week's painting to show my progress! (applause)!

Paula: I have been reading Carlson's book on Landscape. He writes that all trees have personality, you have to look for how one tree differs from another. I'm thinking about a personal project...where I'll  paint a tree a day. 


(Thanks, Raphael Schnepf for hosting and Thanks Tim Young for photography)


Next Thursday, Oct 11 9am we return to Thursday Art Discussion meetings in our new location, French Quarter.  Read about it HERE.

Next Friday Oct 12: Cathedral Park 9am with host Peggie Moje. (If it rains hard, Peggie has advised that she will abdicate, but others might want to paint anyway, so the Paint out date is still considered  "Rain or Shine").

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